A Tale of Luck

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            So I'm pretty sure that this is my one year anniversary on School of Dragons. Why do I call it a tale of luck well because that's how I got most of my dragons luck. The first major bit of luck was getting a screaming death in Fright of Passage for 150 gems. That dragon have probably gotten me  thousands of gems in battle events and of course like twenty friendship arches. (Why are those even a prize for gold) So a good portion of my dragons and all my titans are because you Fright of Passage so thank you Twins  in this one case. Also more recently I bought a Trial Membership and Toothless had a gem giving stable quest which got me 575 gems I believe I had like 160 before. I had been trying (and honestly failing) to save my gems for the advance dragon tactics pack (which is a great deal I mean 750 gems for the Skrill 1000 for the Stormcutter and 1000 for the two titan age ups for 1000 gems) for the and because of toothless, membership discounts, and a battle event won by Skullghost the Screaming death which gave me gems I was able to buy it. But there have been so unlucky things none of them are completely bad. So that's all I have to say except two things first what are some of your luckiest adventures in the school and I think I'll be add another post on this with a post of a my dragons or just my favorite colors that I picked out. Thanks for reading (guess I had three things to say whoops) 


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    Instead of what I said before I am taking pictures of one dragon from each species (and sorry if it sounded like I was bragging how lucky I was but that was really only in school of dragons in real life I been lucky some but also very unlucky)

Their names are in the picture 

The dragon I rescued from a cage

2nd Dragon

Okay, glad that's over hope you enjoy.