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I am the leader of the Swift Wild Freeflyers. There aren't very many requirements to join, you could say that they aren't requirements at all. If I talk to you or do something with you, there is a higher chance that I will let you join the clan. If you want to be elder, there has to be at least one good reason for me to promote you. But I most likely won't ignore a request to join. This is the place to talk about everything Swift Wild Freeflyers. "Fly wild and free, fall through the sky, have fun with us!" The Swift Wild Freeflyers motto.




My Signature

always a WIP

scroll to the end for something special


In-game main Viking's name: BrookLionsroar (senior Sand Wraith whisperer)

UDT: rounded to hundreds 51800, 1 and 1/2 silver stars

Often seen with one of her dragons around the training grounds, lookout, school, or New Berk.

Background: her ancestors settled in Newfoundland from Ireland (she has a slight Irish accent). Her dad (the brother of the chief) heard about the school of dragons and thought it would be a good experience for her. Her distant cousin, and best friend, EstherLionsroar (my sister IRL) joined her some time later, followed by her brother (IRL) JandinJS.

Clan: Swift Wild Freeflyers! "Fly wild and free, fall through the sky, have fun with us!" "We race, we fly, we speed together!" "Apart we triumph, together we conquer!" Check out the forum page (Barracks of Valhalla)


expansions: Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge.


I like to


Sing! And sketch! And read and write!


And now, my dragons.

Sandy, male broadwing sand wraith

adopted, used for hanging out, quests, and races, destined to be my first titanwing!

Spike, male broadwing deadly nadder

hatched at hatchery, stable quests, dragon tactics, and backup racer.

Pinky, male broadwing eruptodon

egg from code, goes on stable quests with Spike.

CrashNBurn, female broadwing zippleback

egg from loot chest, stable quests for now.

Olaffics, male broadwing groncicle

Icestorm Island expansion, stable quests for now.

Maceywing, female broadwing armorwing

Battle for the Edge expansion, battles and stable quests.

Spot, female adult gronckle

egg from store, stable quests for now.

Stonethrower, male teen whispering death

egg from quest, stable quests with best dragon friend Spot.


7-day trial, stable quests for now. Races when available.

Fairybright, Light fury

7-day trial, stable quests battle events, main racer and hanging out.

Flare, male baby Monstrous Nightmare

Egg from store, no room still on pedestal.


Don't worry, Spike, I still remember when you were a tiny hatchling with HUGE eyes. You have huge eyes too, Pinky. Crash, Burn... You share a body. You were adorable, Olaffics, but... Yellow in snow -- that's you!


thanks to EstherLionsroar and HPowers, the best friends a viking could ask for. I wouldn't be where I am without you.



HTTYD (of course!!)



Minecraft (is that a fandom?)

Wings of Fire (after only reading the first book)


Fave class(s): Strike, Sharp.


Some of fave books:

Httyd series (Cressida Cowell)

Narnia series (C.S. Lewis)

Redwall series (Brian Jacques)

Ruby Redfort series (Lauren Child)

Mysterious Benedict Society series (lol I forgot the author's name)

Minecraft: the Island (Max Brooks)

My Side of the Mountain and sequels (Jean Craighead George)

Dragons in our Midst series (Brian Davis)

Oracles of Fire series (Brian Davis)

Children of the Bard series (Brian Davis)

The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)

Wings of Fire series (Tui T. Sutherland)


Fave movies:

Httyd movies (and tv shows)

Narnia movies

The Princess Bride

Charlie and the chocolate factory (newer)

The Phantom Tollbooth

Lilo and Stitch (and sequels)

Spider-Man: into the spiderverse (the only Spider-Man movie I've watched or intend to watch)



"I love you Jan! And El! And Earl!" - Tracie Kitten, 2019

 "There were dragons when I was a boy." - Hiccup H. H. III (books 1 and 12 and movie 3)

"People can change! You've got to believe in people, and then maybe they can change." - Hiccup H. H. III (book 11)

"Rrrroow." Toothless the night fury

 "Read to me!" - my little sister (we're reading the httyd books)

 "Anything somebody says is a quote!" - me

 "Thank you. You have both been the truest and the best friends that a person could  ever have, and I would never have gotten here without you." - Hiccup H. H. III (book 12)

 "Excuse me, barmaid, I think you brought me the wrong offspring. I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fishbone!" "You just gestured to all of me." - HHHIII ( movie 1)

"The world will need a hero, and it might as well be you. Keep your things in tip-top condition, for they are the king's things." Old Wrinkly (HTTYD book 9)

"M'roow." - the light fury

 "How do you discipline a sentinel? You hit rock bottom." Esther Lionsroar


Check me out on Wattpad! Coralstarz

 DeviantArt: 4eversketch24

Casting Call Club: TraceTheLines

Discord: LoLHeya

Dragon Cave: Brookthetrainer (help my dragons grow!)


You went to the end!! Now for something special.

I am a follower of Jesus! Special blessing for special day!! Seriously, God bless Jay Baruchel (and the entire DreamWorks nation, plus Disney), DanTDM (and other YT People like ballistic squid), the president of the USA, and all my friends and family.

(Do you think that was anticlimactic?)

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Alchemy adventure

If you play on the separate app SoD Alchemy Adventure, then as a member you will receive a lot of lives (and love, whether or not you play it) from your clanmates and friends. Swift Wild Freeflyers is all about having fun together and being kind to one another! Guten Tag, and God bless.

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Looking around on the forum, I realized we need to get more active. We are a clan, for Thor's sake! we must race, and race together! Make an effort to be with your clanmates! "We race, we fly, we speed together."

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Welcome, new clanmates!

Riders of Swift Wild Freeflyers, (that use the forum) I have a question. I ask this question for multiple reasons: I would like to know the answer, it is a good way to connect with my clan (which I lead with my chest puffed up like -- whatever animal does that, I don't want to say rooster because I don't like to compare myself to chickens) and maybe other people with join my clan just to post a reply to this. The latter is not a real reason. Anyway, to the point! *old Batman batcave theme thing...

Oh goodness, is my sense of humor rubbing around to much? Ok, this is (not) serious. My humor definitely isn't. See? I can't get to the point! Now I will do that.

The question is... That you have read so much to get to... Is... How did you find Swift Wild Freeflyers and what motivated you to join? The crest? Really not a guess Lol. The motto (s for later joiners...)? The low number of members? Were you just really desperate to join a clan because every body else has one and they can be really fun and it was the first ok one you saw? I MUST HAVE ANSWERS!!! I'm kidding, no pressure. But I will (not) cry if nobody replies.

 "Fly wild and free, fall through the sky, have fun with us!"

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Empress Flightmare
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Comet the Lightfury says hi!

I needed a good clan an here I am

Image result for toothless dance gif


Related image

Hi! I'm Empress Flightmare. You can call me Flightmare if you wish, but please don't call me Flighty.

I like dragons, video games and books. And I like Flightmares!

Enjoy these photos and gifs off the internet. And please give Toothless a boop or he will want your dragon's dinner.My viking's name is Loyalmind, and she's known for being very quiet. Her Flightmare is named Lightmare. (Yes I know it's not very creative, but I don't know what I was thinking)Lightmare's featured in my picture! My friend code is F3UXMV! This "Siggy" is always a WIP!

           Flightmare Banner 2

Dusk Furies Banner

Sliquifier Banner

Deathsong Banner     

   Banners made by Dragonriders Fury!

   All credit goes to them!






My Dragons


Lightmare: Main dragon, level 20 flightmare

NorthernLight: Secondary main, wooly howl

Very Funny: Whispering Death, level 16

Freedom: Level 10 triple stryke

Moose: Crimson Goregutter, level 11

ManaRana: Raincutter, level 4

Wishing Well: Level 3 teen Gronicicle

Sigara: Level 3 Hobblegrunt

Windy Waters: Level 5 siliquifier

Lime: Level 4 Gronckle

Baked Potato: Level 6 Gronckle

Pink Potato: Level 12 Gronckle

JellyBelly: Teen Flightmare, level 9

SunTan: Monstrous Nightmare, level 7

Shadow And Dark: Hideous Zippleback, Level 7

Kling: Adult Armorwing, level 5

Dyno: Level 11 Dramillion

Lemon: Level 9 thunderdrum

Bean: Level 11 thunderdrum

Stormy: Level 8 Thunderdrum

Mr Bone: Level 8 Boneknapper

Cloud: level 10 eruptodon

Fyre: Level 10 flamewhipper

Chamo: level 10 singetail

Stonewing: level 9 ElderSentinel

Batafurai: Level 25 Titan Deathsong, often used for hanging out

DarkLight: Level 11 Deathgripper

SeaGlass: Level 10 razorwhip

Midnight: Third main, level 33 Stormcutter

Comet: Level 15 LightFury, often used for races

BlueStar: Level 25 Toothless, often used for hanging out

Glider: Level 13 Nadder


Related image

Toothless is not very impressive in this scene.. But he's really funny!

Image result for httyd gifsA deathsong to scare off signature-eating dragons

Related image

Image result for httyd dragonsDramillion



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Aw, yay!

I'm so happy that you think my clan is good!

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New clan story compilation

Clan legends!! Submit your SoD fan fiction and non-fiction stories for the Swift Wild Freeflyers story compilation. I am currently working on the first book, and as soon as the first two parts are posted on the fanfic page, you can submit your own fictional stories or real-life virtual adventures as a member of the clan there. Please label them as fiction, non-fiction, or based off of true events and include the name of your in-game character (that is in the clan). And please tell me what you think about this!!

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The new Swift Wild Freeflyers discord server has been set up, exclusively for Swift Wild Freeflyers clan members. The link will be posted on the clan message board.