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SC Banner by Stiger23

Please fill out an application HERE if you are interested in joining.

We look forward to hearing from you :D

*Recruiting Poster made by SIlence*


*banner by Silence*


In-Game Pictures


Me, Stiger23, Silence, and themasterplan47

(All above Photos by Sitger23)


Gifts Made for Me

Thank you to everyone who has made me a gift. I treasure them!


Crest by Silence  |  Viking by Carmine  |  Viking by Heather Moonlight

Dragon by Rebicar  |  Finnic by theMASTERplan47


Dragon by Moondragonfox  |  Herman by theMASTERplan47

Irwynn by Stiger23


Thank you all for the amazing gifts!!!



Lovingly Adopted to the Family



Find many of my adoptables on my Viking Website!

Maijic Mayhem

The site is under construction,

but you will be able to see the dragons on my adoptables page.


Diceon gifted to me and made by StrawHatAlex!


DragonBots by Kelcyk123


Lahav - Happy go lucky, excitable dragon :) He enjoys following me around but gets distracted easily.


Furies by Defy

*Art and Species by Defy*

Name: Buttons (Be careful, he likes to steal your buttons)

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Fury


About Woolly Furies

Nope nope nope this is not woolly howl! This is the first and unique Woolly Furies!It is a hybrid between nigt fury and woolly howl and I think the result turned out very nice. These cute creatures are completely covered with soft fluffy wool so you will be pleased to fondle your dragon. These cuties have another interesting feature. All woolly furies know how to pull teeth just like Toothless! Flame all the same and pinkish. --Defy


*Art and fan species by Defy, nightfury species by HTTYPD*

     Name: Magma                                                                                                                                                          Name: Bandit

     Gender: Male                                                                                                                                                             Gender: Male

      Species: Boulder Fury                                                                                                                                    Species: Nightfury


About Boulder Furies     

Charming creatures with indomitable energy. These dragons have a very tough skin covered with plates.

They are a little inferior in speed to other furies but the flame does not compare with others. Only Spirit Furies exceed their temperature and power. Boulder Furies dig and eat small pieces of rock like gronckles. They are very cute and love spending time with the rider. -- Defy


*Art and fanspecies by Defy*


Name: Axel

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit Fury


About Spirit Furies:

And now say Hello to the first ... Sprit Furies!!! Yeah yeah you read that right! Why Spirits? Because they are totally transparent and remind spirits. They look like ghosts , have a huge glowing eyes and a strange glow inside. But actually these are REAL dragons which you can touch and even fly with them. They like to hover above the ground like ghosts and in this  posture to follow the rider. This is one of the largest furies and have the most enormous wings. They are very proud and want to constantly be with only rider.This is a very rare and dangerous dragons. Usually attack luminous deadly flame. --Defy


*art and fanspecies by Defy*

Name: Ruffina


Calm and warm. Ruffina has a very warm nature and she always gets along with all the dragons. She doesn't like squabbles and never comes into the fight with other dragons. Ruffina is very fond of little dragons and always protects them. She's very affectionate. --Defy


My lovingly Adopted Aquaborealis

from Spy aka 1flower

*Species and lineart by 1flower*

*color by 1flower and kcrockett*


I have permission from Kcrockett to put her dragons in my signature. Here is a list of them:

Nova (Trahveller's mate), Tide Pool (Nova & Trahveller's son), Coral (Drevis & Kiwi's daughter), Drevis (Kiwi's mate), Damon (Aryia's mate), Azog (Raeyan's mate), Thresh (Raeyan & Azog's son), Drakis (Verde's mate), Koba (Shamaya's mate), Mist (Ripple's mate), Tundran (Leena's mate), Sapphire (Puck's mate), Dawn (Jekyll's mate), Willow (Regal's mate), Glacius (Máni's mate), Tito (Raynelle's mate), Neon Lake (Twilight's mate), Zeus (Artemis' mate), Iris (Larkin's mate), Silver Mist (Morris' mate), Cyra (Draven's mate).


I also have permission from Maddness to have her dragon in my signature.

Rivercloud (Fleur's mate)


Babies who have now grown up:


Additional Bases:

Full Grown Aquaborealis and their Mates:



From right to left: Trahveller (Maijic), his mate Nova (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Daughter Laylah, Son Tide Pool (Kcrockett)



Lohlaa (Maijic) and her mate Neptune (Krockett)

From right to left: Ignatius (Kcrockett) his mate Glimmer (Maijic), and their son Pyrrhos (Krockett & Maijic)


From Right to Left: Drevis (Kcrockett) and his mate Kiwi (Maijic), and their daughter Coral (Kcrockett & Maijic).

*Kiwi is the Daughter of Glimmer and Licht, Step daughter of Ignatius*

From Right to Left: Damon (Kcrockett) and his mate Aryia (Maijic). Dazran (Maijic) Son of Damon and Aryia


Raeyan (Maijic) and her mate Azog (Kcrockett)

Raeyan and Azog's twins, Rain and Storm

Raeyan and Azog's other hatchling

Thresh (belongs to Kcrockett)

From Right to Left: Verde (Maijic) and her mate Draksis (Kcrockett)


From Right to Left: Shamaya (Maijic), and her mate Koba (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Fleur, Shamaya and Koba's daughter.

Forest, Fleur's son, And Fleur's mate Rivercloud (Madness)

Ripple (Maijic) and his Mate Mist (Kcrockett)


Leena and her daugher with Cursed Eclipse, Calliope

From Right to Left: Puck and his mate Sapphire (Kcrockett) 


Jekyll ^_^ He has a split personality.

and his mate Dawn (KC)


Regal and his mate Willow (KC)




Acai, my little berry boy ^^ He likes roofs


Máni & his mate Glacius

Raynelle & her mate Tito

Twilight, her mate Neon Lake (KC) and her daughter with Denim, Artemis


Larkin and his mate Iris (KC)


Caspert (name pending)

Morris the Melanistic (Maijic) and his mate Silvermist (Kcrockett)

Pyrrhos (Kcrockett and Me) and his mate Cassiopeia, she is blind, and has two tails :D

Cassiopeia was a queen that bragged about her beauty. Though my Cassi is not vain, I thought she deserved a name that was as beautiful as her.

Cassi's daughter with Zyock, Nesoi. She is partially blind

and needs to be in water a lot or her skin will dry out. 

Pyrrhos' son, Canicus. He likes to Growl ^^ (Mother, Crescent)


Draven, my partially tamed wind elemental.

He visits, and terrorizes me. But I love him!

And his mate Cyra, owned by Kcrockett

And Daenerys, their daughter :D


Aquaborealis species belongs to 1flower. Most of the art and coloring belongs to 1flower. Some have been colored by Kcrockett. I used to know which were which, but have since forgotten.

Nova, Ignatius, Drevis, Coral and Damon all belong to Kcrockett.

They are just visting their mates on my signature.





My Smoothskins

*Art and Species by Me*


                          Name: Lemon                                                                 Name: Lime


Name: Puff



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A Letter from Swift Champion's Leader, Maijic

Hello Forum Users,


If you don’t know who I am, that is okay. I don’t post much on the forum these days. But I am the leader of Swift Champions. I wasn’t always the leader. It was passed down to me when our beloved Victoriae stepped down from her position and left the game. And when I took over this clan, I knew I always wanted to make sure we continued to live by our motto, “Swift Champions are Family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.”


It is a phrase, spoken in Lilo & Stitch, that we adopted not long after I became an elder. All of leadership came up with this particular motto because we had grown into a clan that not only wanted to be at the top, but wanted to make sure everyone in the clan felt like they mattered, like they were a part of something more than a race to the top. And we succeeded.


I have been told several times that Swift Champions is a dead clan. If you hear that, know that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, we have had members leave the game. Yes, we have members that have switched to other games. And of course we have members that don’t race as much as they used to for whatever reason. But what we have, that not all other clans have, is a strong bond and friendship. As our members grow out of SoD, as they find new games, and when they come back to SoD, we are always there for each other. We speak to each other every single day. We never forget each other because we are not passing acquaintances. We are friends, we are family. That is my number one priority in this clan.


It was, and is, my dream to make sure that we create lasting friendships in this clan. And I have seen that. The proof is in the fact that members who stop playing SoD are still coming into our Discord chatroom to speak and have fun with us. With Discord, when my clan members have an awful day, the first place they go to when they get home is Discord. They find solace in the companionship and sympathy for whatever they are going through, from each of their clan members. But clan members isn’t the proper word. We use the word “Family” because that’s truly what we have become. Swift Champions is where we go to feel accepted. It’s where we go to share our joy, our sadness, and our anger. It’s where we go, because it’s where we all feel we belong. When nothing else in the world is going right, we always have each other.


And Swift Champions is always looking for more members to call family. We have very big hearts in this family. And that means we have a lot of friendship left to give. If you like what you hear about us, if you think that what we offer sounds like exactly what you need, there’s a good chance you’re right.



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Swift Champions Information

About Us: Swift Champions is a top 15 clan. We’ve remained in the top 15 for over a year now, and we even made the semi-finals in 2016s Clash of Clans. We consider ourselves a semi competitive clan, but as we’ve evolved as a clan we have begun to focus more on the family aspect of our clan, than our competitiveness. Of course we still strongly encourage racing, and our dream is to make it to the top ten again. But we are happy to know that we have a family in each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We are also a clan that strongly believes in “Fair” racing, according to our standards. We do not tell other people they are wrong, we do not belittle them for how they race. But all of our members have the same beliefs when it comes to racing and we expect our members to race by the rules we set down. Because they share our beliefs, this isn’t a hard task (These beliefs will be covered in the next section). Because we share those beliefs we tend to be like minded people and it is one of the reasons we succeed so well as a clan and a family. Along those same lines, we also believe in being kind to all others, even if the other person is being cruel. You do not fight cruelty with cruelty. But if one of our members is attacked, we all fight back in a respectable manner, because we do not tolerate one of our members being bullied.


We are, in all sense of the word, a Family. When you become a Swift Champion, we expect it to be forever. We all like each other far too much to ever want to say good bye.


Swift Champion Values and What We Expect From Our Members: Swift Champions values friendship, respect, and loyalty above all other things. This goes for people within our clan, and all those outside of Swift as well. When in game or on the forum, we need to be kind and show respect to all those who are around us, even when there are differences in opinion and beliefs. When a person has the Swift name above their head, they are a representation of who we are as a clan. So swearing, cheating, hacking, and disrespect are not welcome here.


Swift Champions asks that our members gain 400 trophies every two months, but we are extremely lenient when someone is unable to gain trophies. We keep track of the trophies that everyone gains, and if someone doesn’t gain any trophies, and is not active with communicating with fellow Swifties, they are given a warning that further inactivity can result in the removal from the clan. If something comes up in your life that keeps you away from the game, it is important that leadership is informed because we can work something out with you. We like to offer inactive members the chance to join our second clan, Swift Warriors, when they are inactive. And SW members are welcome to join the main clan again when they become active again.


With racing or gaining trophies in general, we never cheat the system. We do not use “dummy” vikings to cheat easy trophies. Hacking is prohibited as well. These methods of gaining trophies can result in removal from the clan, but we do like giving second chances to those willing to fix the wrongdoings they have done.  Here are some more rules for racing:

  • Again, no hacking or cheating trophies in any way

  • Try to earn 400 trophies every two months (about 50 a week)

  • No traps (zipple gas and boxes)

  • Don’t boost unless someone else does so first within the race, or if you are far behind other racers. Boosting from behind should be only to catch up to other racers, not to steal a win.

  • We are against the use of the shield because it causes people to be pushed out of the way.

  • Be respectful to those you race with. No rude comments to those who win or lose to you.

  • If someone is disrespectful towards you or another clan member, be sure to take a screenshot and send it to the leadership of Swift.

  • Have fun and make friends. Not everything is about winning :)


Benefits of Joining SC:

In game meet ups (with the links to our threads)

Banner Thread

2015 Ingame Adventure Thread

2016 Ingame Adventure Thread

Solo Ingame Adventures (Non-meetup) Thread

Contest Thread

Clan Forum & Website



(Screenshot of Discord Fun - Our Daily Communication)


Being a part of a clan that:

  • Makes you feel that you belong

  • Cares about you and who you are

  • Doesn’t treat you like your trophy count

  • Is expanding into a multi-game clan

  • Allows it’s members to take part in important clan decisions

  • Has leaders that are always willing to listen


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Quotes from our Members


Don't be afraid to be yourself. We're all weird here :P  ~Greenfire


“One day I was hanging out around TRR and I met an amazing person named Victoriae. Not long after that day she PMed me asking if I would like to join Swift Champions. Unfortunately I did not have the 750 trophies I needed so I told her that I would work as hard as I could to get those trophies so that I could join Swift Champions. In the process of earning my trophies, I got locked out of the game. It was stuck in perpetual loading gears.
It was a horrible time for me. I spent so much time in this game that it was basically my life and all of a sudden I no longer had it. But Victoriae was there for me. She talked to me every day. Rebicar was there as well. I had both of them through this difficult time. They assured me that Swift Champions would still be there when I finally got access to my game again. During this time is when my idea of what a clan should be formed. I liked that they were there for me when I needed them the most and I wasn’t even one of their clan members yet. When I finally did get access to my game I began working towards my trophies again, but in the middle of that, I lost all my dragons. It took me several days to figure out how to fix that. But within those days Victoriae and Rebicar both decided it didn’t matter that I didn’t have all the trophies I needed. They invited me to the clan. And I accepted. Within a week I had all my trophies.
I never imagined that one day I would be the leader of the most amazing clan in SoD. I was happy being and elder, helping out where I could. But when our leader stepped down and asked me if I would take her place, I knew the only option for me was to accept. I did a lot for the clan already, I have always enjoyed being in constant contact with each of our members. I was someone everyone knew. And I knew if we were going to make it through a change in leadership, that was going to be what everyone needed: familiarity. I had my doubts, but my clan stood behind me and proved to me that I was correct in my assumption. Once again, when I needed them most, my clan was there for me. My family was there for me.  
We made some changes here and there, but one thing has always remained the same in Swift Champions: We are family. It has always been that way, since the days before I joined, and even into my leadership, we have always been a family. And my greatest goal as a leader is to keep it that way. I want the friendships we make in this clan to last beyond the game. No one stays in a game forever, but a friendship can certainly last forever.” - Maijic, Leader of Swift Champions


“Swift Champions is definitely more than a clan. It's gone beyond the game--for me--and for many of our members. I've got a family on here, and friends that I can count on. People who are always here for me, whether it be after a long day at work or school, or a particularly trying bout of racing in TRR, there's always a clan member online willing to lend a sympathetic ear or cheerful company.
So thank you Swift Champions for giving me friends for life and a second family, I look forward to what our growing family's future holds!” -Channey, Head Elder of Swift Champions


“Swift Champions truly is a family clan, but before I go into that, I want to first say some other things. When I first joined SC, it was a new clan with very few people. I was new to the game and only just starting to make a name for myself. I actually first declined the invite to Swift because it was lower ranked than the one I already was in, but after just one day, I decided to join because the leadership of Swift actually came to me asking to be with them rather than me trying to see what random clan would accept me. This was the best decision I ever made in SoD. I have watched Swift rise up to the top for just about two years now. Going from about 5 members to 50; rank 75 to the top 15, and having been in the top ten at one point as well...not to mention also making the top 8 in the Clash of Clans Tournament. Racing is something we ask our members to do, but it is nowhere near the most important thing. Having fun and creating new friends is what this game and what Swift Champions is all about.
I don’t know where I would be without my fellow Swifties. They have become my best friends. Something not too many people know is that I have been having a hard time the past four to five months. Someone I love left me and shattered my heart. But the life long friends I created in Swift have been there through all of it. Helping me cope and keeping me from making stupid mistakes that would have worsened the drama I had been in. I still have a long way before I get over what has happened, but I know that my Swift Family are with me no matter what happens. We truly are a family… and I will never forget the wonderful memories we have all shared. I am a Swift for life! Swifties, Swifties Oi Oi Oi!” -Aithusa Penndragon, Head Elder of Swift Champions


“I love Swift Champions because we are a family and that means no one ever gets left behind or forgotten. They will be there for you no matter if you're having the best day or the worst. Just like a family, we are all a little crazy, but that's what makes it fun! Everyone each has their own special and unique talent that they share with the clan. When I first joined Swift Champions almost a year ago, I had joined because I thought that Swift Champions was the most kind and caring clan and I also wanted a clan that was like family. New friends, amazing adventures, tons of fun, a caring environment, and a loyal family; I have found that and so much more! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for our clan, but I know that whatever happens, we will stick together as one big family.” -Heather Moonlight, Member of Swift Champions


“Swift Champions is the most welcoming clan I have ever been in. Everyone's so friendly and accepting! We're welcoming to all people! Not one of us feels excluded from the rest.-Greenfire, Member of Swift Champions


“I like how when someone joins, we aren't quick to judge and we take our time getting to know a person, so that when they are down, we know what cheers them up.” -RedWind, Member of Swift Champions




“I’ve been around for a while. When I say ‘a while’ I mean September 2014. I joined the Snow Leopards a few weeks later, and spent most of my time in that clan as a Head Elder. Don’t get me wrong I loved it! But there comes a day when the baby bird must leave the nest. I left with plans to start my own clan, and the support of Rebicar who joined me not long after. I knew we would succeed in some manor. Between my Head Elder, Rebicar, and myself, we had enough trophies to get us noticed (both of us had been in game for a long time already) slightly, but in the days…weeks even, that followed, few people noticed us. I got discouraged. I remember the nights when I got irritated and ranted on Rebicar. NO ONE took notice to us. I almost gave up a few times, I felt so insignificant. But I didn’t. Rebicar was supporting me, and giving up felt wrong. I didn’t want to give up what I had already achieved, and leave my few members stranded in the cold. So I didn’t. I would have regretted that decision if I had chosen otherwise. Through Swift Champions, I’ve met amazing individuals who care deeply for one another. Each one strives to be better, and inspire the rest. It became less about rank and more about my members and our relationship. When I started, I wanted to leave and join my old clan, but now I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Swift Champions is my home. And that’s never going to change.” –Victoria Trainer, Creator and Past Leader of Swift Champions


“I love being a Swift Champion because even though my life gets busy, there’s always a level of understanding. I’ve met some of my greatest friends in this clan. If you spend enough time on Chatzy, you’re almost guaranteed to make amazing friends” -Rebicar, Co-Creator and Head Elder of Swift Champions

*Note, Chatzy is now Discord. ~~~Maijic


“When I started the game and the year after, even though I saw vikings all around me, I didn't really 'see' anyone. I never raced, I never used the chat box, and never made any real friends. Even though I was in a clan of 100, nobody ever spoke or raced or even played. Well, when the quests ran out, I got lonely and decided to search for a clan. It was the same though, everywhere I joined, nobody spoke or played. I gave up until I noticed a community of enthusiastic, gifted artists and gamers. Every Swift Champion on the forum was involved and friendly, I wanted that too. So I ended up racing hard, trying to earn trophies and when I was finally able to apply they welcomed me with open arms. Now I have friends wherever I go, be it the game or forum. I have made friends and learned things about the game I couldn't even dream of; they showed me what it means to be part of a clan. They game has gotten so much better now and I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like without my new friends and clan. I'm proud to be a Swift Champion.” -Channey, Head Elder of Swift Champions


“Before Swift Champions, I was someone who didn’t really care about other players in the game… I even tried to teach myself how to hack, but luckily I failed in that quest. One day, I was approached by Rebicar, who asked me to join a clan I had never heard of before. After hearing the astonishing amount of dedication and love that she and our leader, Victoria, have put into Swift Champions, I knew I had to join this family. From that moment on, I have become a changed Viking. They shared tips that helped me become the Viking I am today. The members are amazingly nice and we are always talking with each other on chatzy. We randomly go into the game for some adventures to lands that no one else dares to venture to! Not only do we talk and meet in game, but we are active in earning trophies! It doesn’t feel like a job that I have to do because it is for the clan, and I love racing! The best part about racing is to see the dent it makes for the clan trophy total in the ranks. I have seen our clan rise and I couldn’t be more proud of the group effort seen among our members. I am, and forever will be, a proud Swift Champion!” –Stiger23, Head Elder of Swift Champions


“I love that I feel at home with each one of our members. I never feel alone whether in-game or on the forum. No matter what I always know my clan is there for me. I have never felt that with any other clan I was in. Being in Swift Champions just makes you feel important. You feel like you matter. I feel like I'm truly a significant part of this family.” -Maijic, Before Leadership


"I think Swift Champions is wonderful because our members are active. Swift Champions NEVER abandons its members." -Night Warrior, Member of Swift Champions


“What I like about Swift Champions is that it is a great clan, the people here a very kind, and I couldn’t pick a better clan” –Ty The Dragon Trainer, Member of Swift Champions


“What I love about Swift Champions is that I know my clan will be there for me no matter what. Everyone is so kind and supportive of each other, and I felt welcome from the very beginning. It's a clan I am truly proud to be a part of, and I wouldn't change it for anything.” –Blackpanther0211, Member of Swift Champions


“I'm just new to this clan but I already feel home here, I'm the viking that doesn't care if I have friends in my clan or doesn't have but I realized it's awesome to have so "why not try?" I have seen the Swift Champions and I was interested so I PMed Rebicar, she's really responsive and always gives all her best to make the clan better, she gave me an application form and I filled it up and luckily I got accepted to the clan! I got excited with it. I already knew the members of the clan because I'm pretty sneak but then, I was a bit afraid chatting and introducing myself because they might ignore me, but my friendliness took over with it, I introduced myself and they are friendly and nice! I still may not know all of them but I'm sure that they're all nice! I'll always do my best to help this clan. I'm hoping that I could stay here forever. I love to be a Swift Champion :)” –Nyet, Elder of Swift Champions


"There are countless things I love about swift champions, but one thing that I really loved when I became part of the clan was that instant friendship I made with my fellow clan members, and how they all are so friendly and helpful, and try to make you feel part of the clan. I love how everyone knows everyone in this smaller clan, and how everyone is friends and they regularly meet up and have a laugh. Swift champions also is amazing when it comes to motivating the team members to be the best! The races we have against each other pushes us for the best, and we are slowly rising to the top. I love everything about swift champions, and i am so happy I got to be part of this family." -carmine, Former Member of Swift Champions

*Carmine left the game, not the clan. If she ever comes back she will be welcomed with open arms. ~~~Maijic


"Swift champions. I have seen the name countless times on the forums and ingame. From a distance, I all I thought of it was that it was a clan with active friendly people. Not bad. But after joining I realized it was so much more. Want me to sound cheesey? I will. Swift champions to me is a family. Let's be honest, there isn't much to do in school of dragons. Sure there is the quests, and racing, and a few other games. But when you are done with quests, it only take so long before doing the same games over and over again gets repetitive. But I haven't felt that way since I joined. Each race is now more fulfilling because we all get to laugh about it afterwards, and share racing stories. No race is the same when they are racing beside me. In game, we make our own games, each better than the last. School of dragons has opened up for me. No matter what kind of day I am having, be it happy or sad, I know I can make it better just by going online and seeing them. Even if I'm not in the mood for playing, the chatzy is always home to friendly people who laugh and share your breaks with you. The name Swift Champions has a whole new meaning for me now. It means I will never fly alone. It means I have some of the best friends I could have asked for. It means I'm part of a family. I told you I was gonna sound cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is still the truth." -Silence, Former Elder of Swift Champions

*Silence left the game, not the clan. She is still one of my best friends, whom I never would have met without Swift Champions. We speak every single day. ~~~Maijic


"I love how Swift Champions is a family clan, whenever ever I am online there is always someone to talk to. I've made many new friends since joining and enjoy talking with everyone. The game is now much more interesting for me since I can now have fun and share in adventures with fellow clan members, instead of just quit everytime I run out of new things to do in-game. I'm proud to be a member and love how kind and supporting everyone is." -Amberleaf, Elder of Swift Champions


*If you are a member of Swift Champions and would like to contribute a quote, please contact Maijic*

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Transcending SoD


Swift Champions is officially expanding beyond the confines of School of Dragons. Of course we have all been playing RoI since the open beta, but we have never played under the Swift Champion name. In the upcoming months, I will be finding elders to help me plan activities within RoI for us. And our first will be a meetup to celebrate our new expansion.


You may have any of your character(s) join the Swift Champoion guild, whether they are your main character or not. We will not be inviting anyone from RoI into our guild. For the purposes of keeping Swift Champions a close knit family, we will continue to only invite people via our Swift Champions Application form, through School of Dragons. And it is imperative that all of our members understand, that we are first, and foremost a School of Dragons clan. But as our members’ interests change, I believe it will be beneficial to offer new games to our list, so that we may continue to play together. Rider’s of Icarus will be the first game we add because so many of us have already made that leap.


Activities to look forward to:

Meetups -- These will include most of the same activities we do in School of Dragons. We can even invite people outside of SC, who play RoI and SoD to come join us for super sized meetup.

Dungeons -- Dungeons only allow 6 people. So these will be for smaller groups. I don’t know how many of us will be playing RoI yet, but once I have a better idea I will find a fair way to organize dungeon runs for everyone.

Raids -- We will most likely try some raids during parties because they require so many people (about 40). But if we can gather enough of us together a few times a month, we may be able to do them more frequently.

Taming Groups -- Taming is hard when you are alone. For many of the heroics and legendaries, it is best to tame as a group. I would like to offer that to all of our members.

Leveling Groups -- Sometimes leveling alone is hard. So when someone needs help, we will strive to assist them in their questing journey.

And more


Other games we may expand into:


Elder Scrolls

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Revelation Online

Blade & Soul


Guild Wars 2

And more


**Additional Information will be given through PM, Discord, and our Website because I do not want to post too much about RoI and other games on an SoD forum**


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