The Store Screen Is Too Big!

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I can only get out of the store by exiting the game by clicking the x and having to download the game again and I cannot even access the different stores like Viking clothes, armour, farm decorations, hideout decorations, dragon eggs because they are out of the screen. I beg you to please fix this soon so I may shop freely and play the game. 

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To whom it may concern....

OK actually QUESTION 1 do you have any other screen-fitting problems? Like, do some web pages just not fit in the screen? I think this is a problem with SoD anyway but if you have problems on other places while using your computer this should be a problem you should fix.


If not then.... SoD broke pretty much everything in this update. We'd have to wait for them to fix it.






I mess up on things a lot but I think its so I can show people its ok to do things differently because there's always a solution for me anyway.

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This is a known issue. It looks like the shop was made for wide-screen resolutions.

Until the shop is fixed, you can exit out of it by pressing 'esc'. No need to exit the game altogether.