System Requirements

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Below are the recommended system specifications for School of Dragons on Windows and Mac. Due to programming changes, the system requirements may change over time.


1. Browser: Playable on all common web browsers
2. Operating System: For PC only. Windows® System Requirements: Windows® XP and above. (Windows 7 or 8; 64-bit recommended)
3. Processor: Pentium® 4+ (or equivalent); 3 GHz or faster recommended
4. Video: 3D video card with 1GB+ dedicated memory w/DirectX® 9.0c‐compatible driver (256MB minimum); NVIDIA or ATI recommended
5. Memory: 2GB available RAM (1GB minimum, 4+GB recommended)
6. Storage: 2.0 GB available on hard drive for the game
7. Media: 32‐bit color
8. Resolution: 1920x1080 screen resolution (1024x768 minimum)
9. DirectX® 9.0c‐compatible sound card
10. Internet: Broadband Internet Connection (10+Mbps recommended; 2Mbps minimum)