Summer plans?

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Spring has risen (we got snow a few days ago ._.) ! But summer is fast approaching. Any plans?





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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

Eh, just the usual. Merry my summer vacation!!!! yep, this is my summer, and I couldn't be happier! This event saved my life. I was dealing with suicidal thoughts and I would have done it if I hadn't had this event. This is the highlight of my life. If you are in Washington please come!!!! If you aren't but want to be involved don't lose hope! Hope is what this is about!! PM me for more information!!!!!!

P.S. I also do a firework stand in July (duh) to raise money for this. Welcome to my vacation!










Look who's actually doing something with this again!




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I just wanna start off by saying, I have no idea what I'm doing. Help me. 


I heard that ya peeps don't like it when people have a ton of pictures because it uses more data, so I put my signature in a Google Document. Plus, it's easier for ms to edit then. 


So just click the link if you actually care.


For the rest of you...

(probably most of you honestly. I've never been the "interesting" type.)