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I know I've talked a lot about better flight controls (which would be REALLY awesome btw), so I'm not going to mention that here. This thread is for something I've been longing for in a httyd game for a very long time. So far, I LOVE the ability to be able to fly freely with my dragons around the many islands... But... It's missing something huge. Something that would make this game wonderful for people like me who just get lost in flight (I hang glide often with my family, and it's inspired this idea). I'm one of those people who play free-roam games like Skyrim and GTA, where (in both games) you have the ability to fly around. Only one of those has dragons in it, and you can't even control them.

anyway, to get to my point, islands like Berk and dragons edge need more room. Adding locations like Raven Point and the cove out in the woods would be great. Players would be able to roam around in the seas of forests and explore! New missions for people like me who have already completed all of the missions in the game. More room for mini games, which lots of people seem to want. Just the wonderful feeling of flying over the trees gives me goosebumps in real life, but in a game where it can look absolutely beautiful on the back of a dragon... Adding this along with good textures, lighting, and coloring... My life would be absolutely complete. I'm getting off topic here...

This probably is the least of your worries because of the many dragon animations the game developers have to edit and many other things like Titans and new dragons...

now, on to a different idea!

shading and textures

this game offers fun, cool things to do. You can fly around on your dragon, and even beside your dragon. Though, the wonderful feeling of gliding over majestic mountains and seas isn't really there unless the sun doesn't make anything have the amazing, glowing warmth it needs. Epic shadows from mountains don't shower lands, and the homes and buildings of Berk don't have any awesome shadows either. Sure, your dragon gets a shadow... But it's not very effective... Nothing has the correct amount of light to set the mood of the island you're at. I know how bad lighting is when I comes to 3D animation... It sucks and is a pain in the back... But once it's done, I can't begin to explain how awesome it is... As I've said before, I hang glide. What I've seen gives me goosebumps just thinking about it because it's so AWESOME. When gaming, atmosphere can do a lot.

Water reflections; just another small detail that adds to the atmosphere of the game. It doesn't need to be a lot. Just enough to give the player a small feeling of wonder. Though, reflections are just one more thing to add to the pile of "difficult stuff".

Map improvements

now, the map has annoyed me for a while, now. I accidentally click on places I don't want to go. I have been thinking about making it more organized. Like, for the school, wilderness, etc. you could have the player simply click "school of dragons", then have the camera zoom in and go from a drawn picture to an overview of the island. Here, players can click on any section of the island to go there. Maybe have a few birds fly around the map as a cool effect.

different war paint designs

seeing the same design over and over again gets a bit annoying, don't you think?

self-done science experiments

ever wanted to test something out on your own but couldn't do it in real life? Yea, me too. I guess with this you can gather different materials and do your own experiments for fun! Instead of just having to do the same old experiments. More gatherable supplies and stuff could be added, too.

ability to sell items

so, my inventory is PACKED with so many logs of wood, rocks, and maps I don't need from missions. It's just a jumble of junk I can't get rid of. So, why not sell these things to trader Johann for a small amount of coins? Maybe trading items with other players could be possible, too! It would be so great!

better quests, please?

I mean, our quests are cool and all, but... They just don't entertain me as much. I love the mystery, don't get me wrong, but how about more action? The dragon island quest was fun, but why not get chased by something huge? Why not have a truly thrilling experience? how about a quest with a huge twist ending? Or multiple endings?


give our Vikings swords, maces, and axes to use against intruding ships! Rawr!


now, I have more ideas, but they just aren't coming to me yet...


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A wild post appeared!!!

I can say your other ideas for you! :D


1. Your Vikings POV, first person option in game

2. A powerup button for racing

3. Firepit XP

4. The ability to go underwater with tidal class

5. Selling/releasing dragons.

6. Triple stryke

7. Silverhantom

8. Did I mention triple stryke?

9. Titan triple stryke

10. More shield options

11. The ability to customize your characters clothing color like dragons.

12. Make dragon gender matter more

13. Dragon Name changes.

14. I forgot to mention triple stryke!!!

15. Vikings can carry weapons around like in the banner...

15. Triple stryke

As shown in the banner. The Vikings carry weapons. But we don't have them in game.

None of this will probably ever happen (execpt for the triple stryke) but no hurt in asking right?


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Oh yea! The POV options! Ack,

Oh yea! The POV options! Ack, I can't even begin to imagine how great that'd be...

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We need that triple stryke and many more dragons that appear in the franchise but aren't even in the game.
Also the poor hobblegrunt has the model of another dragon so as the grapple grounder...
The idea with the Viking Pov is nice. I love it. Like at the missions in Rise of Berk, you can choose what to do and this is gonna change the ending of the mission.
And what if we could make our vikings tall or short, fat or skinny, more options.
Also it'd be great to have Dagur in the game, don't you agree? So as Vigo and Riker. I mean it'll be cool to have an expansion involving them.
WEAPONS!!! We definitely need those. Axes, swords, crossbows and so as on.
And to be honest after the last two updates the lightning in all the islands is freaking bad. And why did they remove the mist in the ship graveyard? It looked so cool .-.


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  My Ideas include:   1. MORE


My Ideas include:



Or possibly the ability to create your own saddle that you can decorate. 


2. Taming dragons instead of buying eggs. 


3. Bigger, larger, wider, and more solid environments. 


4. Better shading and texturing. 


5. More details on your viking. 




7. Wingless outfits (Let the wings be their own accessory instead of being attached to different shirts).



I know this isn't a combat driven game, but still. Our characters are dragon riders, but they are also vikings,

we need some enemies and bosses to defeat.


9. Arial combat possibly. 


10. Dungeons with Bosses. 


11. Different stances on your Dragon. 

You usually sit on your dragon, but what if you could pose the character as if they are standing on the dragon (Like Valka and Cloudjumper.) 


12. Viking Classes. 

Yeah this outs like your standard MMO fare, but it makes a lot of sense at least.  Your Viking could be a warrior, a berserker, an archer, or an oracle (Like a dragon whisperer, kind of like what Valka is with her staff). 


Those are some of my ideas.



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Bleh too lazy for a subject

ideas eight through ten remind me of SAO. i like the rest of the ideas too, especilly the wingless shirts and viking classes/guilds


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All of these ideas are amazing! But what if they would actually let us design our own dragons? Like make a new one entirely? has a game(about HTTYD) that lets you tame dragons so why not intertwine that into school of dragons?

Imagine this:

You are out in the wilderness trying to find a lost item when suddenly a wild dragon appears. This particular dragon has its own likes and dislikes just like that game on You must find the required items in order to actually train it. Just like in the movie, you must find what the dragon wants in order to train it as well as gain its trust.



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Dragons Should be allowed in

Dragons Should be allowed in the great hall! Someone

explain why there not?

       (Here are some of my suggestions)

• Dragons in great hall

• Selling, Realease, Trading Dragons

• More Hairstyles


       (Thanks For all U Do SoD)











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I was thinking of expansion

1. I was thinking of expansion pack idea What happens in it is your capured by the dragn hunters and you have to escape and do all these quests without your dragon with you and you release dragons and maybe train one like a Triple Stryke.


2. They should make like a time when it storms and you could fly through the rain or you would have to stay out of the rain


3. When dragons get wet they cant shoot fire like in the dreamworks seris they say something like that.


4. Thay should make the chat a little better i was locked out of chat for a week for saying "Im Back" and i have seen other players say worse than that.


5. Triple Stryke


6. Taming dragons its hard to keep having to buy dragons and in the seris they tame them not buy them.


7. Sell dragon eggs and release dragons you dont use they are just taking up room in the stable.


8. Shorter stable quest times senfding your dragon out for 5 days on some is rediculous.


9. Maybe make dragon fire actully affect other dragon like the flightmare actully frezzes your dragon and the death songs amber acually makes your drgaon stuck and you have to find a way to get him loose (probably by the stuff we used in the death song expansion) and for the others your dragon falls a little.



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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

I love the weapons idea and selling items or trading them for better stuff!

Here are some of mine ideas for mobile because it is SO different

1. Sleeping dragons.

2. Better lighting. It looks so dull on mobile where as on the computer it is so much better and realistic.

3. The dragons on mobile need to look more fierce. Like smoke coming out of there nostrils.

May be too hard for mobile but that would be nice to have.

Anyway onto my other ideas for not just on mobile.

1. When battle has ended a dragon from a random stable has been captured. You need to find your dragon and somehow get it back and it could be anywhere! I think this should happen every once in awhile just to spice things up.

2. On a tidal class dragon we should swim in the water on our dragon just like Thunderdrum when you are riding him.

3. I love having new races. Maybe have a race on a same class in trr? I get tired of seeing the Sand Wraith in every single race. So like have the gronckle race only for boulder class dragons when you go up against other players that pick that race. I hope this makes since haha

4. More titan dragons. Such as the death song or woolly howl. Of course I want the admins to take their time with the titan dragons so they can look so stunning and fierce!

And that's it for me. :)

Thanks admins for all that you do. :D



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I'm going to make this short and simple

Quick list of suggestions


Special daily rewards during the holidays



Make fireball frenzy fun



Fix flight club



Add other mini games (alchemy adventure is dull) the mazes are a good start



Water races for tidal class



Land races for flightless dragons,-The-Great-Valley-Racing-Adventure.jpg



Chickens should be pets



Making sheep more important in races maybe have tracks for only collecting sheep to win the race



Sheep catapult mini game



Being able to customize war paint on dragon



Be able to change dragon's name



Be able to get rid of/sell/release dragons (stable crowding is an issue)



Flying tricks/ fix all dragon models to have fluid motions/ fix teeth going through dragon's eyes






Higher jumping for Speed Stingers



Fix Grapple Grounder Model



Search and rescue wild dragons (tame them too?)



Whistle for dragons (like in the cartoon network game)



Own a sailboat?



Train with other vikings in the academy



Make hideout furniture cheaper



GIVE EACH DRAGON IT'S OWN UNIQUE PERSONALITY (it should have likes/dislikes)






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Adeline Nightstorm



Done by me

Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Light green
Hair color: Black
Clothing: Jade green Shirt with laces
Armor: Brown vest, with brown shoulder pads (all engraved with viking symbols), and belt with pouches
Accessories: Fenir Wolf Bracelet

Weapons: Trident and Fish net

Family: Fishlegs and Heather (parents)
Location: Berk
Status: Berk Guard

Main Dragon: Sand Wraith

Icarus edit by me

Favorite dragon types: Triple Stryke, Slithersong, Seashocker, Hackatoo, and Wingnasher
Age: 16

Artwork of my dragons:


Art below not credited because I forgot the artist's name so if any of this art below is yours pm me and let me know so I can credit you thank you! :)

 Twilight adult

End of uncredited art 


credit to FloofQueen

Credit to Spy Girl

Credit to Sky and Ocean 


Tigger from Ty the Dragon trainer

(picture made by hrepetti)

Most of the drawings above are not made by me and I do not take credit for any of them that I personally did not make. Have a wonderful day!!! :)


Name: Leia Tonks

Age: Same as Cederic (Goblet of Fire)
Patronus: Otter
Wand: Redwood, Dragon Heartstring 12½ inches
Quiddich Position: Keeper
Pet: Snowy Owl
Occupation (I would never be bored with this job):


Nationality: Republic City
Age: Same as Opal
Special ability: Soundbending and Astral Projection
Profession: Pro-bender, Airbending instructor
Bending type: Air (from Harmonic Convergence)
Location: Air Temple Island, Republic City
Weapon: Electrified Gloves
Pet: Thunderbird
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Katrin Thunder
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I got an idea

Hey! How about adding moving characters into the locations? Example: on Berk you'll run around/ follow the arrow to find Hiccup,because he won't stand on a same place although as you start talking to him he will stop and term to u to chat . This would be fun. 

OR maybe just add a new animation and position  to the characters for example: At the training grounds Astrid will sit on the Rock looking to words the sea or maybe she could simply coddle her dragon.

Hope you get my idea c:







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