Story Time : You and your first Dragon

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Let's do a Story Time on how you get your first Dragon so lets sit down take some Cookies a listen to the Story



For me it's the 3 or 4 Year on SoD on November but in the Forum will it be on the 2 September

So my first Dragon was actually a Skrill not a Nadder i buyed the Skrill Egg for 600 gems  and wanted to go to my stables but you have to go and pick one of the Starter Dragon which was The Nadder,Nightmare,Zipper ,Gronckle,Thunderdrum,Whispering Death and the Skrill (last three was for members).So i choose the Nadder and hatched my  Skrill and the next Day i trained bouth of them and here can you see how big my Boy is 



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                                                                   Ingame Info:


                                                             Clan: King of Empires

                                                             Main Dragon:Blitzzahn the Skrill


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                                                     Arts from Outhers


My OC's can be found here :






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And what a good, Big Boi he

And what a good, Big Boi he is.


My first hatch was a Nightmare, but my main is my Howl

Badger is my beautiful son and no one can tell me otherwise, he is a soft and gentle apricot with big feeties and a terrible turning circle. But he is perfect.



Tis me,


ace, female, and definetely not a bee




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Art Requests (Closing Soon)

Currently Open! PM me with the details of the drawing you want done. I'm best with dragons, working on human skills, and can create digitally, a symmetrical 3D model, or on paper with graphite, pen, and/or watercolour. Examples of my work can be found throughout my signature, either directly or through links.

ALSO: it may help to send me reminders every few weeks since i am not very reliable and will forget things quickly. This does not apply to request pages.


Writing Requests

I also take short story commisions. Depending on the length, I might ask for something in return. PM me if you're interested.



The Alpha Trilogy

Reign of the Deep Queen | Refuge of the Blue King | Age of the Midnight Prince  

(haha see i can edit)

We know that Vikings settled in the Archipelago a little over 500 years ago, but what stopped them before that? In the Dragon Nest, a stolen child must try to overthrow a tyrant. Her descendant, a volitile soul, runs from revenge until he cannot go any further. His son, a strong-willed leader, takes on a new name and builds his own empire until the past catches up with even him.








the super-duper rough draft


Ebony and Flies With Storms


by Chameishida


- petty levels are 100%

- will not hesitate to take revenge (but it must be very specific and creative)

- self control = no

- uses humour to escape awkward situations


- relatively calm and extremely tolerant of Ebonies shenanigans

- mainly there to stop her from getting herself ki.lled or imprisoned or something


Pallus- the liberated Roman

- has a terrible memory (especially with dragon species names)

- generally avoids conflict

- chills with ebony on her adventures


If ur interested in doing some art for my characters, shoot me a PM and we can work out a deal.

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Around 2 years ago, after I watched How To Train Your Dragon for the fifth time, my sister ran up to me and told me there's a game called 'School of Dragons'. I got the game on my little tablet and hopped on. The tutorial wasn't that exciting, I was in a hatchery and being told about dragons and which one I should own. Gobber insisted on a deadly nadder, so I complied. I named her Thundersong and colored her of my favorite colors with some yellow markings. I colored her after paradise birds, and gave her a red belly. She was beautiful, such a cute baby dragon. I was excited to ride her and I understood I couldn't yet, I fed her well and played with her when she was sad. I did as many quests as I could to level her up and she became a teen. I shouted in joy, I can ride her now, but she cannot fly. I took advantage and glided everywhere. I envied those in the sky and I wanted to go up there, where I can go almost anywhere. After a few more quests, Hiccup let me know it's time for her to become an adult and fly! The excitement overwhelmed me and I took her to the hachery where I leveled her up. She was beautiful and I rode her for hours, going where I dreamt of going. She was my main dragon for up until the Triple Stryke came out. She was my only dragon for about a year.


This is what I liked more about our old tutorial. It really gave you a feeling of freedom as soon as you can fly and excited you to level your dragon up. Now, you can free flight the first day and it doesnt feel as special.


...anyways, that's my first dragon.



Edit: I stalker your signature and I must say... TEAM FORTRESS FOR THE WIN!






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I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedis), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, and Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell).


I love Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Grey Wolves, Mexican Timber Wolves, cats, horses, dragons, and reptilian creatures.


My favorite dragons are Triple Stryke, Deadly Nadders, Monsterous Nightmares, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most.


I'm hoping to work at an Endangered Wolf Center when I'm older.


I main Spy on TF2. My secondary main is Medic.

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StingShadow+Crystal Fury

By: Snowflake12298


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My firstttt ever dragon? Man you guys. lil nubs u know nothing about the beginning. Things are shiny and new now. Back then, it was so rusty and musty like that smell of an old log cabin when you go camping with your family. I'm not saying that I simply was there in 2014. Or 2015. I'm saying I applied to beta testing, way back in 2012 or 13 i forgot. I'm the grandma of School of Dragons. I've never met another person here who was in beta testing and stuck through with it until now. If I do meet one of you, awesome, do you remember all this crazy stuff they took out?

Honestly, it felt like camping, those four years ago, camping out in the living room with my sister after the countdown for School of Dragons on the website went all the way to 00:00, we logged on with shiny, new accounts. 


You were at the docks, and you run forwards as fast as possible, but you miss the boat leaving for this years batch of trainers going to the school for the first time. Tears run down your cheeks in disappointment. What now? Wait another year? It couldn't be! THen Hiccup comesu up to you, and being the little gentleman he is, decides to take you for a ride up through the clouds flying, swooping through rings, then you come down at sea. There's this boss animation of Toothless flying in, weaving through the gaps  of the caldera the school was in. They're there for a reason! Suddenly you'd see Toothless disappear behind the gaps and the camera would swoosh forwards in one powerful act, revealing the real, true school, the one I had been staring at gloriously on the website while the countdown ticked and tocked. (Yes, there was a countdown on the website, counting down to School of Dragon's release. Imagine counting down from 10 to that! how exciting that was..) You got to go to the hatchery, and carry your egg to the lavapit to hatch it. (Yes, I said 'carry' your egg. Pick it up from that nest and walk it over to the lava pit your self! Why did they remove that? it was so sweet..)


I picked a bold little zippleback who I named Moonflight (does that sound familiar?). I raised her/them very well. Back then, since there were only nadders, zipplebacks, nightmares, and gronckles, well, zipplebacks were the best racing dragons. You could only have one, yes UNO, dragon, not multiple. I know, I know, so hard to imagine. Well, it was that way, it truly was. Moonflight and I were super boss at racing and we mastered almost all the tracks. My favorite track was, and still is Fortune Falls. When the whispering death and thunderdrum came out, you could get them with a gift card or something.. idk? Then they were released to the public, along with the multiple dragons update, and if you had one, you were royalty. 









-Currently off from SoD, because my account is glitched ;-; sad sad sad



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Chill mate, its not a

Chill mate, its not a competition. Most seasoned forumers here also did the original tutorial (myself included) and don't really enjoy the new one.
And I don't like how they changed the egg system. Carrying it there made it more real, like you actually had the responsibility of caring for the hatchling...

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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

Skyfire. She was my first dragon and actually wasn't going to be in my main dragon group at all. But no matter how hard a tried, my bond with her was too strong.
After realizing this I made her a full backstory, personality, saddle and for her into my story. Because it's not like she wasn't there in the first place...

Sky was one of the eggs in the hatchery, although she doesn't remember this, a very nervous, yet excited young girl walked in. She talked to Gobber some and he told her that she would bond best with a Hideous Zippleback.
The girl had no idea what she would bond best with and decided to trust Gobber, but on her way she saw a nest full of eggs. It was labeled "Deadly Nadder" it was not the dragon she was looking for, but something told her that it was right.
She gently picked up an egg and placed it in the lava.
Slowly the egg hatched. Star, as she was called, watched in awe.
Finally a little Deadly Nadder emerged. She had a cream colored Spines and belly, and her scales were blue-ish turquoise.
Gently Star reached out her hand, letting the Nadder sniff it.
The Nadder complied and let the girl pet her nose.
"Skyfire? Can I call you that?" She asked shyly. Skyfire chirped softly and nuzzled her hand in a yes.
After that Skyfire followed Star everywhere she went.

How she met Star is kinda pointless here isn't it?

Since she met Star: Skyfire has become a Broad Wing Nadder, and her Cream colored spines and stomach turned Red and her turquoise scales turned much more blue.



Dear Everybody,


I have hurt people too much to stay here. Every moment I am here, I risk hurting someone. For this reason, I am leaving. I may return, but only time will tell. Thank you all for being patient with me. This experience has taught me so much. 


I am still online here, so if you ever want to talk, message me. 


I sincerely apologize to everyone I've hurt. 



Goodbye everyone. 



"If you need me, I'll be there."





The loneliness grows with each passing day, threatening to consume me. 
Each time I close my eyes, all I see is the darkness growing inside me. 

And so the new year comes and the new year goes. I'm sitting here and the darkness grows.

Despite all the times a hurt you, it was always to maybe earn the approval of someone. 
I see now, that I will never earn anyone's approval. I've given up. 
And so the shattered pieces of my heart, that I once thought I had together, shatter once more. 
And when I find the pieces, I will put them back together. And although it may be more difficult to see through, and more rough, I'll at least have comfort in knowing that at least it's together. 
Because what makes us strong is not how well we put ourselves together after being broken. It's how many times we've been broken, and we're still standing here to say "We did it. We came back. We're here and we're alive. We made it."
So someday I may rise again, and I may greet you with joy. 
Because no matter how many times the darkness tries to break me apart, I will come come back, a little bit more bruised, a few more cuts. 
A little bit stronger. 







Dear Everyone who won't trust Rebell,



    You need to stop. So maybe Rebell has a similar art style. So maybe they claim that they are not Archer but is a friend of hers. So what?

But maybe Rebell is telling the truth. Maybe, somewhere, there's a budding artist, who just wants to draw things for others, but people won't stop harrasing them, saying they are a liar, saying they are a cheater, saying they are an untrustworthy and slimey eel.

Maybe you have plenty reason to think what you do, but I have one thing to say. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not trust them? Why not believe them? Why not support them, even if they are Archer? Why not be kind?

Because they don't deserve it? Well, if we got what we deserved, we would all be long since dead. Why not treat others how you would want to be treated?


Why not choose to belive?




                                            One tear in the dropping rain

                                             One voice in a sea of pain

                                             Could the Maker of the stars

                                             Hear the sound of my breaking heart? :,-(



                                            For RheiTheBrave^^ You will always be missed.


Signature under construction! 


I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Woolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





Signature banners made by VexyLu


By Arrowalker^^



Star and all her dragons by FireNightStar^^
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Brightclaw the Deadly Nadder

Mmm, cookie! Thank you!


*Winterwind shoves against Whisper's arm* Fine, yes, I know cookies are your favorite. *mutters* Spoiled dragon. *gives cookie to Winterwind*


When I first started playing, it was the summer of 2013. The Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare, and Hideous Zippleback were the only dragons available in the game, and you could only have one. "Once you choose your dragon," the game said, "you cannot choose another."


I had much love for three of the four dragons, so I couldn't really choose which one I wanted. So I took Gobber's personality quiz, and he said my best match was a Deadly Nadder. I took him at his word and hatched my first dragon, Brightclaw.


In time, I decided I liked the Stormfly Look on a Nadder. I think it's just a beautiful coloration, like a blue-and-gold macaw. This is Brightclaw and I now.


Brightclaw was named after a minor dragon character in the How to Train Your Dragon book. When I first hatched her, she was meant to be the dragon version of my horse Jetta, my best friend and my Toothless. Ever since that time, my main dragon has always been a dragon version of Jetta.


While I kept changing my main OC before settling on a Woolly Howl due to my love of ice dragons (and the Woolly Howl fitting Jetta best out of all the ice dragons), Brightclaw was my main dragon until the Woolly Howl's release. My second and main dragon is Winterwind. She's my Jetta now.


Brightclaw is now her own original character, a fun-loving puppy-like dragon that's quick to anger but easy to love, an open and honest creature. She may not be Whisper's dragon, but like a first lesson pony, she taught Whisper how to ride. :)

<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


Soon her ice dragon would come for her, and she would ride on its back to the land of always-winter.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

HTTYD Concept Art by Jason Scheier, Woolly Howl edit by me




Whisper the Wolf  STICKER

& Winterwind

by SouloftheFoxy



All links open in a new tab.

Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight


The Real Winterwind: Jetta

Made by SouloftheFoxy


The bond between Man and Beast... image not just fiction.




In-Game Dragons in School of Dragons


Strike Class

Winterwind: female Woolly Howl (main dragon)

Dasher: male Woolly Howl (Snoggletog Wraith stand-in; main Christmas dragon)

Borealis: male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith

Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke


Boulder Class

Icevein: male Groncicle (2nd main dragon)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)

Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Sawblade (in-game name Sawfang): male Whispering Death

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Stonefist: male Thunderpede


Stoker Class

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror (3rd main dragon)

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)


Sharp Class

Frostclaws: male Shivertooth (main racing dragon)

Solstice: female Shivertooth (2nd main racing dragon)

Thistle: female Prickleboggle (main battle dragon; tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleyes: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Tracker Class

Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder (starter dragon)

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Echo: female Mudraker

Bullheart: male Rumblehorn


Tidal Class

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith

Sparky: male Shockjaw

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Riptide: male Scauldron

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Mystery Class

Professor: male Flightmare (main Halloween dragon)

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Doomfang: male Death Song

Evermore: male Tiny Tooth Death Song

Bandit: male Armorwing

Flower: female Changewing

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Honey: female Sweet Death

Fortitude: male Buffalord

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath



Character Links

<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a><br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Trainer Sprites by Blackwolfen

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The Wolf and the Howl Characters:

Whisper Norling




Ylva Norling



Norbert Haugen







The King

Other Characters

More Characters


Son of the Sea Characters





Links to My Screenshot Comics


The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown



[She] liked winter best of all, for when the world grew cold, the ice dragon came.

~George R.R. Martin, The Ice Dragon



Wingdnasher Fan


Prickleboggle Fan


Ice Dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon Book Series: The Doomfang

Doomfang by themasterplan47


And only a Winter Child, and the ice dragon who loved her, could save her world from utter destruction.

~George R. R. Martin, The Ice Dragon


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Much Love

She's my Jetta now.


:D :D :D




^-^ Welcome to my signature! ^-^


Please note: all intended credit goes to the original creators unless specified directly.



Let's go explore the world


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Firetooth, the Monstrous Nightmare

Ooh, cookies! *takes 10 of them*

Note: I started playing SoD itself earlier. I'm talking about my new/main/real account now, made in April(?) 2017..

So, *clears throat* as we all know, new people get a free adult rescued dragon. And i got a Flightmare, and named him Stardust, altough, i liked the "real" way, where you get a dragon from the hatchery, so i just pretented that Stardust would be my "second" dragon.


I did the test, and it said a Nadder would be the best, and I completely understood that, because it's personality suits the best for me, but they were a bit too popular.
So I was thinking between the Gronckle and Monstrous Nightmare

Still, I loved the Monstrous Nightmare the most, they were so awesome! And Hailey (my viking) just needed a fiery friend by her side.

So, I got one for her, a red-orange coloured male called Firetooth. He's fierce, protective, but also a bit playful and very loyal towards Hailey.
I loved him (and I still do :D)

But there was only one dragon that could be perfect for Hailey: A Timberjack.
Timberjacks are my favourite dragons, and there's a good reason for it: they're peaceful, protective, very intelligent, and, a *cough* bit proud.
Perfect dragon.
I got mine and his name is Hunter, and he's my main dragon now :)

But still, I love Firetooth although I'm pretending that he was my first dragon, it really feels like that! I take him to battles very often, and, well, he's still kind of my main dragon! He's still in my main dragon stable!
We often fly around with my best friend's Nightmare, Flower
(I think Firetooth has a crush on her XD)
He's my first dragon, my little boy, and I love him! <3

*takes a cookie* This one is for you, Firetooth!





Hunter and Skogvarg by Arrowalker



 "I looked into his eyes and i saw myself.

This wasn't a vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature,

      whose soul reflected my own."













Wilderness Explorer
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Swoopin' in!

When I first started playing School of Dragons back is mid-2016, I started off with Monstrous Nightmare. I named him Firework since he was a character I had for a few years (about 3 by now). Since it was before the new opening, I went awhile without flying around. . .but the time and effort really paid off! Here he is now:



On my 2nd Viking (which is currently the main one I use and the one with the most progress compared to my other vikings at the moment), I got my first dragon during the new opening and rescued a Flightmare. He was initially going to be called Freezer Burn but the game wouldn't allow it so I just stuck with Freezer. I have an image of him in my signature but to save the time:




And finally on my 3rd Viking (Which is used for my HTTYD character), a Shockjaw was the trapped dragon but for the character's story, her first dragons were a Skrill and a Whispering Death (since she trained both at the same time):




Let's get this started, shall we? This signature is going to be updated a lot (mainly because I won't finish this in one setting) so expect a lot of changes down the line!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Occupation: Dragon Trainer (evidently)

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Class: Stoker

Mini Info? Maybe: I usually don't bite so don't be afraid to come up and talk to me! There's a lot of things I like (and don't like) so I'm sure we can find something we agree on eventually.


My Dragons(in no set order)

Papa Moon the Male Titan Stormcutter

Commonly referred to as Papa

Papa Moon already a Titan-Wing when he was found. . .in fact, it was actually the other way around. He found me! He was difficult to train, considering how stubborn he can be but eventually, with enough trust and fish, he was trained. Don't let his size in the game fool you not like it was accurate to begin with anyways for he is the biggest Stormcutter in existence! His size isn't the only thing that's big; his intelligence is too. . .and maybe his ego. Just a weeeeeeeeeeee bit. Overall, he is a very benevolent dragon and has a soft spot for all things small (mainly babies). He's quite wise so don't be afraid to ask him for advice! He'll doodle it out for you and your dragon. However, he can get territorial and extremely aggressive.
Other: He has a few large scars, most notably one going across his chest (from left to right) and one along half his upper right wing. His fire is purple.


Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune the Female Titan Stormcutter

Commonly referred to as Tune or Lady Neptune

Similar to Papa, Tune was already found as a Titan-wing when she was trained. She went followed Papa once he was trained and became a trained dragon not long after. She is quite big as well but she's smaller than Papa. She's sweet like Papa but has shorter limits than he does and can get angry faster than he can. She is very smart so similar to Papa, she will draw out her answers if asked for advice or questions.

Other: Tune's fire is blue rather than orange.


Doctor Alex the Male Prickleboggle

Commonly referred to as Doc

Doctor Alex is the doctor all my dragons go to for things ranging from simple checkups to vital surgical procedures. As you can imagine, he's highly intelligent. He hasn't failed a medical procedure [yet] and even if he were to, he always has a way to repair his mistakes. He does have a bit of an ego, though it's not on Snotlout or Hookfang's level (thankfully). Unlike other dragons, Alex can actually talk. He takes human paitients too!

Other: His particle blasts (I like to call it slime but the Wikia says particles) can do severe damage if he chooses to do so. However, he can't fire icy blasts like other Prickleboggles can.


Silvertina the Female Silver Phantom

Aliases: Silvy or Silvs

Silvertina is a Silver Phantom that comes from a line of royalty and thus, acts like it sometimes. Fortunately, she's generally kind and offers help to others in need. She was found as a baby by one of my then-baby Woolly Howls. Her parents were nowhere in sight so she was taken in. Fortunately, Moon (the Woolly Howl who initially found her) made the training process much easier as they had already established a bond and Silvertina had no plans to leave her new friend. Some dragons recognize her social status and bow in respect but otherwise, she's treated like other dragons. She is very playful, mainly towards dragons and humans she's close to. She is also very protective.

Other: Unlike most dragons, Silvertina is capable of eating eels and treats them as a delicacy!


Freezer the Male Titan Flightmare

Freezer was rescued from dragon hunters and was originally going to be named Freezer Burn. Unfortunately, the game wouldn't allow it so I had to stick with Freezer and, prior to being a Titan Wing, he was blue with fiery colors like orange and red. He's very docile (especially compared to most Flightmares) and enjoys long naps in the sun. He has a mate named Wolffang, two children named Freezer Fang and Dusk Freeze, and a grandaughter named Spinel.

Other: Freezer was obtained 1-2 after the new opening was announced back in late 2016. So you can thank him for the creation of this Viking! He was also a regular Flightmare for some time so he was smaller than a lot of his family members.


Freezer Fang the Male Titan Flightmare

Freezer Fang is the son of Wolffang and Freezer and the twin brother of Dusk Freeze (though he hatched a few seconds before her). He can be playful and outgoing but has a fierce competitive side. He is also full of himself a bit so he can get a bit vain. He is much closer to his mother than he is to his father (though he doesn't hate Freezer). He can usually be seen fighting with Dusk Freeze to see who's better at something.

Other: Freezer Fang was made a Titan before Freezer was. So for some time, he was bigger than his own father!


Moon the Male Woolly Howl

Aliases: Moonpie/Mooncake

Moon hatched in the middle of a fierce blizzard underneath the wing of Papa Moon. He was incredibly small and had a few setbacks (blindess being one of them) but that didn't stop him from exploring the world! Fortunately, these setbacks were temporary and he was able to see after some time. In the midst of his exploring, he found an orphaned baby Silver Phantom. He quickly bonded with this Silver Phantom with a lot of running around and playing, which enabled said Silver Phantom to get trained easily. Even as an adult, Moon is very playful and kind towards most dragons and humans. He does however, have a very serious side to him and can become very intimidating at the flip of a coin. He is the fastest Woolly Howl to date, even out-speeding Toothless on several ocassions.

Other: His icy blasts take on a purplish color. He is also slightly bigger than other Woolly Howls.


Apatite the Male Screaming Death

Apatite is a very fun-loving, protective, friendly, caring Screaming Death. Sadly, his size scares off most potential friends (dragons or humans) and his massive size often leads him to causing some sort of destruction. He can get easily agitated at times, especially when he's relaxing.

Other: Apatite was named (and colored) after a gemstone of the same name: Apatite!


Other Dragons (Images will slowly but surely be put into place; no clear order)

Spinel the Female Flightmare

Bite and Snipe the Male Titan-Wing Hideous Zippleback

Dusk Freeze the Female Titan-Wing Flightmare

Earthquake the Male Titan-Wing Gronckle

Peridottie the Female Gronckle

Sheer Freeze the Male Groncicle

Emerald the Female Groncicle

Sugar Rush the Male Woolly Hoowl

Male Snoggletog Grump Wraith

Honey the Male Death Song

Peppermint the Male Titan-Wing Razorwhip

Evergreen the Male Armorwing

Midnight the Male Titan-Wing Stormcutter

Eclipse the Femle Stormcutter

Harvest the Male Buffalord

Sand Dune the Male Sand Wraith

Yorokobi/Arisu the Male Triple Stryke

Polar the Male Triple Stryke

Raito the Male Triple Stryke

Thundershock the Male Titan-Wing Skrill

Thunderbolt the Male Skrill

Snow Storm the Male Titan-Wing Snow Wraith

Elder Frost the Male Snow Wraith

Inferno the Male Singetail

Raging Fury the Male Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Freezering Fury the Male Whispering Death

[Nurse] Ezra the Female Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Pyrite the Male Hobblegrunt

Labradorite the Male Grapple Grounder

Whiskers (named by a friend) the Female Grapple Grounder

Moona [Named Fireworks Mom in the game since her name is censored] the Female Titan-Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Firework the Male Monstrous Nightmare

Galidor the Male Monstrous Nightmare

Bone Guard the Male Boneknapper

Blue Jasper the Male Eruptodon

Disorient the Male Flame Whipper

Scatter the Male Titan-Wing Scuttleclaw

Hopeful the Male Deadly Nadder

Blue Citrine the Female Deadly Nadder

Sardonyx the Male Snafflefang

Sea Tremor the Male Hotburple

Moonlight Wings the Male Typhoomerang

Evaporate the Male Scauldron

Boil the Female Scauldron

Vaporize the Female Scauldron

Boom Burst the Male Thunderdrum

Ultrasound the Female Thunderdrum

Equilibrium the Male Thunderdrum

Smoky the Male Smothering Smokebreath

Smokescreen (named by a friend) the Female Smothering Smokebreath

Rampage the Male Mudraker

Bazinga the Male Sliquifier

Venus the Male Snaptrapper

Hidden the Male Changewing

Frostbite the Male Shivertooth

Electrify the Male Shockjaw

Beetle the Male Rumblehorn

Forest the Male Timberjack

Toothless the Night Fury (I personally don't count him since he's temporary but he is worth noting)


To Be Acquired/Coming Soon (Color Key: Red = IncubatingBlue = StorageGold = TBA)

  • Watermelon the Baby Male Buffalord
  • Unnamed Baby Male Stormcutter
  • Wonder, Galidor Jr., Meteor, and Gale the Male Monstrous Nightmares
  • Mercy the Female Monstrous Nightmare
  • Unnamed Male Baby Triple Stryke
  • Unnamed Male Speed Stinger
  • Magnitude the Male Catastrophic Quaken
  • RuPaul (name subject to change) the Fireworm Queen
  • Unnamed Slithersong
  • Fruit Blend the Changewing (gender undecided)


The Freedom Flyer (Image will be uploaded eventually)

Gender: Female

Aliases: The Wise Freedrom Flyer (that's what she's called in the game), Flyer, Wise

Age: 20

Birthday: January 23rd

Alignment: Good

Status: Alive; living in an area with dragons only (mainly Stormcutters)

Favorite Dragon: None; she doesn't like playing favorites!


History: The Freedom Flyer went under a different name when she was in her tribe, though she never tells anyone what it truly is. Her tribe was a friend of dragons so she has been able to start training and studying dragons from a very young age. However, she had to wait until for a special ceremony to be able to officially train her very own dragon of her choice when she was 6 years old. The night before the ceremony however, her village was ambushed by dragon hunters with armored dragons. Unfortunately, the attack wiped out her entire village and almost all of their dragons, fully grown and yet to be hatched, and she was left without a home and a family. Devastated, she left what was left of her old home--which was now almost unrecognizable. Before she could leave however, she found the only surviving dragons of the attack: A newly hatched baby male Skrill and a newly hatched baby male Whispering Death. She took these two dragons alongside her and made shelter in a large cave far from the village but on the same island. As with all dragons (at least from what I've seen in the shows), the Skrill and Whispering Death both matured to adulthood in a matter of months. She attempted to release them both, feeling that wasn't ready to train a dragon yet despite the efforts she put in to care for them. However, these dragons didn't leave and even followed her when she attempted to evade them by hiding. Upon seeing they wouldn't leave, she trained them and they've remained by her side ever since. She named her Skrill Raiun and her Whispering Death Aventurine, after her favorite stone (or mineral, I can't remember). After nearly 2 years of hiding from dragon hunters, she finally took a stand with her dragons and retaliated against them. By this point, Raiun and Aventurine were both Titan-Wing dragons so the battle was made somewhat easier. She managed to drive the hunters away from her native island for good after about a month of disrupting their operations and taking out hunters one by one. Despite the hunters no longer being a threat on her home island, the Freedom Flyer still left the place with her dragons as she wanted to move on from the damage the hunters have caused. After months of hopping from island to island, the Freedom Flyer and her dragons found a permanent residence on an island primarily filled with Stormcutters of all kinds. After finding a comfortable home, she continued to fight dragon hunters and dragons left and right. Many of the dragons she has rescued are dragons she has trained, including a Titan-Wing Thunderdrum and a Sweet Death. In the long run, she did find Berk (as well as the School of Dragons) and was fascinated by how well Berkians and many other Vikings bonded with dragons of all shapes and sizes. She was most amazed by Hiccup's dragon training skills and could barely comprehend the fact that he was able to train and ride a Night Fury. However, her view on him almost completely changed when she found out the main reason he was able to even get close to Toothless was because he shot him out of the air and crippled him. While she has respect for the chief of Berk, she has trouble getting over what he did to Toothless and usually tries to steer away from him. Despite this, she has aided Berk on many ocassions.

Extras?: The Freedom Flyer is an incredibly formidable opponent and rarely loses her battles. However, she doesn't walk away from all of them without damage. She has scars on her face, arms, and leg from previous dragon hunter encounters and is partially blind (about 35% of her vision is gone in her left eye) because of said battles. She tends to keep her scars hidden under dragon-based masks and a flight suit she has designed, which enables her to take true flight like a dragon.


Personality: The Freedom Flyer is a sweet and caring person but usually acts somewhat emotionless on the surface. She can even be quite blunt or rude but she usually doesn't have the intent of insulting or harming someone unless it's a dragon hunter. She is extremely passionate about dragons and her knowledge on many of the species exceeds what is listed in the Book of Dragons and the Dragon Manual. She can become very aggressive when it comes to defending things she's passionate about and is overall more "feral" compared to most people due to how much time she's spent alone with dragons. She prefers to be with dragons over people but she tries her best to welcome dragon lovers with open arms.


Dragons (images will more than likely be posted on a seperate forum post since this signature is already extremely long)

Raiun the Male Titan-Wing Skrill

Raiun is very docile compared to other Skrills (wild ones at least) but can quickly become just as, if not more aggressive than other Skrills if he sees his [own] or his rider's safety getting threatened. He cares deeply for the Freedom Flyer and helps all rescued dragons feel safe and welcome. Because of this, he is one of the dragons the Freedom Flyer brings along to help calm distressed dragons during rescues. He considers Aventurine as family and often plays with him.


Aventurine the Male Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Aventurine is playful and, unlike other Whispering Deaths, can actually be on the surface during sunlight. He is generally kind but can get territorial. He is also protective of the Freedom Flyer and is quick to attack whatever he deems threatening, making him a bit hard to handle when he's near aggressive injured or trapped dragons. However, he has a soft side and likes cuddling up against the Freedom Flyer (even though he's way too big to do so) in times of fear. Aventurine recognizes Raiun as a family member and can often be found playing with him.


Bittersweet the Male Sweet Death

Bittersweet is very kind and is one of the dragons the Freedom Flyer brings along with her to help calm distressed dragons. Prior to being rescued, he lost his vision to a tree snare set up by a dragon hunter. Despite this, his heart is very big and he enjoys hugs. He is shy so he typically refrains from confronting new dragons and humans outside of rescues. The Freedom Flyer has a tender spot for Bittersweet and sometimes treats him as a child of her own.


Heartkeep the Male Death Song

Heartkeep was found in the events of "Call of the Death Song", sitting alone in the nest his parent left behind on Sven's Farm. Despite being a Death Song, a singing dragon species, Heartkeep seems incapable of producing luring melodies (though he can still roar). To compensate for his lack of song, his amber shots are much more powerful than regular Death Songs. In fact, once the amber solidifies, it's nearly impenetrable! It took the heat and strength of Stormfly, Meatlug, Hookfang, Toothless, Barf and Belch, and Aventurine to free Herald Forkbeard! The Freedom Flyer is attempting to figure out a solution that will melt or weaken the substance in the event Heartkeep accidentally traps an innocent dragon or Viking. Heartkeep is a sweet dragon and likes to eat eels and chicken eggs over other dragons or Vikings.


Spectacle the Male Stormcutter

Alias: Spectrum

Spectacle is incredibly playful. . .and small! His size in the game (which for average Stormcutters, is much smaller than it should be) is his actual size compared to Cloudjumper. He is currently the smallest Stormcutter the Freedom Flyer has seen so far. He is very naive, curious, and loves exploring. Similar to Bittersweet, the Freedom Flyer sometimes treats Spectacle as her own child. Spectacle is always brought along to help distressed dragons and is also brought into battle with Raiun and Aventurine. Spectacle doesn't like being alone and becomes very sad (to the point to whimpering and whining most of the time) when he can't be near or follow the Freedom Flyer.


Screecher the Male Titan-Wing Thunderdrum

Screecher was already a Titan-Wing when he was trained but was a standard Thunderdrum when he was initially encountered and rescued. He acts as a fatherly figure for the Freedom Flyer's dragons and helps keep the younger dragons in line. Like all of her dragons, Screecher is protective of the Freedom Flyer. He is generally calm but can get into defense mode easily and quickly; an accidental dragon blast or an arrow that lands to close will get him rallied up and ready to fight in a heartbeat. He is always seen in battle with the Freedom Flyer, along with Raiun, Spectacle, and Aventurine. Screecher is the Freedom Flyer's second oldest dragon (in terms of the actual age of the dragon).


Slicer the Male Razorwhip

Slicer was found during the events of "Call of the Death Song" on a ship that was being attacked by giant eels. He is mainly influenced by Spectacle because Spectacle was there when he hatched from his egg while Screecher went to get food. Despite this, he is nowhere as naive and doesn't play around as often. He typically guards the Freedom Flyer's home and can be seen pacing back and forth around the entrance.


Fatal the Male Titan-Wing Deadly Nadder

Fatal isn't as vain as other Deadly Nadders are but he is stubborn. It's near impossible to make him stop doing something he's really into, whether it's a good thing or not. He is also rather lazy compared to the Freedom Flyer's other dragons; even her Gronckle is more active at times! However, he does care for his rider and will quickly spring into action to protect her.


Amethyst the Male Shockjaw

Amethyst was one of the first dragons the Freedom Flyer ever rescued. He is generally docile and playful but is very sensitive about dragon hunters, so much so that even talking about them in his presence will making him on edge. Seeing dragon hunters makes him almost uncontrollably angry, which makes it difficult to manuever him in battle. He bonds with most dragons with little struggle.


Wonderous the Male Shockjaw

Wonderous is very similar to Amethyst, aside from a few things like his appearance and how he was obtained. Similar to Spectacle, he likes exploring and is very curious. He often has trouble sitting still.


Regal the Fireworm King

Regal is the largest male Firework the Freedom Flyer has seen so she often calls him a Fireworm King. He doesn't think too highly of himself, though he can be seen walking with his chest out from time to time. He is often brought along on late night aventures.


Detector the Male Armorwing

Detector was found during the events of "Battle for the Edge". He loves to help with matters that aren't dragon related, such as building shelters or making weapons. While he isn't very fast, he puts up a great fight. Despite this, the Freedom Flyer tries to limit how many battles he goes into because he is still recovering from the physical abuse he endured from the dragon hunters.


Rock Spitter the Male Titan-Wing Gronckle

Rock Spitter is energetic compared to most Gronckles. He also has quite the appetite! His favorite rocks include obsidian and limestone. He is one of the Freedom Flyer's battle dragons is a tough dragon to beat. With his immunity to dragon root, dragon hunters struggle shooting him down. He has a friendly rivalry with Fatal.


Spark and Flare the Male Hideous Zippleback

Spark and Flare try to stay out of trouble but they can't help but pull a prank every once in a while on the other dragons. He (or they?) tend to steer clear of the older dragons like Screecher and Borealis, though they have pulled one or two pranks off on them (and regreted it). They are extremely loyal to the Freedom Flyer and bring her fish, though Spark tends to get mad at Flare for trying to look better by gathering more fish than him.


Boiler the Male Scauldron

Unlike other Scauldrons, Boiler seems to be able to stay on land for extended periods of time without having to go into the water. He helps Screecher gather food for the Freedom Flyer and the dragons.


Twister the Male Singetail

Twister was obtained during "Return to Dragon Island". He tries actively to bond with other dragons and shows them his distress signal in the event of an emergency. The problem is most dragons confuse his "regular" fire for his distress call and come rushing to his aid, only to find out he's fine. As a result, he is ignored by many dragons in his home. He is brought along when the conditions make it too difficult to see but it is [relatively] safe to fly in.


Frostbitten the Male Groncicle

Frostbitten was obtained during the "Icestorm Island" quests. He grew fond of the Freedom Flyer the moment he met her as a baby. This fondess only increased the more she visited him and the more she aided him. He helps Screecher keep the dragons in line, though he is also lazy like Fatal.


Borealis the Male Titan-Wing Stormcutter

Borealis is a relatively new member of the Freedom Flyer's dragon family but he is the oldest amongst all of her dragons. He is generally serious and appears grumpy or intimidating but deep down he is a bit of a softy. He holds the Alpha position among[st] the Freedom Flyer's dragons. As such, he aims to protect the dragons in battle. He is large for a Titan-Wing Stormcutter, though he isn't the biggest one the Freedom Flyer is aware of. Borealis has a special spot for Spectacle and brings the small Stormcutter flowers and fish from time to time. He initially thought Spectacle was a female but found out the truth hours later. Currently, he is hiding his feelings. Little does he know Spectacle is beginning to catch on them. . .


And Now for Some Papa Appreciation!

Papa's Sweet Moments

Probably my most favorite screenshot that I ever took of Papa. <3 (Baby Stormcutter brought to you by Timmintha)

The cursor's a bit of an eyesore but I fell in love with the screenshot so I couldnt resist. There could be an update to this though! (Featured: Timmintha and Wolffang the Flightmare)