Stuck on 2 quests for days

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Joined: 07/25/2015

I've been working on two quests for a few days now and I've been stuck on them. 


1) The Map Connection - with this quest, I'm where I was told to talk to Mulch and he would give me a map. After he gives it to me, I'm told to look at his map in my backpack. The problem is that I don't have Mulch's map. I've tried restarting the game, logging out and back in, talking to Mulch again and Hiccup and nothing is working.


2) Scrubbed Clean: Part 2 - with this one, I'm stuck on the part where I'm supposed to give Gobber the soap. When I go to Gobber on Berk and click on him, I get a popup that says 'You need to deliver 1 soap'. 


Also, there don't seem to be any more quests. None of the in-game characters have any ! or ? above their heads.


Name: Merleh

Clan: Riders of Dragons Edge

Favorite Dragon: Sand Wraith