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A month ago I YouTubed "How to draw pixel art with Adobe Illustrator". The video was easy to understand even though I had to watch subtitles because my sound is broken. After learning the steps I jumped into my Illustrator and drew out my Vikings bit by bit. I've drawn them according to their age as this game, TV/Netflix series and movies progressed. Simply put, they grow up along with Hiccup and the gang.


Please DO NOT REPLY directly to the post with my artwork as I've read from other forums it would make the post uneditable.



Main Viking: Victor


Viking Age: As old as our chief Hiccup (Which I believe is twenty-five or thirty judging by HtTyD 3. Even though the game doesn't age up avatars I like to think my Vikings grew up with Hiccup.)


Title: the Fierce


Rank: 50


Training Title: Senior Dragon Trainer


Clan: None. I prefer to be a lone rider. No obligations, no limits, no drama.


Tin Trophies: 93, Lumber ate the others. They're like potato chips to him.


Dragon Army Size: 77, one dragon per species although there are some doubles. Shockjaw, Snow Wraith and Groncicle


Dragon Species Adopted: All of them; except Night Fury.


Battle Dragon: Any. I train them with a keen eye and steady aim.


Currently Training: Mantis (Devilish Dervish)




Fierce is a nice title. It strikes a hint of dread and warning to those who intend to do harm to the people of Berk. When I was young and lanky I was called by the less flattering title Victor the Frail.


I was born into the world at the worst time possible. On the coldest night of the season during a dragon raid. My father was killed protecting my mother and I. He fought bravely defending the village. A determined Monstrous Nightmare would have destroyed us all if it hadn't been for the valiant Vikings guarding those injured seeking refuge in the Great Hall.


Due to the cold I caught an illness. No one expected me to survive through the first winter. My mother did not give in to despair but persevered to nurture her newborn.


At the age of five I was beginning to understand the world around me. I also harbored an intense hatred for the creature's responsible for our constant losses especially that of my father. It became my ambition to be a heroic dragon fighter. But my body was too weak even for my age. I occasionally would catch illnesses which required my mother to frequently hike all the way to Gothi's hut to treat my ailments. This was a regular occurrence year after year. My mother did not allow me to go anywhere too far from our hut for fear I might perish from exposure of short change of temperature.


After suffering for five more years I got fed up with my frailty. I still couldn't lift a hammer or swing an axe. People were starting to call me "the Frail". Not anymore. I will not go down in my family's history as a weakling. So my training began. I made a exercise routine that strengthened both body and mind. Eat a healthy diet, no matter how tough and tasteless the food is. Running up to and from Gothi's hut got the blood pumping, mostly because I had to transport her medical supplies. Astrid was a good sparring partner, she taught me several combat techniques with Snotlout as the target dummy. Playing pranks with the Thorston twins sharpened my mind as well as studying the Book of Dragons and other books with Fishlegs. If I ever was going to fight those fire fuming beasts I needed to know about what armor and weapons to use. Gobber's smithy was a good place to learn. He and Hiccup taught me some valuable skills of the trade before my mother dragged me back to the hut.


By the time of my fifteenth birthday I noticed I've grown a considerable amount of toned muscle. My ailments seemed to disappear too. My mother was more relaxed and didn't fret when I left the hut. I was permitted to apply for Dragon Training. It was rigorous. Some of us almost got blasted by a clumsy Gronkle. I'd like to say I trained with Hiccup and the gang but no; I was with a different group of teens. Valery the Bright was a dragon nerd. She had spent more time studying the Book of Dragons than any of us would care to. Her face is innocent but her hammer is best to be avoided. Dirk the Daring was one of the most promising students in class. He was tall, strong and a bit bossy. Actually, a lot bossy. He saw me as a rival and challenged to fight when the opportunity presented itself. Kira Courageous. A strange girl from... she doesn't recall. Perhaps an island somewhere in the archipelago. She is a very strong and knowledgeable person who can be easily underestimated.


We almost graduated that year. Hiccup befriended a dragon, a Night Fury, the rarest of them all. And not only that. He discovered the Dragon's Nest and defeated what was causing our misery. I heard it was a gigantic mountain sized beast called the Red Death. Since then we had made peace with the dragons. However, my ambitions were crushed. At first, I never joined along with the village when they adopted dragons of their own. The death of my father and the lingering grudge was hard to let go.


One day I decided to join the school. The goal was to drown the bad memories and the hatred of dragons by understanding them for more than their destructive capabilities. The dragon I adopted was a Monstrous Nightmare. This one hatchling set my destiny. One that I would be most crucial to.


A little info about the real world me:

I'm a guy. As if you couldn't tell from the name of my main Viking.

My hobbies are drawing, writing and playing videogames. I'm not too physically active but I do regular exercise so I'm not a total couch potato.

I like to draw logos, my own characters and the outfits that they wear. Adobe Illustrator CS5 is what I mostly use and I rarely draw on paper ever since I got the program. I'm also able to draw what I see, like clothing/armor/hairstyles. But I end up altering the design into something different. I respect other peoples' artwork.

I have three science fiction novels I'm working on. One is complete. They are about alien species and advanced technology. The main characters grow up from teens to adults as the novels progress. I've written a game idea for the second novel and have written about many species of aliens. They all have unique traits and abilities. None of them are hideous by the way. I also work on bits of fan fiction once in a while just for amusement. It never gets completed because I get bored of it quickly.

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Victor the Fierce
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My Vikings

Riders of SoD

(some of them)


Here they are in all their pixelated glory.



Age: 15

Adventure: Berk Domestic Quests

(the quests you do when you start your first Viking)



Dirk the Daring (the tall guy)

Dragon adopted: Deadly Nadder named Hailberd

Brooding, burly and competitive. He has berserker styled hair, shaved on the sides and tied at the back. Prefers to wear dark colored clothing. He views everyone as a rival and will often issue challenges to other students to prove his strength.


Valery the Bright (the pretty blonde girl)

Dragon adopted: Gronkle named Gemrush

Sweet, fair and deceptively innocent. She loves to wear white and sky blue hues with a long skirt. She prefers to study the strengths and weaknesses of foes in order to either defeat them or win them over. Likely the latter.


Victor the Frail (that weak looking guy)

Dragon Adopted: None

Go-getter, frail and strong-minded. He bundles up in furs to prevent himself from catching a chill. As an only child of a single parent he is determined to avenge the death of his father by becoming a fierce dragon slayer.


Kira (the green-eyed girl)

Dragon adopted: Hideous Zippleback Vent and Flare

Sarcastic, strapping and independent. She is loaned a dull rose colored shirt and knee-length skirt with furs. After being discovered on a piece of drifting floatsam near the isle of Berk she is taken in by the Hairy Hooligans. Due to trauma, her identity is yet to be confirmed since she has forgotten about herself and the events that lead to her crew's demise.

- - -

After having made peace with the dragons this squad of soon-to-be dragon slayers become riders of the beasts. Dirk welcomes the idea and quickly becomes one of the first to raise a dragon, a Deadly Nadder he calls Hailberd. Valery is relieved that they no longer have to fight the fearsome creatures but instead is eager to learn more about them. She cares for a Gronkle hatchling, Gemrush. Victor however is reluctant to adopt an egg. He still holds a grudge against them. Kira adores the babies but doesn't imediately take one under her metaphorical wing. She eventually adopts a Hideous Zippleback, Vent and Flare.


Age: 16

Adventure: Icestorm Island



All their personalities remain the same. To reach Icestorm Island Kira gives Victor a ride on the neck of Vent while she rides on Flare. Hiccup and the others explore the blistering cold island and find out they're not alone. (I will not talk any further on this expansion so people who havn't played it yet won't get spoilers. Yes, Dirk and Kira are wearing Battle Tactics armor even at the time it did not exist. I did not want everyone to wear the same thing.) Valery is wearing Snow Wraith set and Victor is bundled up in the Thermal set.


Ages: 17 - 19


17 Call of the Death Song

18 Battle for the Edge

19 Return to Dragon Island (RIP Stoick and good riddance Traitor Johann)




Ever since a Death Song invaded Berk these Vikings have been called upon to assist Stoick and the Hairy Hooligans for countless quests. These riders have confronted many dangers big and small all the while making new allies as well as enemies. Their adventures have taken them from watery graves to shady markets.



After the events of Call of the Death Song he becomes the leader of this group of riders. He takes this responsibility with pride. Although this has driven him to prove himself even further. He has befriended and trained a Skrill which has been named Spearhead. To protect himself from its bolts Dirk wears armor made from materials with high electrical resistance. As a precaution Dirk keeps a dagger or two if he needs to calm Spearhead or wild Skrills they encounter.



As the riders' adventures progress through the years, she has become a very compassionate young woman to dragons and Vikings; even to Snotlout. She rides a Razorwhip named Skylash but also has trained a Catastrophic Quaken named Boulderdash. Valery carries a staff with a heavy hammer on the end. This is used to give commands and train other Quaken buddies.


Victor the Fierce

No longer called "the Frail" this Viking has proven himself to be a formiddable combatant thus earning Dirk's respect. Although the two argue from time to time. Their friends or their dragons usually break up the dispute before fists or blades start swinging. For a Viking who has harbored hatred for dragons Victor has befriended and trained many. It is hard to know which one he favors since he cares for the needs of all of them. Valery occasionally visits Victor's stables to study the creatures when they're resting. Victor prefers to wield a sword and shield but has been known to duel with maces.


Kira Courageous

Every year she gradually regains her former identity. Her life is pieced together little by little with each adventure they embark on. She has grown into a fine young warrior, much like Astrid; fearless, strong and undaunted by confrontations. Kira has adopted a Death Song when it was abandoned by its parent. They have formed a strong bond. Kira carries a flint to start fires just in case Chorus traps a friendly dragon in its amber. Aside from a sword her preferred weapon is a bow and arrow.


(note:  Technically Johann should not exist at Return to Dragon Island and expansions afterward because Valka and Eret are added to the game at this time. That means it takes place after the second movie. Chronologically he should not be alive. Also Stoick should be alive from Berk Domestic quests to and after the events of Battle for the Edge. That's the way I see it so it makes sense with the series and movies.)


Ages: 20 - 25

(or what ever age Hiccup and the gang is in HtTyD 3)


20 Secret of the Leviathan

21 Rise of Stormheart

22 Wrath of Stormheart




When fighting powerful enemies of the archipelago you need powerful armor.



Class rep: Strike

He wears armor inspired by the Alpha Toothless set. The sealed armor has spines on the back that can absorb bolts of electricity and redirect it through the arms. As long as Spearhead is around he can use this as an attack. (Sorry no wings. I find them silly. I don't know if you can see it because of the armor, but Dirk has a short beard along his jaw and chin.)



Class rep: Boulder

If you've guess Light Fury armor, you're right! That's what she's wearing. I tried to make the leg armor look similar to a long skirt.



Class rep: Stoker and Sharp

His armor is a combination of the Stormcutter and Death Song armor. I didn't like the chest armor for both so I drew a custom design.


Kira the Incorrigible

Class rep: Mystery and Tracker

Her armor is based from the Skrill set and the Rider's Jerkin set with alterations. She has a hidden poison crossbow in the armguards along with six darts tipped with Speed Stinger venom on each arm.


At this point in the adventures Kira has fully regained her memory. She abandons the riders to rejoin her family of hunters, taking her lifelong knowledge of dragons with her.

What have you become!?


I have other Vikings, allies and enemies that have yet to make an appearance...


Whew, that didn't take too long. Let me know what you think of my pixel characters.

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You are really talented. Those drawings are so good. I love all the different outfits you gave them and I love the thought you put into each character. It was very enjoyable to read about each character at different stages in their life. If you ever do more, I'd love to read about them.


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Someone is really skilled at art :)

Oh my gosh that looks so awesome! That must've taken you awhile and they're all so unique. I love it! :D

Image result for cool avatar last airbender gif






Credit to the spectacular Zikta for the drawing of Koda and the Judgemental Cloud Dancer


P by snowflake12298

Done by the amazing Luluba1590











Aquarius~ Ravenclaw~Thunderbird~ Tiger Patronus~ Maple wood Phoenix Feather 9 3/4 in

Image result for connie x steven

Image result for infp art
Koda Flying by snowflake12298Image result for tiger gif art


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*mumble mumble*

Ooooh, beautiful! :D


Uuh... Hello?


(Profile pic by me)


Welp. It's a WIP. And will be one for a very long time so... Goodbye...?

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I appreciate the feedback. I've been wanting so much to learn how to do this. It was somewhat difficult to draw with squares but I soon got the hang of it. It was very enjoyable to draw them all.


There are more characters I have in mind that I'll be drawing.


Again, thanks! It's good to know people like my artwork.