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So I'm writing a Fan-Fiction with some friends of mine and I decided to post it on here. Please tell me what you think. This is my first Fan-Fic and I'll try to finish it.


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Stormy on the Edge: Prolouge

A gust of wind blew open the cabin door. And a fourteen year old girl ran to shut it before it woke her mother. As the girl walked back to her mother she thought about the past two weeks. First her mother had been seasick sense they set sail to Berk. And the reason they were going to Berk was unknown but she knew it had something to do with her father being the chief Stoick’s wife Valka’s brother. She had never been to Berk but both of her parents were from Berk and she had a cousin in Berk to. And all her mother would say that the reason they had moved was that her father and Stoick had a disagreement fifteen years ago. Her mother would not tell her the name of her cousin nor what caused the disagreement all she would say.
“When we get to Berk all well be cleared, Dear”. Just then her father bursted in and said.
“Daughter, quick grab the life buckets and strap them on your mother and yourself.”
As the girl did as she was told her father continued talking
“The rudder on the ship is gone, and the sails are ripped to. The ship… The ship is out of control! When your done go to the rowboat. We must… We must abandon ship.” The girl stopped cold! She had known that the storm was bad but not like this. But when she was done she did what she was told and went to boat. But was much worse by then. So she had to fight hard against the storm to get to the boat. But as she got into the boat part of the mast swinged around and knocked her on the head and knocked her unconscious.

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Stormy on the Edge: Island's and Dragons

The girl awoke on a sandy beach. She look up and saw she had half of a rowboat on top of her. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in part of chest that down to left side she looked at it a saw that she was bleeding. So she ripped part of her tunic and bandaged it the best she could. Then she tried to remember: Who was she? Where was she going? And where was she? After a little bit she remembered: She was Stormy Rougin and she was going to sailing to Berk with her parents. But she did not know where she was. After a little while Stormy decided to go exploring for fresh water and food. But after a couple of feet her wound started to hurt so bad that she had to set down. As her set she looked around she saw some strawberry bushes she had found her food. All she had to find now was water. So she started to walk again stopping every couple of feet. As Stormy was about stop for the fourth time she heard a roar. Stormy tried to run but her foot hit a rock and she fell and was knocked unconscious.

When Stormy awoke she in the middle a cave with a soft sandy floor and a fire near her. She was laying on a large bed of leaves and branches. “How did I get here?” Stormy asked herself. As she tried to set up she saw a fish next to her. It reminded her that her had not eaten in a long time. As she ate the fish she looked at she wound. But what she saw was not what she expected. The piece of her tunic that she had bandaged it was gone! Insted it had been cleaned and some sort of green slim had been put on it. After Stormy had finished eating she decided to go back to sleep.

Stormy awoke with a start. She thought she heard boars and a dragon roaring outside the cave. Then she heard the noises again and they were outside the cave and they were boars and a dragon. But also there was a new noise to. They sounded like clicks or snaps. Then all was quiet. Then Stormy heard footsteps coming into the cave. So she tried to run to the back of the cave but she started to fall just as a Dragon walked in. The Dragon saw the girl falling and ran to catch her and laid her back down on the bed. Stormy did not know what to do. She had all ways taught that with dragons it was “Kill or be Killed”. But is Dragon had saved her life, had protected her, and had probably had been taking care of her. Could all they know about dragons fales? Stormy thought for a moment and decided to test the Dragon. First she started to mon and groan as if she was hungry. The Dragon got up from where it was lying and walked over to a small pile of fish then grabbed one and roasted it then put it on the leaf and went to lay back down. She was going to eat the fish but when she started to set up her wound started to rip open again! She cried in pain and dropped back on the bed. When the Dragon saw this it ran out the cave then back in caring leaves in its mouth. The Dragon dropped the leaves on the fish then started to lick the wound clean. The it chewed up all the leaves and put them on the wound.Then the Dragon looked at Stormy then went to lay back down. Soon Stormy able to set up a little a eat. An as Stormy ate she looked a the Dragons colors. It’s main colors where copper red with white details. It was a beautiful dragon and by the looks of it was a female. When she was done eating she started to talk to her.
“Hello Dragon, thank you for the fish. And for treating my wound.” She said sweetly. The Dragon seemed to like her voice because she was moving closer. “You are a pretty girl you know, I think you need a name becauses a can’t call you Dragon. How bout Red or Rose?” The Dragon seemed to not like both of the names for she shook her head in disagreement
“Hmmmm… How bout… How bout Stryka?” The Dragon seemed to like that name for she was almost touched her. Stormy reached out her hand but Stryka stepped back. Stormy thought for a moment then she reached out her hand then lowered her head and closed her eyes. After a moment Stormy felt something she slowly lifted her head. It was Stryka! The Girl and Dragon looked at each other for a moment. Then Stryka went and laid down next to Stormy and put her wings over Stormy. Stormy got so warm and cosy that she fell asleep.

The next morning when Stryka woke up she and looked at Stormy nuzzled her closer. But when Stormy awoke she started to freak out for a moment then she remembered last night and calmed down. The she saw that Stryka was awake to so she told her.
“Good morning Stryka.” Stryka looked at Stormy then leked her then got up and got a fish and roasted it then gave it to Stormy. Stormy tried to set up and eat but she was in to much pain. Stryka ran outside for some leaves then ran back to Stormy. Then she cleaned the wound and put on the slim on it. After Stormy felt better then sat up to eat then she laid back down. And this went on for a few day. But Stryka was getting worried, Stormy should have been getting better but she seemed to be getting worse. Stryka knew what she had to do of but Stormy had to be a sleep first. So she laid next to her to help her fall asleep. After a bit when Stormy was asleep Stryka lit a fire then roasted a couple of fish. The she blocked the entrance with large trees and borders so boars could not attack her. With one final look at Stryka she took to the sky. After about two hours of flying Stryka spotted the island of man and dragons. Stryka souped into a dive heading towards the third tallest hut.

When Stormy awoke she was in a bed in a hut and Stryka was nowhere to be seen. And there were six vikings surrounding her.
“Stryka!, Stryka!.” Stormy hollered.
“Poor thing, Hiccup she must be calling that Triple Stryka that's in the stables. Should we let her out?”
“Yes Heather, I think we should it might calm her down to.” Hiccup answered. “Snotlout, Ruf, Tuff, go let the Triple Stryke out and bring her here. And be careful.”
As Snotlout and the Twins left Stormy sat up and asked angrily.
“What have you done with Stryka?”
“Hush it’s okay they are going to get her. Now what is your name?” Hiccup asked comely.
“Stormy. My name is Stormy Rougin and I’m not saying nothing else tell you bring me STRYKA!!” Stormy answered harshly.
“Well Stormy Rougin, I’m Hiccup, and that is Heather and Fishlegs. And Astrid went to Berk to get Gothi for your wound.”
“Berk… Did you say Berk?” Stormy asked.
“Yes. Why?” Hiccup Answered.
“Nothing.” Stormy Answered rudely.
Just then Snotlout and the Twins walked in all leading Stryka with ropes.
“Stryka!” Stormy called excitedly.
Stryka seeing Stormy ripped the ropes out of Snotlout and the Twins hands then runs to Stormy.
“Oh Stryka I missed you!” Stormy said to Straka as she stroked her.
Just then Stormy felt a sharp pain in her side. “Ahh….” Stormy fell back on the bed.
Fishlegs look at the wound and said “Hiccup I think she reopened her wound.”
“Then let’s hope Astrid gets here with Gothi here soon.” After that Stormy pastout.

When Stormy awoke she saw a little old lady resting on the floor and Stryka asleep outside in the morning sun. Stormy tried to get out of the bed but the old lady stopped her and made her lay back down.
“Why do I have to lay down?” Stormy asked sweetly remembering her manners. The old lady said nothing but steal moistened her to lay down. So Stormy stayed down and remembered what her mother said “When we get to Berk all well be cleared, Dear” And Hiccup what had said “...Astrid went to Berk to get Gothi…” Berk… Stormy had to go to Berk to find her family. Then Stormy saw Stryka get up and then bow as Hiccup walked in with Toothless.
“Gothi how is are mystery girl?” Gothi scribbled something on a patch of dirt.
“Mmmh… Thank you Gothi, you can give Fishleg the instructions for treating it.” Gothi scribbled some more.
“Yes Gothi. Toothless and I will watch her for now.”Gothi scribbled again then left.
Then Stormy asked rudely. "Where am I? And how did I get here?”
“You are at Dragons Edge and your dragon came to us and led us to you” Hiccup answered comely.
“Her name is Stryka” Stormy said harshly.
“Then Stryka came here and led us to you.” Hiccup corrected himself comly. Stormy looked at Stryka and motioned her to come.
As Stryka came Hiccup ask.
“How did you find Stryka?."
“What did you mean by Train?" Stormy ask curiously.
“You don't know do you?..."Hiccup answered.
“Know what? Stormy asked getting more Curious. Stormy was beginning to like Hiccup but she still didn't trust him yet.
“You have trained a Triple Stryke Stormy." Hiccup answer.
“What’s a Triple Stryke? And why do you keep saying train?" Stormy asked.
Hiccup answered saying.
“Stryka is a Triple Stryke. As for training we'll talk about that when you well."
“How long will that be?" Stormy asked.
“Two to three week actually miss." Answered Fishlegs as he walk in with Meatlug.
“Two to Three Weeks!!" Stormy hollered. “You mean to tell me that I'll be in this bed for Two to Three WEEKS!!"
“No actually you should be able to get up a walk around in a week" Fishlegs corrected her. Then Stormy asked Hiccup.
“Hiccup how exactly did Stryka you guys to me?"
“Well... Two nights ago Stryka came here to the Edge and just started roaring. And she did nothing but roar until she saw Toothless here then she bowed to him the she seemed to have a talk with him. Then she acted like she wanted us to follow so Astrid and I followed her and found you."
So Stormy stayed in the bed for a week. After she was able to walk around she asked Hiccup if there was a job that she could do. And Hiccup said that she could clean the Stables and fed the Dragons.

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My in-game character and dragons, (Edits were done by me), (dragons in order of when I got them, oldest first).

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Stormy on the Edge: Prisoner on the Edge

Stormy was on her way to the stables when she heard Snotlout holler in the stables. Stormy ran fast to see what was wrong.
“Snotlout, What's wrong now?" Stormy said angrily.
“That girl!" Snotlout said running out of the stables. Stormy looked in the stall and saw a girl about her age.
“Who are you" Stormy asked.
The girl looked at her and said “I could ask you the same question."
“Hey, I asked first!" Stormy answered her getting a little mad. Stryka hearing the tone of her rider’s voice got up from where she was laying and went to her. A Sand Wraith in the stall seeing the Triple Stryke started to growl and shoot at her. Stryka did not like being shot at. But as she was about to shoot Stormy called her off.
“Stryka down, it's okay.” Stryka backed down but she uncured her tail.
“Now who are you?” Stormy reasked.
“I find it is rude to ask for someone's name before introduce yourself.” The girl said with a grin. Stormy infuriated by the girl's reply stormed out telling Stryka.
“Stryka Watch don't Kill” After Stormy got to Hiccup’s Hut Stormy hollered. “Hiccup Where are you?”
“What? What is it Stormy?” Hiccup asked concernedly coming from the loft in his Hut.
“Who is that muttonhead in the stables?” Stormy replied angrily.
“Oh… Her, well we don't really know. Wait is she alone?” Hiccup answered.
“No I left her with Stryka. Why?” Stormy answered a little confused.
“Good, come on let's go take a look at that Sand Wraith.” Hiccup said as he started to walk out of the Hut with Toothless following him. “Stormy, you coming?” Hiccup asked.
“Yeah, sure.” Stormy answered as she started to catch up. When they got to the stables they saw Stryka glaring at the girl and Sand Wraith.
“Stryka here.” Stormy called her “Stryka, go get Astrid's axe.” Then Stormy put Stryka and Toothless out of the stables. Then she saw Hiccup trying to train the Sand Wraith but instead it tried to take his hand off.
“Clearly he still dislike everyone, I thought Snotlout was just kidding about how this dragon tries to barbecue him alive.” Hiccup said, Then Stormy started to laughed,
“So what if he did kill Snotlout, he'd be doing us a favor.” Stormy answered as Hiccup walked over to the girls stall. Stormy however went to the stables doors to get the axe from Stryka.
“So, how long until you try and kill me?” The girl asked glaring at Stormy.
“We’re not going to kill you!” Hiccup told the girl loudly.
“Are you sure, what about her?” The girl pointed to Stormy. Stormy had got an axe from Stryka and was walking towards the girl in the stall.
“What-Stormy! Where did you get that! Nevermind just give it to me.” He held out his hands, but Stormy did nothing so he added forcefully, “NOW STORMY!” Then she reluctantly handed him the axe. Just then Astrid walked in looking furious.
“HICCUP! YOU TOOK MY AXE?” Astrid shouted.
“ASTRID! I DID NOT TAKE YOUR AXE!” He shouted back.
“THEN,” she took a deep breath, “who did, and why are you holding it?”
“I took it, because I don’t have an axe, I was just borrowing it. And I was going to give it back” Stormy said looking at her feet.
“Next time ask.” Astrid said through gritted teeth, then she grabbed the axe and stomped out of the stables.
“So, when is she going to kill me?” The girl asked coolly looking at Stormy.
“She won't, I promise.” He said glaring at Stormy.
“What?” Stormy asked, “so what if I do want to kill her?”
“I need to go make sure Astrid doesn’t kill the next person who talks to her, Stormy, do NOT attack her while you're standing guard, as soon as Snotlout comes out of hiding, he’ll come to take over, if he doesn’t start crying, or faint. You get what I’m trying to say, do NOT hurt her!” Then Hiccup ran out of the stables to go find Astrid.
“HICCUP!” Stormy yelled after him but she knew he wasn’t coming back anytime soon.
“So, Stormy…” The girl started, Stormy glared at her. But the girl continued. “... I sorta want to practice my healing, but I’m gonna need some supplies.” Stormy was not listening instead she was watching Stryka curl up next to her. But the girl continued speaking, “I need flightmare algae, blood leaves, a lot of fresh water, clean rags, yarrow, bandages, and I will be requesting more things by the end of the night, so why don’t you just let me out and I can find these things, or you can get everything I want and we can get on with getting to know each other! Or if you do nothing then I will simply pester you until you give me what I want, and what I want is flightmare algae, blood leaves, a lot of fresh water, clean rags, yarrow, and bandages at the moment! So can you get me those things or listen to me talk non-stop! Whichever you prefer, make me quiet or make me talk constantly!” The girl finished smiling.
“What is wrong with you? I’m not getting anything for you!” Stormy yelled at her.
“We’ll I guess I’ll just have to talk constantly…” The girl continued talking for the next thirty minutes about mindless things. Stormy was becoming irritated.
“PLEASE! STOP TALKING! I will get you the things you want, except blood leaves because I have no clue where to find them or if they even exist, just STOP TALKING!” Stormy said, desperation edged her voice.
“Yay!” The girl smiled. “So when will I get my required things?” She asked.
“AS SOON AS I CAN!” She yelled. At these words Stryka stood up and left the stables and flew away. “Stryka?” Stormy asked herself staring after her dragon.
“So…” The girl trailed off for a moment. “What do you want to do now?” She asked.
“Well, I guess I could ask you your name again.” Stormy replied still a little confused. There was a moment of silence between the two.
“And I guess I could tell you, but…” She paused for a moment, “I don’t want to.” She smiled.
“Why?” Stormy asked she was no longer angry now but curious.
“Why? An interesting question! Let me ask you something. Where did your dragon go?” The girl responded.
“Sometimes she takes off like that. One time Hiccup followed her, he said that she goes back to her island.” Stormy replied.
“Absolutely fascinating, now because I don’t necessarily care about your dragon or what she does, tell me about the dragon beside me, the sand wraith. What do you know about him?” The girl asked calmly looking at Stormy for a answer.
“I don't know anything about that DRAGON!” Stormy hollered a bit offended.
“Hey! No need to get your tunic in a bunch, I was just wondering what you could tell me about the dragon, he has an irregular scale color. Oh, and how’s the progress on me getting my things? You know, the yarrow, flightmare algae, water, bandages, clean rags, and blood leaves, which you have no intention of getting. Just so you know I sorta need those by like I don’t know, as soon as I possibly can. When can I get those?” The girl asked responding cooly to Stormy’s anger.
“All I heard was that Sand Wraith was from Dragon Fights…” Stormy replied looking more closely at the Sand Wraith. “And about the suppliese I'll get them if Snotlout ever comes back. Wait what's that on his shoulder?”
“It’s nothing to worry about! My ancestors have caused far worse than that! It’s gonna be gone by the end of the week, it’s nothing, I assure you! So when can I have my supplies? I sorta need them to study them, and figure out how to use them, after all, I do need to do something to keep myself occupied in here, other than torture Snotlout.” The girl started laughing at the end.
“Hmm, really…. Wait you like to torture Snotlout to? Stormy said as she started to laugh.
“Why do you think he’s hiding? Why do you think he cries himself to sleep? The answer is me! He thinks I can walk through walls!” The girl smiled.
“Really! Walk through walls! Snotlout is a mutton head. Plus I heard that he misses his mommy at night to….” Stormy replied trailing off at the last part.
“Yeah, that’s probably because he’s terrified of me.” The girl said with a smiled.
“Yeah, that's probably it.” Stormy answered the girl then gave her little smile.
Just then the sand wraith let out a roar and start flinging himself at the cage door. Then the girl landed beside Stormy. “What the-how did you get out?” Stormy asked confused.
“Nevermind that, I will go back in so that I can mess with Snotlout, but unless you want this furious dragon trying to barbecue you I would suggest you listen to me until this dragon calms down, and what I need you to do is get me flightmare algae and water. NOW!” Averia moved aside as the dragon fired at them. Stormy ran out of the stables to get the algae.
“Heather where are you?” Stormy called quitely.
“I'm over here Stormy.” Heather answered her.
“Heather, can I have some of that flightmare algae? Stormy asked.
“Sure Stormy, but why? Heather replied. But Stormy was long gone.
Then Stormy ran to her room in Astrid's hut and grabbed a bucket of water then raced back to the stables.
“At least he’s not trying to kill us now.” Stormy said, a little out of breath.
“Yeah, thanks for the algae.” The girl said before she took a sip of algae, her body started glowing. She poured some water into her mouth and swished it around before gently spraying the dragon with the water in her mouth, the the dragon froze as if he had been sprayed with the mist of a flightmare.
“What just happened?” Stormy asked, confused.
“Flightmare Algae combined with water equals being able to make an aggressive dragon freeze.” The girl said while she climbed into the dragon’s cage. Stormy watched as the girl forced the dragon to lay down by moving his limbs while he was frozen to the point that he looked like he was peacefully sleeping. The girl climbed back out and turned to Stormy. “I could use those other supplies as soon as possible, he opened his injury, it’s a bit worse than I first said, but don’t tell anyone that he’s hurt, I can heal him better than any other human, even better than the Defenders of the Wings, so don’t tell anyone! Do you understand me?” The girl said the last bit in a threatening tone, the glow had faded away.
“I won’t tell anyone if you tell me your name.” Stormy said in a sweet voice with a grin.
“Fine, but don’t tell anyone my name either! Nothing about the dragon or me, understand?” The girl asked, her eyes narrowed her voice serious.
Stormy gave the girl a hard stare and said, “I won’t tell no one.” They shook hands.
“My name is Averia Thern. My ancestors were dragon slave owners, though my people no longer practice these methods, I know how to perform them all. I try to only use the non-harmful methods, though sometimes I have to use the torture methods to escape. The dragon-slaves would get into fights to get out of work, they would injure themselves and be nursed back to full health and then be put back to work, I know all the methods of healing, torture, calming, and containing dragons of any breed, even night furys. The majority of dragons are afraid of me and my people, there are only a few dragons that don’t flee from me. I have never hurt a dragon on my own free will. I do not intend to hurt or attack anyone on this base. So I do not understand why I am being locked up. I know how to deal with dragons and people. Both of my parents were killed by dragons. My father was eaten years ago, and my mother, along with my stepfather and chief, were fed to speed stingers by a dragon hunter. My brother betrayed me by doing nothing when dragon hunters took me captive, and I know nothing of how my village is being run. I don’t think he did it of his own accord but I think he was forced somehow but that is pretty much everything that has happened to me my entire life.” Averia finished her story with a sigh. She climbed back into her cell and sat against the wall. “I haven’t had very many happy memories since my dad passed.” She added and then rested her head on her knees and sat in silence. Stormy felt sorry for Averia so she sat down and started to tell her about herself.
“Well I guess I better tell you my story to. Well my parents were from Berk but they had to move for some reason and I still don't understand why. They always spoke so fondly of there. So I grew up on a little island called Kerka. But about six weeks ago they decided to go back. But we were shipwrecked… I'm the only one who survived.” Stormy looked at her feet then started to talk again.
“I was shipwrecked on Stryka's island and she found me and tried to nurse me back to health but I guess didn't work because I ended up here.” Stormy finished.
“Wow.” Averia said, that were watching the now sleeping Sand Wraith. The girls were silent for a moment. Then Averia said, “I’m sorry you lost your parents.” Her voice was quiet and barely audible. Then a strange sound came from the sand wraith.
“What was that?” Stormy asked, standing up and walking towards the Sand Wraith.
“I’m not sure, but I do know it has something to do with his wound.” Averia climbed up the shared wall and jumped down into the sand wraith’s pen. She walked over to the dragon and bent to examine his injury. “Oh no.” Stormy heard Averia mutter.
Stormy asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?”
“He’s sick, his wound was infected and it spread to the rest of his body, forget the blood leaves, you can’t get them without your dragon. Stormy, I'm assuming you don’t want this dragon to die, I need you to get everything I need, and what I need is yarrow, bandages, and clean rags, now!” Averia told her, panic edging her voice. Stormy nodded and with a worried look at the Sand Wraith she ran back out of the stables. She ran to Fishleg's Hut knowing that he had everything Averia needed. First grabbed the bandages and rags form a box then the yarrow from under the bed throwing everything in a bag she ran back to the stables.
“Here, I think I got everything.” Stormy reported, handing Averia the bag. “Stryka there you are!” Stormy said as she hugged her dragon.
“Thanks Stormy, this should help fight off the infection, but I have to continually apply it, and I can’t do that with the others, they’ll think I’m trying to escape or something.” Averia spoke while she worked. Stormy told Stryka to lay down then she rested on her as she watched Averia help the Sand Wraith. First Averia used the rags dipped in water to clean out the wound, which was rimmed with a green puss. She used her fingers to “chew” up a blood leaf and yarrow, she mixed the blood red paste in her hands. She applied it to the injury. She then wrapped the injury the best she could.
“That should do for now, though I’ll have to check it every hour, and replace it every two.” She gathered all of her supplies and hid them under a blanket, minus the water. She dribbled some into the Sand Wraiths mouth and watched as he weakly swallowed the water. “He’s not doing well.” Averia spoke with worry in her voice. “But only time can tell.”
“He also needs food. He would probably like most fish. Could you go get some, or maybe send Stryka?” Averia asked.
“Sure, Stryka, go bring us lots of fish” Stormy told Stryka, who obeyed immediately.
“Thanks.” Averia told her.
“No problem! I’ll do anything I can to help, but to a point.” Stormy added the last bit quickly.
“Stormy! Are you there?” It was Snotlout calling from outside the stables. “Hiccup said I had to come and take over guarding her.”
“It’s fine!” Stormy called back. “I’ll just trade off later!”
“Okay! I have to go now!” And then the voice of Snotlout was gone.
“Thanks Stormy!” Averia spoke softly, trying to let the dragon sleep until Stryka brought back food.
“Stormy?” Hiccup called.
“Stormy! He of all the people CANNOT know about this dragon! Please get rid of him!” Averia begged Stormy.
“I'll try.” Stormy said to her. “But you might want to get back in your stall.” Stormy added as she ran out to Hiccup.
“Hi, Hiccup what's up?” Stormy asked him.
“I was just checking up on you. Snotlout said you didn't want him to watch the girl… Wait you didn't kill her did you?” Hiccup asked her.
“No! I didn't Kill Her!” Stormy told him.
“Then why didn't you change guard with Snotlout?” Hiccup asked.
“I thought I was a better guard than him.” Stormy told him halfway telling the truth.
“Okay Stormy if you’re sure. I'll have someone bring you some food. Also, are you sure you didn’t kill her? She has never been this quiet!” Hiccup asked her
“Hiccup I didn't Kill Her. I just talked to her and that shut her up. About the food Stryka is getting me some.” Stormy replied.
“Okay, someone will come in the morning to takeover.” Hiccup walked away.
Stormy walked back to the dragon’s cell. “Thank you so much, Stormy!” Averia said.
“Let’s just hope you can save this dragon.” Stormy said, crouching down to get a better look at the dragon. “He has a lot of scars.” She commented.
“Indeed he does. At one point he fought a night fury.” Averia replied, dribbling more water into the dragon’s mouth.
“How do you know that?” Stormy asked in surprised.
Averia pointed to a scar on his tail. “He was bitten by a young nightfury, judging by the size of the bite. I think that’s the first dragon he killed.” She spoke as though this was the simplest thing in a world.
“How do you know that?” Stormy asked.
“If you know dragons well enough, you can tell what their true intentions are, and if they carry guilt. This dragon was kind and playful, until he was captured, then he did what he had to. That eventually led to him killing his first dragon, and that was the nightfury that left his first scar.” Averia spoke in a calm, cool voice, Stormy asked Averia how she knew that but Averia added, “you can tell how old a scar is by feeling it, the older a scar, the more it feels like the dragon’s scales.” She smiled as she stroked the dragon.
“How are you petting him without getting your hand bit off? Hiccup can’t even do that!” Stormy asked.
“I have my ways…” Averia said suspiciously. “And before you ask, I’m not telling...yet.” Averia smiled at Stormy, then the Sand Wraith let out a groan and Averia returned her attention to the dragon.
Stryka returned with a mouthful of fish, Stormy pulled out two fish for Averia and herself, while Averia divided the fish for the dragons. Half was fed to Stryka, the other half Averia tried to get the sand wraith eat.
“Why won’t you eat? This is seafood! Aren’t you a tidal class dragon?” Averia asked the sand wraith, he just pushed the fish away weakly. Suddenly there was a sound outside the stable.
“Feeding time!” Stormy whispered, “I can’t stop them from feeding the dragons!”
“Go delay them while I hide all of this!” Averia said, trying to shove the dragon so his injured shoulder was towards the wall. The dragon attempted to help out and tried to stand and walk a bit, but he just flopped down and grunted every time.
“Hiccup? What are you doing? I told you I was fine?” Stormy asked.
“Feeding the dragons, like every evening, someone does come and feed the dragons.” Hiccup responded.
“Really? What do they all eat? I mean, I know that dragons eat fish and meat, and rocks, but what does each dragon eat, down to the species of things?” Stormy glanced, walking out of the stables and closing the door behind her.
A weak roar sounded from inside the stables, two more times they heard the weak, feeble roar before they really noticed.
“What is going on in there?”Hiccup said.
“Nothing!” Stormy replied loudly. But Hiccup opened the stable doors and walked in while Stormy closely following behind him. Averia stuck her head out of her cell to watch as they drew near.
“Well, I see that someone has at last come to let me out! So, when will you let me out?” Averia said with a smile after the Sand Wraith let out another roar.
“What’s wrong with him? He was fine earlier.” Hiccup asked. The Sand Wraith turned his head towards Hiccup.
“Do you really need to ask?” Stormy asked, pointing at Averia. “She talked constantly for half an hour, I think that drove the dragon to insanity!”
“I would watch out if I were you!” Averia practically sang the words. Stormy backed away from the sand wraith towards Averia. The dragon fired at Hiccup who jumped back just before it hit him. “I told you, but did you listen, NOPE, as normal! No one listens to the smart person who they insist upon keeping locked up even though she has no where better to go! And also she can get out anytime she wants, just ask Snotlout.” Averia smiled. The Sand Wraith fired at Hiccup again. Toothless came in. The Sand Wraith stood and limped around to fire at the nightfury.
“If you let me out, I bet I could calm him down!” Averia spoke in a happy tone. As the sand wraith fired at Toothless again.
“I would listen to her.” Stormy told him sternly.
“Why?” Hiccup asked, dodging as the dragon fired at him again. “Fine, let her out Stormy.” He said these words as Toothless jumped to avoid the dragon’s attack.
“No need!” Averied smiled from directly behind Stormy.
“What the!” Stormy jumped forward and turned around. “I’m starting to understand why Snotlout’s afraid of you.” Stormy whispered to her.
“Why thank you!” Averia whistled and held out her hand. And a little purple object landed on the outstretched palm. She placed the little object on the lock and then opened the door once the object had unlocked it, the little thing climbed onto her head. Averia closed the door behind her. She seemed to touch a spot on the back of his neck and he collapsed. Then Averia shoved him back into the corner, with his injured shoulder was facing away from Hiccup. Then she walked out of the cell and closed the door, locking it, then turning to face Hiccup and Stormy.
“What’s for dinner?” Averia asked.
“Did you kill the dragon?” Hiccup asked.
“Of course not! Don’t be an idiot! He’s just...asleep for about a minute. We should probably leave, oh, and you may want to keep your dragon away from him, he doesn’t like night furies much.” Averia explained walking over to Toothless. She scratched him on the head then turned to Stormy and Hiccup. “Well, do you want to be barbecued or not?” She asked, her tone half serious half sad. “You might want to keep him alone in here for a few days, something tells me he doesn’t want other dragons or people around. Stormy and I can look after him.”
“Who said you are free to wander the Edge?” Hiccup asked.
“You did Hiccup, you said, ‘fine, let her out Stormy.’ So that now means that I am free to wander, what did you call this place, ah, the Edge.” Averia explained with a smile.
“She does have a point, you did tell me to let her out.” Stormy offered
“I thought you wanted to kill her!” Hiccup said bewildered.
“Well we know she can get out whenever, so why not have her be stuck with a rider out of a cage, but well, being guarded.” Stormy suggested, as she started to pet Stryka.
“We’ll see what the other rider’s think.” Hiccup said, “follow me.” He led the two girls to the clubhouse where the rest of the riders were just sitting down to dinner. Snotlout saw Averia tried to run away but he ran into a wall and knocked himself out, everyone suppressed laughter. They all fell silent when they noticed Stormy, Hiccup, and Averia.
“Hey, I thought you said she had to stay locked up?” Tuffnut asked Hiccup.Tuffnut put his face really close to Averia’s.
“I was, until the sand wraith decided that it was time to barbecue Hiccup here, and apparently he doesn’t know how to handle dragons in a rage.” Averia spoke calmly while gently pushing Tuffnut away from her.
“Wait, I know you!” Tuffnut asked.
“Indeed you do Tuffnut Thorston, if you tell anyone my name, I will have your skull.” Averia’s smile vanished for a second. Stormy leaned up against Stryka eager to see how this would turn out.
“Of course I will not tell one soul of your name, for I know you by the name of At.” Tuffnut said in a dramatic tone.
“Indeed you do, Mr. Nut, hello there Ms. Nut. Who are all of your friends here?” Averia asked once again smiled again.
“Okay. There’s Fishlegs, who that one over there, and then Astrid, don’t steal anything from her are she will send you to Valhalla, and then you already know Hiccup, and Stormy, the one that is laying on the floor is Snotlout, and that person there is Heather.” Tuffnut said, pointing to each person in turn.
“Enough Tuff! The only reason she is here is because, I don’t even know why, Stormy just tell everyone I don’t even care anymore.” Hiccup said sitting down beside Astrid.
“I can explain it Stormy. But first, let me start at the beginning-” She stopped talking abruptly as Snotlout moaned and sat up. He stood up and fainted when he saw her. She continued. “Hiccup came in to feed the dragons, then the dragon started to become agitated at some unknown reason. When hiccup came inside to see what was wrong with the sand wraith, it started firing at him, and when the night fury came in, the beast then started to fire at him as well. When Hiccup told Stormy to release me, she did, and I calmed the dragon with nothing more than my fingertips, rendering him to sleep for a couple minutes, of which we exited and I advised, and that is advice that should be followed, that no dragon or human, other than Stormy and myself should enter the stable until the dragon is used to people. Stormy suggested, since Hiccup said I could be free of the cage, that I simply have a guard with me everywhere I go, so that I can be out of a cage, yet still guarded, since I can, according to Snotlout, walk through walls.” Averia finished. Tuffnut had jumped up from his seat and started speaking.
“You can walk through walls? Do it now! PLEASE! DO IT! DO IT NOW! PLEASE!” He begged. Stormy looked at Tuffnut with amusement.
“Maybe another day Tuffnut my friend, but please, let me catch up with you and your sister nut, and please, tell me, what is it that we are eating tonight?” Averia asked as she sat down between the twins.
“Yak chops made by Heather, she is quite the cook, you must know that At!” Tuffnut said.
“Ah, I can smell that she is, Mr. Nut! And how are you Ms. Nut?” Averia asked Ruffnut as she grabbed a couple of yak chops.
“I’m doing great! WE have a boar pit and a dragon, we share a zippleback named Barf and Belch! And I know how to make Snotlout cry for his mommy!” Ruff finished with a smile.
“Wonderful! How?” Averia asked.
“Hey! We all agreed to not make Snotlout cry, we all know he’s terrified of At.” Hiccup said, using her nickname.
“You do not have permission to use the Thorston Nickname! Only select people can use that, and you are not one of those select people! Stormy however is. But no one else, other than the twins of course, is. And if a single soul who doesn’t have permission uses that, they will go to Valhalla, you get a pass, as you were unaware of this law, but next time, you will not be so lucky.” Averia’s voice was serious and cold, all former cheeriness in the room seemed to vanish when she spoke, “Understand?” She looked every conscious person in the eye and they all shook their heads. “Well, then, let’s get back to dinner!” She said, her voice cheerful and she started talking to the twins as everyone just stared at her shocked. Stormy giving Averia a hard stare sat down.
“If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know the twins?” Heather asked.
“Oh, our families go way back! Because of their thick skulls, when a Thorston dies, the head is sent to my village, where those heads become bone battle helmets for the chief and the heirs to the chief. I will one day wear a Thorston skull into battle.” She talked as lightly as though they were talking about food. She went back to talking to the twins.
Quitely Hiccup ask Stormy, “What do you know about her? You seem to have warmed up to her, seeing how your on the select people who can use her nickname!” He was whispering loudly.
“Nothing much, about as much as you.” Stormy lied in a whisper back to Hiccup.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Averia said, then got up and walked out of the clubhouse.
“Stormy will you follow her? Now.” Hiccup told her sternly.
Stormy got up and started to walk towards the stables with Stryka following her nuzzling her to get on.
“Ok Stryka, but no flying.” Stormy told her dragon as she got on. When they got to the stables Stormy dismounted Stryka and waited for Averia.
“How is he?” Stormy asked when Averia came out.
“Better, I got him to eat and that helped a lot. He can drink on his own now that he can sit up enough, but I’m still worried, he’s not out of the clear yet, there was just a little less puss than earlier.” Averia sighed. Quiet fell between them as they slowly made their way back to the clubhouse in the dark. Stormy looked a Averia and saw a worried look on her face and asked.
“At, you alright?”
“The bite…” Averia said, ignoring Stormy. “The bite, Stormy! The bite!” Averia was backing away from the clubhouse, she turned around. Stormy grabbed her arm.
“What about the bite?” She asked giving her a hard stare.
“It was from a flightmare! I completely forgot, I have to go back! I’ll just be a minute!” Averia had removed Stormy’s hand from her arm and started towards the stables again. Stormy rode Stryka back to the stables. She started peted Stryka while waiting for Averia.
“Explain to me what you just did.” Stormy asked Averia when she came out.
“His bite was from a flightmare! Flightmare bites aren’t poisonous per say, but it does require the algae they eat to heal properly. I can’t believe I forgot that! He should be much better in the morning.” Averia finished explaining quickly as Hiccup and Astrid had come down to see why they had gone to stables.
“What were you doing down there?” Hiccup asked.
“I wanted to check on the dragon, see if he calmed down enough for other beings beside Stormy and myself, but he hasn’t, so I would be careful if you went in there, but why would you when instead you could be with your friends eating food and sharing stories! I vote we go do that.” Averia took a step forward but was dragged back by Astrid.
“Why don’t you go with us to check on the dragon, just to be sure?” Astrid asked.
“Sure! But I just want you to remember that I did warn you,” Averia started talking louder“that this dragon is still very agitated! And I hope you know how to defend yourself against an angry sand wraith!” Averia and Stormy dragged open the door to the stable and Astrid and Hiccup walked in, a blast from the Sand Wraith sent them jumping back to outside. Averia closed the door to the stable just as another blast hit where Hiccup and Astrid had just jumped from.
“I told you, but did you listen, NOPE, as normal! No one listens to the smart person who they insist upon not trusting even though she has no where better to go! And also she is the only one who won’t get barbecued by the angry dragon! But do they thank her for warning them, NOPE, instead they just walk right in and almost get barbecued! Why do I even bother? Please, tell me, why should I bother trying to help people who don’t want to be help? If you were going to say it’s the right thing to do then just forget it.” Averia talked the rest of the way to the clubhouse, where she sat between the twins again and she joined in their conversation. After dinner was over Stormy and Averia went to Stomys room in Astrid's hut.
“Averia you sleep on the bed, I'll sleep on the floor on the other side of the wall with Stryka.” Stormy told Averia as she showed her the bedroom.
“You sure? I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the floor? But if you’re sure, then I guess I can’t really say no...” Averia said with a pretend thinking face.
“I’m sure, Good Night.” Stormy replied as she shut the door.
Stryka was already halfway asleep when she saw Stormy walking towards her.
“Hi girl, looks like I'm sleeping with you again.” Stormy told her dragon as she gave her a gentle scratch under her chin. Stryka understanding her rider she opened up her wings.
“Thanks, Stryka.” Stormy told Stryka as she laid down.
Stryka wrapped her wings around Stormy.

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Stormy on the Edge: A Dragons Past

Early next morning Stormy woke up to see Stryka's giant wings around her. “Morning, Stryka.” Stormy told her dragon as she gently scratch the dragons chest.
Stryka looked at Stormy then opened her wings to let Stormy out.
“Thanks Stryka, lets let Averia sleep a little before breakfast.” Stormy told her dragon.
Stryka liked the idea because she wanted to go flying with Stormy so she nudged her to get on.
“Stryka not right now… How about we go talk to Hiccup he said he or Astrid was going to teach me how to fly then we'll see if Fishleg's is done with your saddle okay?” Storm told her dragon then added. “Then we can go flying.” Stryka looked disappointed but she went a long.
“Hiccup are you awake?” Stormy hollered from the door of his hut.
“I am now.” Hiccup hollered sleepily.
Stormy waited for Hiccup to get out of bed.
“So what do you want?” Hiccup asked.
“When can I start Training?” Stormy replied.
“Go to the Arena, I'll meet you there in about ten minutes.” Hiccup told her.
When Stormy got to the Arena she saw that Astrid was already there.“Hi, Astrid, what you doing?”
“I’m going to train you.” She answered.
"I thought Hiccup was going to though?" Stormy asked her puzzled.
“He is going to...later.” Astrid replied.
“Okay, let’s get started!” Stormy said excitedly. An hour soon passed,
“Good job, Stormy.” Astrid told her when the lesson had finished.
“Thanks Astrid, it was fun!” Stormy replied happily. Actually, to Stormy it was really fun, her parents weren’t the fighting type nor the dragon loving type, and never taught her how to fight or use weapons nor ride dragons of course
“Stormy, here.” Astrid said, handing her a package.
“What is it?” Stormy asked.
“Open it and you’ll see.” Astrid said sarcastically.
Stormy opened the package to find herself holding a brand new gronckle iron axe. “Is it mine?” Stormy asked surprised.
“Of course! Hiccup made it for you so you wouldn’t steal my axe.” Astrid said, almost laughing.
“Sorry about that Astrid…” Stormy said apologetically.
“It’s okay, but NEVER, and I mean NEVER take it again.” Astrid said the last bit threateningly.
“Yes, Astrid.” Stormy answered her.
“Smell that? I think it’s time for breakfast, why don’t you go wake up that girl?” Astrid said. She walked off to go find the smell.
“Yes, Astrid.” Stormy answered her as she mounted Stryka who was sleeping in the sun. “Let’s go, Stryka.” Stormy told her dragon as she took off.
“Hey, Averia! Time for breakfast!” Stormy called as she knocked on the door, there was no answer. “Averia?” Stormy asked as she opened the door. The room was empty of any breathing being. “When I find that girl I’m going to KILL HER!” Stormy told herself as she mounted Stryka. They flew to the stables and land outside. She looked around and found no sign of Averia, only a crying Snotlout.
“Snotlout! Quit crying and tell me where At is!” Stormy told him as she picked him up by the tunic, but that made him cry even more. Stormy let go of Snotlout’s tunic and he fell back to the floor then she punched him in the face, rendering him unconscious.
She flew to the clubhouse hoping that Averia was there, but when she got there, she didn’t see her, “Has anyone seen At?” She asked, out of breath.
“She was looking Tuffnut about ten minutes ago…” Heather answered.
“Why are you looking-” Hiccup cut himself off, “you don’t know where she is, do you?” He asked.
“Well, not entirely…” She trailed off. A scream sounded from the stables, “Okay, now I think I know where she is.”
Stormy mounted Stryka and flew back to the Stables. Stormy noticed that all the Riders were following right behind her. Stryka landed and Stormy dismounted her and saw Averia handing Chicken to Tuffnut. Stormy would never understood why Tuff like that chicken so much.
“So what’s happened?” Averia asked.
“We’re not sure, we heard Snotlout scream, so we came to check it out, where did you even come from?” Heather asked.
“Oh, I was looking for Chicken, I heard Tuffnut, that’s what woke me up, so I went over to help.” Averia told them.
“I don’t think I believe you, At.” Stormy said, her eyes narrowed she knew Averia was lying
“How on earth did the Sand Wraith get out?” Hiccup asked Snotlout.
Snotlout looked around, his gaze lingering on Averia, Stormy saw her glaring at him. “I don’t know, I just opened the door and it ran out.” He told them. Stormy was glaring at Averia.
“What do you expect, the moment he could get out of the cage he would, and then of course he would want to be outside! What dragon wouldn’t want to go outside after being caged for years!” Averia said.
“Why do you think he was caged for years?” Hiccup asked.
“You look at that dragon for ten seconds up close, and you notice that he has scars, a lot, more than just a few months or a couple of years, no, for years he has slowly acquired each of those scars, and it’s obvious from the way he trampled Snotlout here, he hasn’t had the ability to fly and run and be a dragon! Can no one here see that? Or is it only the person they all consider a prisoner?” Averia answered Hiccup, “And I know for a fact that he hasn’t flown off the island, because he hasn’t flown in at least a month, which means that his wings at the moment would only let him glide, not fly. So, if you want to find this dragon, then I would start searching the island.” Averia practically snarled the words, she turned away from them and walked back the way she had come.
Averia walked back a few minutes later with the sand wraith walking besides her, she walked into the stabes and pointed at his cage and said “in.” She then pet him and walked out to Hiccup.
“Simple, I would call of the search, he’s back in his pen, oh, and about that pen, let him out of it, he needs to strengthen his wings, or he won’t be able to fly, it shouldn’t take more than a week for his wings to be back to flying strength. I would be happy to watch him.” Averia smiled, then kicked Snotlout in the shin. “How could you let out the Sand Wraith? Tell me?” Averia asked the cowering Snotlout. Stormy chuckled she knew he deserved that.
“I...I...I DON’T KNOW!” Snotlout said as he burst into tears.
“Wimp.” Averia said. She tapped Toothless just behind one of his ears, he fired straight up into the sky. “Like you were gonna send up the signal.” She said, Hiccup watched her as she walked over and pet the sand wraith. The rest of the riders had come back and landed. They all watched the crying Snotlout for a minute then looked at HIccup.
“How did you find him?” Astrid asked.
“I didn’t, she did.” Hiccup said, pointing to Averia, who was still petting the sand wraith. Stormy rolled her eyes at Averia. “Speaking of which,” Hiccup continued. “Where did you find him?” He asked.
Averia laughed. “Oh, oh Hiccup, you’re too funny, I simply looked around the stable, to find him hiding just behind the stables. So simple, I’m honestly surprised that none of you saw him, or bothered to look there! Shows just how thorough you guys are, surprisingly not at all.” Averia smiled, she stroked the head once more then walked over to stand by Stormy.
“Since you are somehow able to tell things about dragons, how did he get out?” Hiccup asked.
“Obviously, a glider let him out!” Averia laughed.
“What in the name of Thor is a glider?” Astrid asked.
Averia whistled and held out her palm. “This is a glider.” She said as a purple object landed on her hand. “Her name is Violet.” She smiled. The little dragon let out her tiny roar. The sand wraith heard this and roared as well, much louder than Violet. Almost everyone had clapped their hands over their ears, when the dragon finished he fired at Snotlout, who cried louder and ran to hide behind Hookfang.
“Tell me, why won’t you tell us your name?” Hiccup asked.
“I find that if you know my name, then I will be subject to questions.” Averia smiled.
“Why?” He asked.
“I’ll answer you truthfully, the last time I was captured, they already knew my name, and they asked me question after question. And I simply decided that I wanted to have, let us say, more power in the questions, oh, and it’s just really fun to dangle people.” She smiled as she finished.
“I take it you know a lot about dragons, please share, how did you get the dragon to walk beside you as though, you were it’s rider?” Hiccup asked.
“I would tell, but I don’t want to.” She smiled.
“Why don’t you want to share?” He questioned.
“Because, why would I tell you my ancestral secrets when my parents died because I wouldn’t tell Viggo Grimborn, so tell me, would you give up your ancestral secrets that would allow Viggo to catch at least triple the dragons he’s catching now, not to mention that your parents died to save those dragons.” Averia retorted, her eyes narrow and her voice sour. She studied Hiccup, when he nothing said she added, “well, wouldn’t you?”
The riders all looked at Hiccup, “I guess I would do the same.” He said quietly.
“Oh, I also hope you realize that by keeping that sand wraith locked up, you’re no better than the dragon hunters! At least let him out in the training arena for Thor’s sake! He can’t even fly because he’s been caged too long!” Averia hollered at him angrily.
“Uh…” Hiccup said, Averia glared at him. “I guess I do…” He said stupidly. Averia continued to glare at him. “What do you want me to say?” He asked.
“I think you know, and if you don’t you’re a bigger muttonhead than the twins without their brains!” Averia snapped. She glared at Hiccup.
“Oh!” He said, understanding in his words. “I understand now! Yes, you can watch the sand wraith WITH Stormy while he’s in the arena getting exercise.” Hiccup said.
“Thank you, now, why are we all still standing here? This is boring and how has everyone not been annoyed by Snotlout crying behind his dragon.” At this the monstrous nightmare took off. Snotlout was laying on his side, sucking his thumb. “He should probably be taken back to wherever his mother is, Snotlout’s a bit too emotional.” Averia said, then walked out of the building. Stormy followed her.
“Averia! Wait!” Stormy called.
Averia ignored her and just walked faster. Stormy was getting mad.
“Averia! Slow down!” Stormy yelled after her.
“No thanks!” She called back over her shoulder, she kept walking.
“Averia!” Stormy called.
“Leave me ALONE!” She shouted, she ran into the forest. Stormy went in search of her. After a while she found her by tree
“Averia, you okay?” Stormy asked calmly.
“I’m fine. It’s just, Hiccup is treating that dragon the same as the hunters treated him, except that he actually was able to exercise, even if that exercise was fighting other dragons, but you know what I mean.” Averia said, lifting her head and looking at Stormy, “I needed to cool off.” She added, standing.
“You haven’t eaten anything today, have you?” Stormy asked,
“Nope, I’m starving, but I do want to check on the dragon first.” She said, “unless Hiccup is there, then I want to punch him in the face.” Averia added.
“I don’t think he is. Come on, let’s go get some food.” Stormy said, gesturing for Averia to follow her. She did, they walked by the stables Averia slipped in but Stormy went to the Clubhouse to eat. After eating the leftovers and giving Stryka some fish. Then Stormy and Stryka went to Astrid's hut. They quietly slipped in. “Night Stryka” Told her dragon as she slowly fall asleep nestled in Stryka's wing's.

Over the next week Stormy and Stryka trained. Learning how to fight and fly.

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Stormy on the Edge: First Battle

One week later...
Stormy woke up extremely energetic “Come on Strike a time to get up” Stryka grunted then opened up her wings to let Stormy out. Stryka got up then Stormy mounted her and then flew to the clubhouse. When they got there this Stormy saw Heather cooking breakfast.
“Hey Heather, whatcha cookin?” Stormy asked, still hyper.
“Steel cut oats and bacon.” Heather answered her. “Where is your friend?”
“Sleepin’ I think.” Stormy answered. “But I'm gonna get her.” Stormy and Stryka flew back to Astrid's hut. Instead of knocking Stormy barged in and pushed Averia off of her bed playful.
“What was that for?” Averia asked crossly, sitting up. Stormy rolled her eyes.
“Breakfast! Now get up sleepy head!” Stormy walked out of the room but when she saw that Averia was not following she poked her head back in, and asked “You coming?”
“Yeah.” Averia answered, getting up and following her out of the room, then Stormy asked,
“You want to fly or walk?” Motioning to Stryka.
“Walk.” She said, smiling.
“Okay, if you say so.” Stormy said a bit disappointed. So they walked but when they reached the path to the stables Averia stopped. “I’m going to check on the Sand Wraith, I’ll be at the clubhouse in a few minutes.” Before Stormy could stop her Averia was running to the stables.
“WHAT DO I TELL HICCUP?” Stormy yelled after her.
“YOU’LL FIGURE IT OUT!” Averia shouted back, running backwards for a second.
“What will I do with that girl?” Stormy asked herself. “I guess we can fly now.” Stormy told Stryka as she mounted her. When they got to the Clubhouse Stormy saw all the Riders but Snotlout was sitting down to eat.
Stormy dismounted Stryka then asked “Where's Snotlout?” Stormy did not care what the answer was but she wanted to keep the conversation off of Averia. “Snotlout is out on patrol.” Hiccup answered “But more importantly where is our guest?”
“She's doing her hair,” Stormy answered while she was sitting down. After few minutes Stormy saw Averia walking in.
“What took you?” Stormy asked in a whisper.
“Sorry, it took longer than I thought.” Averia answered quietly while grabbing some food. After they eat Stormy and Averia were about to leave, they were at the door, but Hiccup stopped them. “Hold on.” Stormy and Averia turned around to look at Hiccup. “Stormy, I need you to hold down the base until we get back. And Stormy, keep her out of trouble. We’re leaving at noon, then you will be in charge.” Hiccup finished. Stormy was shocked she was going to be in charge of Dragons Edge.
“So...can we leave now?” Averia asked.
“Yeah, you can leave.” Hiccup spoke, he mounted Toothless and flew off.
“Okay, see you guys later.” Averia said, then they walked out of the clubhouse. They went back to Astrid’s hut and decided to play Maces and Talons. But Stormy was not focused on the game she was thinking about what Hiccup said.
And before she knew it it was noon. Astrid came up to there room to tell them that they were leaving. “I’m going to say this one more time. Stormy you’re charge. Do you understand that?” Astrid told them both for the tenth time, while giving Averia a death glare.
“What? Oh, yeah. I got that the first time you said whatever you said.” Averia was more focused on the window behind Astrid.
“Astrid, I know, and I think I can handle At for a day.” Stormy said.
“Okay, keep her from doing anything that can be, well, you know what I’m trying to say. There better be a base when we get back.” Astrid said warningly. She left the hut and joined the rest of the riders who left.
“I was thinking, since the sand wraith is doing well, and since he hasn’t been out of his cage yet, what if we, I don’t know, let him out to get some exercise?” Averia suggested.
“What? We can’t do that, he would fly away now that he has his strength back, plus Hiccup isn’t here.” Stormy said, she was looking out the window to see if the riders were still in sight. By the time Stormy turned around Averia was halfway to the stables.
“Well, let's go after her.” Stormy said sarcastically while motioning Stryka to get up. Then Stormy mounted her and then flew off to the Stables. When they landed the Sand Wraith curled his tail around Averia and bared his teeth at them “Fog, back down. It’s just Stormy and Stryka.” Averia stepped over his tail and walked over to Stormy.
“How long has his name been Fog?” Stormy asked.
“How long have I been treating him?” Averia answered. Stormy sighed and covered her face with her hand like Hiccup did when he saw what the Twins or Snotlout did.
“Why, Averia? Just, why Averia? Tell me why!” Stormy asked, now she knew what Hiccup felt like when the Twins or Snotlout did something they weren't supposed to.
“Why what?” Averia replied, confused. “Why I let out Fog? Because he’s been dying to, I may or may not have, but maybe, definitely did promise him that he would be out. Oh, and he’s just plain awesome and it doesn’t hurt that he tries to burn Snotlout alive.” Averia smiled. Fog had walked up behind her and sat down.
“We will be talking about this!” Stormy said on a threatening voice, fixing Averia with a hard stare.
“Okay, I guess we will, but can we talk about that later?” Averia asked, a hopeful look on her face.
“We’ll talk. Just keep an eye on Fog, and stay out of trouble, which means staying out of the sky, I’m patrolling the island.” Stormy said, mounting Stryka and flying off. She knew she shouldn't leave Averia alone but she needed to keep an eye out for Viggo and the Dragon Hunters. After about twenty minutes of patrolling she saw a blue-grey Sand Wraith doing a vertical dive through the canopy. Stormy was angry, she knew that was Averia and Fog.
“Stryka follow them!” Stormy told her.
Stormy saw Averia landing at the stables and trying to get Fog to go in his stall. Stryka landed and then Stormy dismounted and started to run towards Averia.
“So, was it FOG, or was it FOG WITH YOU riding him above the western forest? Or was it SOME OTHER sand wraith ON the island?” Stormy hollered, glaring at Averia.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about, I was HERE, WITH FOG the whole time!” Averia told her. But Stormy knew she was lying.
“Sure you were.” Stormy said sarcastically. She heard Fog made a laughing like sound. Averia laughed a little too.
“Oh, haha, so funny.” Stormy said, her eyes narrow and she balled up her fist. Averia tried to swallow her laughter but failed.
“I’m sorry, it’s just so hard to take you seriously with that face.” Averia said, trying not to laugh. Stormy got even angrier. Averia had just broke Stormy's last nerve. That was the last straw Stormy gave Averia good old punch in the face and knocked her down starting strangling her.
"What the!" Averia said as Stormy started strangling her. Stryka grab Stormy's foot with her tail and pulled her off of of Averia. Averia stood up and backed a few steps away, rubbing her neck.
"Okay! I get it! No flying without permission! Can please not kill me? Oh hey..." Averia trailed. "I think you may want to move!" Averia said in a singsongy voice as Stormy turned to look.
Stormy looked around and saw flaming boulder coming towards her and jumped out of the way. "Oh crap! That was close" Stormy signed.
"I take it that came from Hunters, should we fly out there and check it out?" Averia suggested, already walking over to Fog.
"Hey, wait a minute! I didn't see you could ride him, nevermind, this is an emergency." Stormy said as she mounted Stryka, this was going to be a long day.
"Okay, so save other words for a day we'll never see!" Averia said as she flew out of the stables.
Storm and Stryka started to fly chords the hunter ships "Stryka fire" Stormy told her dragon. Stryka Fired at the ship and Stormy heard one of the hunters say
"I thought the Dragon Riders base was supposed to be deserted" Stormy glared at the Hunter and hollered at him,
"This base will always be protected no matter what but you will not live to see another day! STRYKA FIRE!" Stryka fired at the ship and then it's sunk. They went out to the next ship.
"Stormy!" Averia shouted, Stormy looked up. Averia pointed to an incoming ship, Stormy and Stryka flew towards it, clearly satisfied with the ruins of the ship. Averia and Fog followed, as soon as Stryka attacked, Fog got in position for his dive attack, Stryka continued attacking from the side as Fog attacked from above, within five minutes that ship was burning and it sunk into the sea.
"Good job Averia! And you too Fog, well let's get back to the Edge. Can't wait to know the riders about this one." Stormy said with an uneasy chuckle.
"Uh...A flaming boulder landed in the stables, did that go out or is there a bonfire?” Averia asked.
“Did it really hit the stables? Stormy asked even more worried
"Yeah..." Averia said as Fog wheeled around to stare at the Edge, a large fire was coming from the stables. "Thor help us." Averia muttered. Stormy raced to Snotlout's hut and grabbed the water tank and dumped it over the fire.
"That was close... What will I tell Hiccup?" Stormy asked Averia worriedly. The stables where in ashes.
"I've got NO clue, but I feel you should know that they are coming, like, now!" Averia said, Fog dove and she dismounted, Fog rolled in the ash to act as though he had been in the stables when the fire started.
"What in Thor's Name happened here?" She heard Hiccup ask as the he and the rest of the riders landed.
"Stormy's fault!" Averia instantly said. Stryka landed and Stormy dismounted.
"Hi Hiccup, and it actually wasn't our fault at all! Dragon Hunters attacked and I guess one of the flaming boulders hit the stables." I told him.
"It's true, and she took out all of the ships, all five!" Averia added
Stormy gave Averia grateful look then said, "It's true Hiccup, but I didn't do it myself A...." Averia shook her head slightly, enough that Stormy understood.. "A…actually Stryka helped me." Stormy chuckled uneasily.
"Yeah, I meant to say Stryka and Stormy took out all five ships!" Averia smiled.
"Something is off, but I'll your word for it, let's eat and then tomorrow we can rebuild the stables, we'll also have guard duty tonight." Hiccup said, starting to walk towards the clubhouse.
"Really?" Averia asked, glaring at Hiccup.
"What-" Hiccup cut himself off. "Keep the dragon under control until we can get him locked up again." Hiccup said after noticing the dragon. He continued walking towards the clubhouse