Suggestion: Renaming Dragons

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With the somewhat recent inclusion to change our viking's name I thought it might be a good idea to suggest the ability to change our dragon's names as well. 


Just like how we can change their colors, you'd still pay a small amount of gems to do it.


I know there's a lot of people, myself included, who have dragons whose names we either aren't find of anymore, spelled wrong on accident, or are named a bunch of random letters and numbers and would like to change them.




Viking Name: Rosalaun

Gender: Agender (he/him)

Clan: Earthguard

Friend Code: PM me if you would like it!


Opal - Shockjaw

Obsidian - Skrill

Galaxy - Gronckle

Pearl - Whispering Death

Thunder Storm - Whoolly Howl

Azurite - Scauldron

Zircon - Groncicle

Alexandrite - Changewing

Fossil - Boneknapper

Luna - Flightmare

Steel - Armorwing

Eyris - Razorwhip

Dusk - Sand Wraith

Minuet - Death Song

Orchid - Slithersong

Sawtooth - Devilish Dervish

Hydrangea - Tide Glider

Marigold - Hotburple

Lava – Monstrous Nightmare 

Swamp - Mudraker

Riptide - Thunderdrum

Cinder - Singetail

Earthquake - Eruptodon

Glacier - Snow Wraith

Medli - Wind Walker


* Anchor pixel by : DriftwoodBones

* Shell Divider by : seafoamies