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I think this can fall under Suggestion or Bug report so I'll just put this under suggestion and hope this should go here :)


I'm not sure if I'm just not smart enough to figure this out... but reallly. I spend a lot of effort into typing up wonderful posts (sometimes not so wonderful) and then they just go away. I know my comp is buggy, but besides that, I've tried copying and pasting. Sometimes I try to type up a post right away on the forum but I run out of time so I have to do it later. I try copying it so that I can paste it later and continue where I left off. Of course it doesn't work. I've tried cutting too but that doesn't work either. It's frustrating to have to retype hour(s) worth of posts. It could be that I'm doing it wrong though. I highlight the text and press the copy button but it doesn't actually copy since several times I tried to paste something i copied but it camed out blank. Bug or not, it's annoying.


That aside, a saving feature would be cool. Perhaps you can put wips in the file browser so that we can work on posts on the forum and easily store it away if we need to go. I normally type wips in a separate document and then copy and paste it onto the forum but it would be more convenient to save on here. Thanks for reading, I hope something can be done about copy/paste bug or a saving feature to be added.


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