Stoick is gone, how do i finish my quest?

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So when i finally got enough gems to by icestorm island and finished almost all quests, the last one wants me to go to stoick, but he is no longer among the living, now what? Even the quest arrow doesn't know where to go

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Have you tried closing the game, clearing your Unity cache and restarting?


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It should tell you to go to

It should tell you to go to Valka, but if your game isn't updated it will glitch and the quest arrow will go wonky. Try going to berk and talking to Valka, or Stoick. My game wasn't updated and it told me to go to Valka, but Stoick was still there. I hope this helps. :)


It probably doesn't but I wanted to try. :)


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Didn't work, thanks for the help but it's still the same and to top it off, now the death song dissapeared, just when was supposed to get it off the hauses in berk

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The same thing is going on for me.. Cant he just appear for this quest? This quest will just rot in my journal until stoick magically comes back or somehow I can reach contact with him. Not everyone finished Icestorm island SOD....

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I get the feeling you're supposed to talk to Valka instead of Stoik.  However, since that doesn't work, we've got to wait until someone realizes that they borked old quests with the new expansion (a shocking twist, I know.  I'll let you recover from that) and fixes it.  I got stuck here and on the Call of the Death Song because the map doesn't load the amber surrounding Berk's houses, I presume due to the Berk map being set in a different state by the 2.0 update.