The Story of Us: Chapter Two

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Chapter two



I can’t anymore.

                I have to get out of this workshop. It feels like the walls are closing in, slowly squeezing me to death.

                No thanks to all the armors that surround me. I stand up hurriedly, making my way to the door. I almost trip over a few unfinished armors, but eventually I’m out of the door.

                The cool night air gives me a immediate refresh. I suck as much air in as I can and slowly exhale. Much better.

                I’ve been in my workshop almost the whole day now. People are ordering extra now, because of Snoggletog. It’s about another month to Snoggletog. And people need to give other people gifts, and since weapons is such a used gift, why not armor?

                And who, most of the time, makes the armor? Me. So that sucks.

                What’s even worse is they order extra stuff to go onto the armor. Festive stuff. Stuff like Snoggletog lights, etcetera. My hands are now splashed with paint from designing the armors.

                I’ve barely seen anyone today. I feel like one of the last Viking’s to walk the earth.

                But then I look over to the Larkin’s family house, where Lexa is sitting on her bed, fiddling with something. Probably creating something.

                She usually covers her window with her blanket when she’s creating. She doesn’t like to be watched while she’s inventing. Though the blanket itself is sort of an invention. She calls it a “curtain”.

                There’s at least a good part of my day. I have to stock up every day on things like the Snoggletog light’s now, and sure there are other people who can make them, but I always ask Lexa. And anyways, she has a whole pile of them, and other stuff. I anyway enjoy talking to her when I restock. Though we mostly only make small talk, when she comes over to my workshop to invent, we’re silent.

                Or, I guess you could call it silent, but it’s not really.

                And even though it’s brief, I love to see her fly off when she takes her morning flight. Though these days, neither her Sand Wraith or Night Fury fly off gracefully. She’s barely letting them rest.

                It was sudden. She didn’t use to take morning flights. She used to wait until lunch when I had a bit of free time, and we’d take a flight together. We were good friends.

                But then she started taking off earlier and earlier, so I didn’t have a chance to catch up, and we sort of drifted apart.

                I take my own flight at lunch now. Usually it’s me and Fleetfoot, my Razorwhip. I know it’s strange having multiple dragons, but it sort of just happened. Fleetfoot came first, and then came Sy, my Flightmare, and finally Hungarian, my Armorwing. They take turns going on flights. It’d start with Fleetfoot, then go to Sy, and then Hungarian. Tomorrow’s Sy’s turn.

                A flight sounds really good. It’s anyway getting really late. I’m sure if I work really hard tomorrow I’ll make up for skipping the rest of my work tonight.

                I start walking to Fleetfoot’s stable before I know.

                I grab the saddle off the wall and give Fleetfoot a little nudge with my foot. Her eyes flicker open for a moment, but then close again and she turns her head away from me.

                I sigh. She’s too tired. I set the saddle back on the wall and find myself in Sy’s stable before I know it. Sy, on the other hand, is much more excited when I lift his saddle off the wall. He practically jumps into a standing position.

                I put on his saddle, and motion to him to stay quiet. I think he gets the hint, because unlike he usually takes off, powerfully and gracefully, he slowly hefts into the air and almost glides us into the skies, and I feel instant relief. Up here, I barely remember all of the bad things in life. I barely remember life itself. All I remember is the sound of wings flapping and the feeling of the clouds tickling my face, and that is enough to make my eyes fall close and my body shutting down, and before I know it, I’m asleep. Luckily this is a custom saddle.

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Art of the characters featured in this chapter:

Sy by Ruggedturf.                                                   Fleetfoot by Archery and Dragons.

Lancelot by Vanilia Viking.



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