Start preparing for #DayOfDragons!

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Where will you be tomorrow at 5pm PT/8pm ET? Join How to Train Your Dragon fans from around the globe as we come together to celebrate #DayOfDragons! Best of all, the creation team behind the film will be hosting a very special online event that will allow you to have a chance to join with your fellow fans online through Twitter and Facebook. And if that were not exciting enough, the more you stay connected, the bigger chance you will have to WIN in SoD!


Start preparing for the day by reading up on the official event, here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s OFFICIAL announcement on how you can earn a few extra gold coins in SoD on #DayOfDragons!

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I'll be in my room waiting for the premier with social network tabs to talk about the whole event XD

(cos the only other person I know who loves HTTYD just as much as I do lives somewhere else)


And I'll be on here too. :P


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I just read the official

I just read the official thing about it & it says for the prize only US residents that are 18+ can enter/win ~ what about the people outside the US?!


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Hmm, good question.  U.S. residents 18+ probably excludes the majority of SoD players.


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