Striking New Saddles!

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The release of the first two Triple Stryke saddles were such a success, that Dagur has returned to the Trading Post with another two NEW Saddles! 
Dagur had released two saddles specifically for the fierce Triple Stryke, and the Vikings on campus have enjoyed them so much, that the Dragon Trainer returned to Gobber and decided to build two more saddles. Dagur has now added the intimidating Defender Saddle, and the handcrafted Master Saddle! 
These two saddles will offer extreme comfort to both dragon and dragon riders during their many flights. Those Vikings who enjoy racing can do so aboard the Defender Saddle which will intimidate any competitors with its bright shield and imposing spikes. Vikings can also mount the Master saddle and have a more relaxed flight with its flexible seat. 
Will you be gearing up your dragons with these classic saddles? 
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Dagur would be the exact type of person to like the defender saddle style and want it on his dragon.




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Yeah it would be fantastic if the triple strike were good in TRR. But with a speed of 8.1 it is pretty useless


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