"Tenébris," - Prologue - In Winter's Wake

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- In Winter's Wake



The Truth was hidden at one point, but that was long ago.

It was the time of the Dragon Hunters. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his gang were far away on an unknown island and had yet to report back. We now know he was at a place called Dragon's Edge, but that is totally irrelevant. For here at home, on the Berkian shores, a young woman was about to fight her own battle, one that should only be talked about and spread through the generations once. Here. 
   It was a time of crises, completely so, and despite the wars going on everywhere around them, all of the Barbaric Archipelago carried on the way it was. Along with Berk's leading school; the School of Dragons. 
   It was only a few years ago, that Hiccup himself and another student discovered an uncharted island in the Arctic Circle, one of which was soon to be declared not as abandoned as first thought. For it turned out to be the lost home of one of their students. However, that, too, is irrelevant. 
   The only thing here, relevant is, that soon enough, an ordinary girl, at age seventeen was to uncover a truth about her past nobody should choose to find. Soon enough the striving scientist in the field of physics, Tenébris Absconditum, was going to have her life changed forevermore. 
However, for now, just know that it was cold, and the few leaves on the trees that remained still, were soon to plummet to their demise, signifying the arrival of Winter. Although, Winter was not the only unwanted being soon to arrive in the Archipelago for a ship was on its way. And with it, would come a storm greater than any that the harshness of Winter could proclaim.
Thank you for reading this today, as today marks one year on from the introduction of Mercury's first part, a momentous part of my writing career. Thank you all, and remember: keep reading; don't worry- be happy; write when you can; smile; love; eat; breath; sleep; oh and listen to Broadway's Wicked Soundtrack as its just glorious (just listening to The Wizard and I).

"The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago,"



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  "Tenébris,"     The Truth





The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago.


Family is something we all treasure, isn't it?


But when it comes to the Truth, we shall stop at nothing to get it.

So when a father's desire for knowledge gets out of hand,
and his daughter is the one sent to fix everything,
stakes are at their highest in the Archipelago.
With the Truth on the line, and trust withering, can she get to the finish
and stop her father from hurting anyone before it's too late?