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Hello. I'm writing this topic after the 2.10 update, on 12/22/2017. I loved the update. As a veteran player, it will take some getting used to, and some practice with HUD, but in general, a great update. But there is one thing.


The store was, I suppose, made for 16:9 screens. Since most people have those monitors or laptops, it's understandable you wish to make it as best as possible for the large part of the players.


But there are still some people, including me, that have 4:3 monitors. And for those people, the store is cut off and we can't see half of it. The most left column, with Dragon eggs and viking clothes and farm seeds and food is completely cut off. Only one half of the right column is visible. The display of the selected item is also cut off at half, and the only way to exit the store is by pressing ESC button on the keyboard.


It is very frustrating. Now, I may be wrong. Maybe there are people who have 4:3 monitors and still see the whole store. But I know I did everything I could to try to change that. My resolution is at maximum, I tried going full screen and exiting full screen, even reinstalled the game to see if that works. But nothing happened.


The store is very a important part of the game. Getting new Dragons eggs from it. Buying seeds and animal food from it. Buying new clothes, saddles, stables... Everything. So I really hope you make the store compatible for 4:3 monitors. Maybe just shrink it a little...?


I hope you update the store soon, or at least give me a reply on how I may fix it.













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I have the same problem too.

I have the same problem too. I have collected gems to buy a buffalord egg but I can't buy it because of this glitch/problem :(


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Same exact problem! Hopefully this gets fixed soon. -.-



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-insert subject here-

Yep. Same issue.


Downloaded version, on Windows 7 64 bit.

I am also using the 4:3 size ratio and I cannot see the two ends of the store.


I have mentioned this to Brynjolf and said that the isutation is the same on both fullscreen and windowed (although I took a screenshot only in windowed mode) and he claimed it was because I was not playing in fullscreen mode.


1. I mentioned it happens in both modes.

2. It should not make a difference if I play in windowed or fullscreen mode. The game offers both modes so it should work properly in both.


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Have you tried to run the game with another resolution in windowed mode?

Hold down shift while start the game to bring up the config dialog where the resolution can be changed.

Most of the settings there will probably ignored but resolution still works.

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-insert subject here-

I have tried it.

Turns out it wasnt on my native resolution but after setting it to my resolution.... it didnt change anything. The shop is still not fully visible.

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Well, I actually thought you could set a 16x9 resolution with the width of your screen.

For example if you screen is 1280x960 (=4x3) you could use something like 1280x720 (=16x9).

(This may only work in windowed mode)

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-insert subject here-

An option like that is not visible for SoD.

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OK. For me it is: