Stormfall's FairyTale!

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Chapter one: Me and you... Together forever!

It was dark... I was running for my life! They were chasing me.... And..... No one could help me! They had me captive since I was a little girl. They never treated me right... Always hitting me... Always pushing me around... Always disrespectful to me....... So I ran. I was only 8 years old when I left..... They tried to catch me..... And I tripped over something when I ran into a cave.

It was an egg.... I didn't care what kind of draagon it was... I knew the hunters would just kill it so I grabbed it and continued running. I almost dropped it multiple times. Surprisingly they didn't catch me... So I jumped into the sea and started swimming with the egg. It was hard enough to keep myself above the water... Swimming with an egg was nearly immpossible! But I mannaged to make it to a nearby Island and built a fire to put the egg next to. I wanted to keep it alive. I was only 8 but when I was on the hunters Island I spent a lot of time studying Dragons and I worked on my survival skills. I was obsessed with Dragons. After about 1 year of being pushed around I learned a few defense moves.

24 hours after I got to the Island I opened my small sack to see 2 apples 3 bannana's and 1 peice of meat. I cooked up the meat, Ate it and the moment I swallowed the last peice of meat the egg cracked and I jumped back. Out popped a baby Nadder.... Her eyes were soft... Her teeth were small... She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen... I fell instantly in love with her. She let out a faint wimper and I crawled up tp her and held her close. She fell asleep in my arms. I admired her shiny teal scales. Her tail spikes were so tiny. But something jumped out of the bushes and scared us. I had never seen anything like it before...


To Be Continued.....




Viking: KizanaFaulty

Dragon: Winter - Snow Wraith - Adult

Dragon level: 24

Dragon personality: VERY SMART, likes water, likes Fireball Frenzy, Loves going for flys in the cold night air, Doesn't like heat (Likes warmth), Very agressive when it comes to other Dragons and vikings (Unless I tell him they're a friend) Strong, Fast, LOVES FAST FLYING, Very loyal, LOVES TO WIN, LOVES A CHALLENGE, LOVES TO BEAT OTHER DRAGONS AT ANYTHING, Will only let me ride him (Unless I ride with that person) Can't survive in the wild because I raised him in captivity!


​Our story:

It was in the middle of winter and I was a young viking about 9 years old.... Learning to sale on my own, I didn't want anything to do with dragons and I didn't have parents to teach me to sale!

I was sailing in the part of the ocean where there were lots of icebergs. After sailing for a few hours by myself... I dozed off and hit an iceberg... "Fudge Nugget!!!!!!" I screamed with a seriouse voice but couldn't help but laught a little on the inside at my choice of words. The ship bagan to sink and I looked up and saw glacier Island ahead. I headed for it and barely made it there. I hopped off the ship and started walking to see if I could find anyone on the Island. There was no one in sight. I stumbled on a cave and thought I would have to learn to survive. In the cave I found a..... a dead Snow Wraith..... I was horrified! I wanted to run but I saw a baby Snow wraith sleeping in its nest. It looked only a few hours old... I figured she died right after she laid the egg because she looked like she rapped herself around the egg to keep it warm... Her body was still rapped around the baby... I slowly walked up to the baby and picked him up. I held him closely. I didn't want anything to do with dragons but I didn't think this guy deserved to hidebecause I didn't like dragons. I began to sing to him the moment I found a good resting place "Hush little baby, don't you cry. Go to sleepy little baby, when you wake, you will find... All the pretty little snow flakes... Watch them fall, slowly down, untill they softly hit the ground, and sparkle like the sun......" I don't think I sounded very good but it helped him sleep! I figured I had to call him something.... "I think i'll call you Winter!"