Striker Storm Clan Announcement and Recruitment Page

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Joined: 03/11/2019

Striker Storm is my new clan.

That is the clan banner. (I didn't just make that to show off my titans)

There are 19 open spots. (Able to expand)

A racing clan so please by active.

If you leave the game for extended periods of time please be nice and leave if it is a planed leaving.

(The period of time being 6+ months if it isn't planed  it is course fine to stay.)

The minimum trophy count is 200 but I will go up most likely.

You can use racing boosts and traps if you like if you don't like them then don't.

No Hacking or inappropriate things in the chat. 

If you see one of my members do this please report it to me so I can punish them in some way.

That's all please consider joining if you're looking for a clan.




Okay so this isn't really part of it but it charged me double of what the price was meant to be so admins if you read this can I have my 85 gems back?



                                                           In Game Name: StarfinderTheDestined 

(Completely unrelated from the game starfinder)

UDT Points: 400,000 


Flightmares: Fearcontroler (Titan), Sandyglow, & Ambermist

Zipplebacks: Twostrike, Wing and Spark, & Toil and Trouble

Groncicles: Coldwing & Hoth

Gronckles: Lavamaster, July, & Easter 

Whispering Deaths: Landdigger, Spikering, & Wildspike

Nightmares: Blazefire & Firechain

Shockjaw: Stormspeed (titan)

Screaming Death: Skullghost (titan)

Nadders: Speadshadow, Melon, Starspine, & Desertwing

Mudraker: Deepsmeller

Scuttleclaw: Stormclaw

Deathgriper: Furious (titan)

Hobblegrunt: Shadescales

Eruptodon: Volcanomaster 

Rumblehorn: Quakeflyer 

Thunderdrum: Stormjaw

Razorwhip: Goldenwind

Skrill: Thunderspeed (titan)

Stormcutter: Quadwing 

Armorwing: Halfhron

Smokebreath: Smokescreen 

Random things That I llike and Ranked for some reason if you care.

Favorite dragons: 




Night Fury 

Screaming Death 

Sand Wraith 

Crimson Goregutter 

Night Lights






No Hacking in SoD


Other Stuff about my

Age: 1-99


Like dogs

Try to play Thunder Run everyday 

My clan




Prepare for BATTLE!!!!!!

The Moon

(Not my art but thank youSangoMichiko13)

Thank you Dragonriders Fury

Favorite movies:

The Book of Daniel 

The Empire Strikes Back

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Spiderman Homecoming 




My Ranking of Star Wars ( The only film series I like more than Httyd)

The Empire Strikes  Back 

Rogue One

A New Hope

The Last Jedi

Return of The Jedi

The Force Awakens 

Revenge of the Sith


Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace 


Favorite httyd quote 

"There were dragons when I was a boy"

Favorite httyd music

There Once Were Dragons 

Favorite httyd scene 

Forbidden Friendships 

Other Viking  Starfindertwo


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Joined: 03/11/2019
Subject Name Here

Change of plans now it is open to all but on June 30th you will need 200 trophies to stay in the clan.