Temporary Recovery Link still won't work

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Some time ago, I sent a message to the admins about my problems with the hacker MysticErign. They blocked my account for the meantime so he couldn't do any further damage. After mystic had been banned and with my account up and activated I've been given a link to recover it. 


But unfortunately my luck kicked in and the email that I had set up the account with went unrecodnized. I contacted the support team several times explaining my problems but they told me that my email that I know for sure I set up PassionBat with wasn't in their system. I was messaging the admins through this backup account and the link that they sent me only worked for this one. 


I'm lost, I don't really know what to do now. I've been told I only need to type my username in and click on the link that the support team emailed me. But when I typed my username in it said it was unrecodnized.