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Sometimes it seems hard for me to start a conversation with someone....bit shy plus there has been bit people who are snappy or use fowl language a little bit to much.... Let's are reach out to fellow vikings and say hi. I love making new friends and meeting people from across the world. Name is AutismWarrior on game. I lend a great ear. Thanks



Clan: The Phantom Lords

About me: Im fiercely loyal to my friends, always happy to lend a ear. Love racing in Trr (when it's working). Will hang out and chat or just fly around different islands for the heck of it. 

My best friend and little sis is Aurora the Fierce , no matter what we got each other's backs. 

Playing since 2014  nikatlyn/asdmomwarrior/AutismWarrior

Feel free to message me or can add me on game

Friend code: CNF4HQ


Please Enjoy MY Siggy!! Still underconstruction 


Artwork of me done by Zitka



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Hello again :)

I feel ya. Im also very shy bcs I got bullied in my school time. And got a social phobie (too much to explain it now). Writting is ok for me. But in game Im also not good at conversations. Even much more if the other person, who I try to talk to, isnt really showing interest. And well I have the chat often closed bcs off the same reason you said. Snappy and rude persons.
So hello Im xHoneyCloudyx in game nice to meet you. :)










Pls leave a little treat for this allways hungry stormcutter



Clan : KING OF EMPIRES                             


Trophys : 15 k




Favorite Dragon : Stormcutter




Drawings :





Dragon Characters :         

(Own creations or fan creations

 based on other games or movies)

My main dragon Valfaris :

Her five stages







This is Kara

Her Story :

Kara is a dragonandriod who was build to do the work for her owner/master. He mistreated her alomst every day. Of course then to most ppl she is just a machine. A machine who does everything and cant say no. Bcs this is her program. They think a machine cant feel anyway. But Kara was much more then just a machine. And one day she opened her eyes. She dont want to listen to her owner/master anymore. She wants to make her own decisions and want to be free. Kara escaped from the place where she once used to be. Now she gets hunted, they want to catch her and reset her memory. They think it is just a error in her progarm that needs a fix. She is allways escaping and searching for the paradise, where she can be free. Her world is full with andriods who are slaves to the living folks. She is one of a few, who opened their eyes and escaped from this censored. These Andriods also get hated by a lot ppl. But the true monsters are not the andriods.

(This is a mix between how to train your dragon and Detriot : Become Human, in my story then Detriot : Become Dragon. The story isnt completly maked from my own. It is more a fan story based on a character in Detriot. I know its weird but I love it xD. I just became a big fan of this emotional game)






(hand drawn)



~About Me~    (If anybody cares)


Im a shy, young adult Woman (I guess? Dont feel so different as adult.) who just loves dragons.

Im not really open to ppl in real live. Im also bit much silent in game.

I need nice, friendly ppl arround me, who wants to talk a lot to get me out of my shell.

My favorite thing is doing drawings. (Right now only dragons, I used to draw animals when I was younger.)

Favorite color is blue of course. But I almost love all colors so long they are bright and strong.

Also Im an anime lover. One of my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul (I did even draw a Ken Kaneki Stormcutter.)

                                                      (Dont ask me why xD)                                                                                                         

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Hello to you and to. Wow great trophies count btw.

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Thx but I dont think its so much. Some friends have much more then me. :D

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Heyaa :)

Im also little shy and somethimes idk how to start conevrsation too, but when I start, I always know how to continue.

And I also like to make new friends, and I know its somethimes hard. But don’t worry there are always somethimes to talk with :)


By the way, i have been seeing you in TRR a lot and you are rlly good racer! My name in game is DinaTheLastFury.



Welcome to my 




Hey everyone my name is TheLastFury (call me just Fury). I play sod about five years, sinse 2013. I always wanted to join forum, but i didnt really knew how to make a forum account. And now i finally made.

I think i will be active here like i am in SoD (u can see me in game almost every day XD).

Hope i will meet new people and make some friends here :)

Maybe my siggy is boring but  At least u can learn something about me ;)


About me:


​Gender: Girl


Name: DinaTheLastFury


YouTube: MoonlightWhiteClawHTTYD


Stars: 2,5 platinum (not bad huh? XD)


Points in game: 330 000+


Trophies: 5700+ (yeah ik its not much -.- )


Friend code: E79T4H


Clan: Proud Elder of Heart and Soul of Dragons


Main Dragon: Shadow the titan Sand Wraith (my first titan) 


Dragons: i have about 49 dragons and 11 titans

(There is a list at the end of siggy)


Birthday: April 17th (Aries)


Favourite animals: horses, wolves, foxes and... DRAGONS


Favourite colour: Nah... idk


Favourite movies and books: 

HTTYD (How To Train Your Dragon)

RTTE (Race to the Edge)

Lord of the Rings


Star Wars 




My hobbies: 


in game: glitch hunting, exploring, hanging with my friends, flying like nerd with Toothless or Shadow XD,and racing. Untill i got my first golden star(i had just 150 trophies), i didnt really liked racing cuz i wasnt that good. But then i start racing like crazy and i now i rlly like it!


In real life: i like reading, writing stories, swimming but especially riding roler skates and drawing !!! This is maybe really strange for some ppl, but i don’t know how to make digital drawings (and now some of u will think im stupid XD). I am only drawing with hand and i will maybe post some of my drawings in the future. I LOVE animals but i don’t have any pets :,( 


My personality: loyal, caring, brave, strong, daring, clever, friendly, and funny.

Always looking for new friends :)


 My YT name is MoonlightWhiteClawHTTYD but i will change name to MoonlightTheLastFury i rlly like changing my name on YT but did u knew that i never changed name in game (untill now) ?? Of course u didnt knew XD I have only 114 subscribers and about 20 vids, but i started YT in February 2018, so i think its not that bad for now. May im annoying but please Subscribe :)


My Dragons :


Shadow the Titan Sand Wraith


Hookfang the Titan Minstrous Nightmare


Toothless the Alpha NightFury


ArcticWind the Groncicle


Icy the Groncicle


Melody the titan Deathsong


Windshear the titan Razorwhip


Windwalker the Razorwhip


MetalWing the Armorwing


Fireball the Singetail


Rocky the Eruptodon


LavaEater the Eruptodon


WildFlame The Flame Whipper


Stormfly the Titan Deadly Nadder


Stardly the Deadly Nadder


Groundsplitter the Whispering Death 


Whispy the Whispering Death


LightningStorm the Titan Stormcutter 


Inferno the Typhoomerang


TrippleClaw the Tripple Stryke


Tooth the Tripple Stryke


NightTooth the Windwalker


Moonlight the Grapple Grounder


Electric Burst the Grapple Grounder


ForeverWing the Titan Woolly Howl


Dreamcather the Woolly Howl


LittleHorn the Snafflefang 


Ivory the Shivertooth


Stinger the Speed Stinger


Shock the Shockjaw


ElderPhoenix the Elder Sentinel


Night and Light the Hideous Zippleback


Black and White the Hideous Zippleback


BlueFire the Titan Snow Wraith


Eclipse the Silver Phantom


ThunderStriker the Titan Skrill


GrandFang the Skrill


DarkGnasher the Grim Gnasher


xxXDeathXxx the Sweet Death


Lollypop the Sweet Death


Meatball the Gronckle


Thornado the Thunderdrum


Boom the Thunderdrum


WaterSplash the Sliquefire


Twillight the Titan Flightmare


Skullcrusher the Rumblehorn


KillerFang the Boneknapper


WildStorm the Titan Scuttleclaw


AutmnHeart the Timberjack



Thats all for now




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Thanks Dina! Your pretty good

Thanks Dina! Your pretty good too. I try to stay off of toothless cause not that many people are on it to.unless someone play dirty. Plus I can only race on tablet
If either of you want to add me my friend code

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Great I will add you :)

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Spicy Subject

I'm here for you! I'm always open to finding new friends here on SoD.

Related image


Hello everyone! My name is Sigridd, fellow Viking of Berk and trainer of dragons. I attend the School of Dragons to learn the history of dragons and how to train them, using "The Scientific Method." I love to make new friends at the school, whether Viking or dragon. All of us together can have a new adventure and learning experience. 


The world of dragons just keeps growing. After years of being at war with this species, it seems now that the Archipelago is centered around these reptilian creatures. Every day, we can learn something new about them. I make it my goal to learn about dragons, using techniques and information to bond with them. Each dragon is different and requires different care patterns. I've learned a lot on my journey thus far, but I still have so much to learn. I hope to become a great dragon rider, just like Hiccup Haddock III and the rest of the Dragon Riders.


------------------------- Viking -------------------------


Viking Name: Sigridd

Title: Pro Dragon Flyer

Trainer Points: 190548

Adventurer Level: 35

Dragon Bonding Level: 20

Fishing Level: 24

Farming Level: 16

Trophies: 496



 --------------------- My Dragons ---------------------


Crystaline-----------------Deadly Nadder

Pinky-------------------Whispering Death

Lemon-----------------Whispering Death

Salmon-----------------------Sand Wraith




Swift------------------------Speed Stinger


ZipZap---------------Hideous Zippleback


Skully------------------------Sweet Death


Enigma--------Night Fury (Sand Wraith)

Sarafina-----------------Fireworm Queen

Darkstryder-------Monstrous Nightmare




The Dragon Racers is a clan dedicated to the art of dragon racing in Berk. This community is very welcoming and very passionate about the traditions of the school and Berk's community. The Dragon Racers is one of the top clans on the leaderboard, and they are very deserving of their spot. So much has been put into this clan; the leaders and elders have worked very hard to create a welcoming and fun community that everyone can enjoy, even if you're not in the clan. They wanted to create a message; that if a fellow Viking sees the Dragon Racers logo, they can associate it with positive feelings. Happiness, friendship, and leadership. It means so much to see this logo, and it means so much to me to see this logo every time I open SoD. Thank you!



Visit the official website!



Social Media


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FanArt by Others

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Thanks guys

I put my friend code up if anyone wants to add

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To add

Also I'm not calling anyone out, on anything. Just want to say I'd like to connect with more people. I'm not snooty, just sometimes don't know what to say.