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These are not the spoilers you're looking for! *force waves hand*

Okay, so as everyone probably knows, Star Wars 8 came out today/tommorow, depending on where you live. I haven't seen a discussion thread, and I know from conversations that I am not the only person on here who loves Star Wars. So when/if you go see it, if you want to talk about it, I will be here! Geeking out like Hiccup and Fishlegs over random things like Porgs and the force and stuff... 


Also: I have not seen it as of this posting, I will be seeing it tommorow and if I don't even reply to comments on my own post that's because I don't want anything spoiled, but I will be on here a lot the second after the movie ends, the credits play, and I start counting down the days till star wars 9. 

May the force be with everyone!



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Electro!! Did you eat my subject again?!

I just came here to say that I knew it was you that created this thread the SECOND I saw it XD <3



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YES! That is the kind of

YES! That is the kind of thing every fan lives to hear! TY sooooo much!!

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(This is Mostly Unrelated to the Movie, Whoops)

I also Wonder if Any On Forum Here have played The Original Battlefront I and II or The Newer Versions.

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I don't, sadly :( I don't

I don't, sadly :( I don't have any of the stuff that you need to play it, but they sound cool!

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Despite being on PS2 Primarily, They can be played through a Computer, via Steam, a gaming platform/service. 

I recommend it to Most if not all Star Wars Fans.

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WHEN POE WAS GOING ALL "Oh, hey, I'll just hold on General Hux. You got him? Tall, skinny, intimidating guy?"




porgs eh


someone please geek out sith me because my friends told me not to spoil it casue i saw it the day before opening day





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OMGOSH I saw that and I was like oh yay oh my gosh Kylo Ren is going to be good and him and rey will work together and I got so excited!!! and then... he turned on me... and my heart ripped in two 

That part was really funny! The movie actually started out a lot funnier than I would have thought, and for a second I was like uh oh this movie is gonna suck but then they picked it up and stuff started happening!

Poe's flying and role were so much better this time around! I was sad he wasn't in it as much in tfa and I was relieved to see him again in this one. Those X-Wing stunts were like 10/10. 

Yeah the porgs were kinda just there for comic relief, even though that one that got all big eyed when Chewie tried to eat the one he cooked was really cute... :33333

Ya same! Dw I will be here for two more years talking about it and trying to figure out what the heck all of that was! I'm still in shock. 

Okay so here's what I want to know: (this will be long, I apologize)

  • Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia?!??! That part when Kylo Ren was going to kill her, and then he decided that he couldn't, I was like Kylo Ren=redeemed. Then those other fighters came out of nowhere and blew up the bridge. Kylo's face... And then I started crying (I brought my star wars labeled tissues) and I was also thinking just wow. Like that was a really uncerimonious death for someone who died last year and should hideheroically! But then, she just floated back into the ship! While it was super cool to see her use the force (almost more than luke in this movie lol), the part where it just shows her floating past looked really weird and almost haunting. I'm super glad she's back, but how is this going to work with her being dead and all? They said that they're not going to digitally recreate her, maybe they'll have a huge time jump with her dying in between? They better have a good death for her, because she deserves a lot of screen time before hand, but how is that possible now? (and also when it said in loving memory of carrie fisher, I started clapping and crying. yes, I am that annoying person from the theatres XD)
  • Luke dying!!! Wait he's dead?? Luke Skywalker, who we all got really hyped up to see, the one who was supposed to be amazing and poweful in this movie, died?? At least he became one with the force, but still, how could he have died?? It was emotionally powerful, and left me in shock. I still can't believe that he's gone. His time hadn't come, we need more Luke! We need to see the mentor, and the teacher, and the fighter, and all of that!! I think he might come back as a force ghost or something. That makes sense. Like as a force ghost he helps rey. I can't accept that he's gone, I still need more time (I was like fishlegs when tuffnut "died)
  • copied lines. Towards the end they had a lot of lines similar to those in other movies, but I didn't mind at all, I thought that the nostalgia was great.
  • jedi viewed as bad. Luke, and even Yoda for forces sake were like the jedi were bad its time for them to end we should destroy what is left of them. Like I know the jedi did accidentally let the whole galaxy get taken over, but really? they wern't that bad. Maybe make them all grey jedi or something. But please don't take 7 movies of the Jedi being seen as the really good guys and say oh well nevermind, they wern't that good. They even made the light side of the force seem bad!!
  • new jedi powers. The new Jedi power of making yourself/something appear somewhere else or seeing someone that's not there in entirety, not just as a vision was really new. i like it, I just wish they would have maybe used it more earlier instead of just shoving it in now. There had to have been more powerful Jedi before, why didn't they use this power ever? It could have solved a lot of conflicts... 
  • lightsaber toss. We waited two whole l o n g years to see how Luke would react to the lightsaber, and he throws it over his shoulder without even saying hey how did you get this its supposed to be falling down the gas planet of Bespin! I really think that he would have been more responsive, this was dissapointing that we waited this long for it! and how did Maz get it? I thought they would explain... 
  • maz. Speaking of Maz, did anyone else find it random how she just showed up? They didn't even call her, they just were talking about it and she randomly showed up like she had known all along that's what they were talking about? Where did she get a jet pack? this was all very confusing...
  • how did the they track them through hyperspace? They never quite explained the big how in that, if it was so simple why didn't other people do it?
  • First Order Fail. I find it hard to believe that after almost a day the first order still could not manage to destroy one ship with all the weaponry they had. The rebels should have been blown out of the sky. They're so small at the end of the movie, how will they ever come back? I can't wait for nine!!
  • pointless (kinda) arc. I thought that the whole adventure with Finn and Rose was kind of pointless. Like it was going to be really crucial and important, but then it ended up not mattering anyway! That was sad...
  • End scene. I thought they could have just ended with the rebels and the falcon, not with that Canto Bright boy and the broom. Though I suppose they were trying to show there was hope, they could have done that just fine with the rebels/falcon. 
  • R2D2. He and Chewie needed more screentime! R2's reunion with Luke was adorable though. 
  • BB-8. He did a lot in the movie. And i mean, a lot for one droid. And why did he go with them to Canto Bright agian?
  • Benerico de Toro/DJ. I kinda thought that they were trying to create a Han Solo ish stand in. I did not see his betrayal though, I thought he was good especially when he gave Rose back her necklace/pendant thing. Also, side note, I loved Rose and Paige!
  • Rose-Finn-Rey-Kylo love square thingy. So like Rose and Finn I kind of saw coming, even though in the beggining it looked like Finn and Rey. Rey and Kylo Ren, I swear I thought he was going to kiss her half the time. Their connection was strong, so I would not be suprised if Reylo became canon. That could be an interesting turn of events. And then there's just Poe standing there, even though it did seem that he liked Rey, and I would not mind PoexRey, but who am I kidding I just think Rey's amazing!
  • Rose dead?? Is Rose Tico dead, or is she just unconcious? I thought she died, but wookiepedia says otherwise...
  • aliens. The aliens in this one seemed not as original and I thought that they were really outlandish, even for Star Wars!
  • Who da heck was Snoke?? He was so powerful, more so than anyone it seemed, yet he died (I applauded that part) without any mention of his backstory. He sounded like Palpatine from the beggining of the movie, but he died, so how does that work out? I know people don't really like this guy, but who was he??? I spent two years watching videos and building theories, all to have it him hidewithout a clue. *cue screaming in a pillow* could he really have been some random guy?
  • snoke getting killed. Someone spoiled this for me, but still, amazing job Kylo Ren! It shows he really does care for Rey.
  • yodas force ghost. I thought that the puppet that they used didn't look at all like Yoda, at least for the first few minutes. But still, I'm glad he came back. I wish anakin and obi wan would come back too!
  • han solo. There is a Han Solo sized hole in my heart. I cried every time with the dice or the "where's han". Star Wars will never be the same. <3<3<3
  • random stuff. Was it just me or did this movie have a lot of random stuff that didn't really make sense?
  • RIP Admiral Ackbar. Your sacrafice will be remembered. 

Yeah that's it. I'll probably think of more stuff later, but that's all i've got. MTFBWY!

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yrjecbg wyguuw ukcukunbkcrnwcgkuy wykuerw
  • Leia force flying. Pft. I read that she was supposed to have a beautiful sendoff and yet she survives; with a freacking force-flying. Kind of cheesy, though it was cool.
  • Luke dying. Eh, I am okay with it. The personality change from war hero to sassy hobo was unexpected from me; and it was not needed. Rey was supposed to get training. I assume he will be in the next movie as a force ghost; as Rey needs more training.
  • Copied lines. Are you talking about "We are the spark that will burn the First Order down"? Yes, I think that was probably a reference to the Hunger Games' "Every revolution begins with a spark."
  • Jedi can be nonexistent and the force can. I think that yes, the Jedi will end but there could be a variation of the Jedi, like force users and lightsaber users that don't have to call themselves "Jedi" or "Sith"
  • The power could have been nonexistent or unknown about until this movie. I think it was a very cool add-in, and when Kylo and Rey stmbled upon it it seemed to be accidental.
  • Lightsaber throw. I thought this was wonderful. It truly shows Luke's personality change from war hero to sassy hobo. It was also funny.
  • Maz didn't exactly "show up". She was on a hologram. The jetpack doesn't bother me. My problem with it is that wasn't she dead when the First Order came in the last movie and they attacked her island? I guess not.
  • Lightspeed tracking. Honestly, I think they put this in to add to the movie. It was a very big part and posed a big threat to the Resistance and it gave Finn and Rose a reason to do what they did. I remember Hux speaking about how he did it, I just don't exactly remember what he said.
  • First Order Fail... do you mean Poe, as the one ship? GTG, will answer other bullet points later.
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iufhcn erwifuiniqech to be continued
  • Pointless arc? What? They needed that in the movie. Even though, yes, it was pointless, it had to be in the movie becasue it is part of the many storylines. And Rose needed something to do.
  • Canto Bright kid and broom? YES that was needed. Did you notice that the broom came to his hand? Those kid are probably going to be future force users.
  • R2 and Chewie? Yeah I agree with you on that one.
  • I have no idea why BB-8 went with them to Canto Bright. He had a role there, though, and they would have been in trouble without him. He is a cute lil droid though.
  • Benicio del Toro did not need to happen. He was annoying and the betrayal, though unexpected, wasn't cool enough.
  • Rose and Finn is adorable, yes. Kylo should be lonely or get with Rey, both woul dbe interesting. But I really do want to see Poe and Rey. They'd make a great team.
  • Naw, Rose isn't dead. Her point was beautiful, though, "You don't get it. It's not about fighting the ones we hate, it is about saving the ones we love." Beautiful.
  • Aliens? Eh, wasn't paying attention that much. I will go again soon so I'll get back to you on that someday.
  • Snoke. Hm. I guess we'll never know, because now Kylo is the Supreme Leader. It was awesome, though, the way he died.
  • I loved the Yoda scene where he blew up the tree and then fell over laughing. Hilarious.
  • "Where's Han" was very emotional, yeah.
  • Idk on your random stuff you'd have to elaborate. There was a lot of dialogue though. Wait, by random stuff do you mean Purple Hair? She got on my nerves.
  • Admiral Ackbar? Whoops I didn't realize he die.d.
  • Yep. Rey's parents were definitely surprising if Kylp told the truth. It proves, though, that all you need for the force is Midi-Chlorians.
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-No, yeah they needed that in

-No, yeah they needed that in the movie. It showed off some wonderful traits of both charecters. I just meant pointless in the sense that the did all of that and it didn't matter anyway. I really enjoyed the charecter development during this time. 

-ohhhhhhh.... *facepalm* I did not notice that! Actually, that's really cool! I wonder if they will come back at some point in the next movie! Thanks for pointing that out, I missed that completely!

-BB-8 is adorable! He and R2 both are just :3333 BB-8 did get them out of a heck of a lot of situations on Canto Bright. Seeing how Poe reacted every time they saw each other was eqally as adorable

-I 100% agree!!!!

-ReyxPoe=<3, so does FinnxRose. Idk about Reylo, at least Kylo was more redeemable this time. 

-Okay. phew. I'm so glad to hear she's not dead. she was one of my favorite charecters. 

-Snokes death was literally the greatest part of the whole thing! He never even saw it coming, kinda like Darth Vader Palpatine and Luke

-It was really cool to get to see the "old Yoda" personality after so many years.

-Yes! Admiral Holo was so annoying! It was nice she sacraficed herself, because now she can't come back, but man when she was bossing poe and the others around... 

-Yes, sadly. No more saying It's a trap! :'(

-That's right, he could have been lying, but either way, I'm glad the mystery is half solved for now

question: WHERE IS LANDO?? 

Thank you so much for actually reading this and nerding out with me, it means a lot! :)

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-Yeah! Lucasfilm/Disney

-Yeah! Lucasfilm/Disney pretty much said everything but specifically saying she's gonna die, and then she survives, though I agree it was cheesy/cool

-It was kinda sad to see how he had turned out, but his death added some emotion to the movie that it needed. I think he will definatley come back as a force ghost and train rey. I wonder how much time will be between this one and the next?

-Copied lines. Huh, i never knew that about the hunger games. Ive read the books but never watched the movies. I meant like when luke said if you kill me i will always be with you, and thats kinda like what obi wan said to darth vader. It was cool nostalgia though

-That's true! I think that you might be right about that, maybe with Rey leading the new force users or something

-It was funny, I'll give it that ;)

-Okay. Did they call her, or did she check in randomly during the middle of the battle? I thought that she died too (this is like race to the edge where everyone "dies" XD)

-Yeah, I totally agree it was very nesscary. I was probably too busy crying at this point from Luke saying wheres han to notice what hux said

-I meant like the main transport ship, how they couldn't catch up to it, but idk. Maybe its stronger than it looks. Not being able to catch Poe is not a fail, that man is a ledgend. 

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This movie was one of the

This movie was one of the most action-packed, emotional, plot-twisting, force-choking movies i have ever seen! I was in the theater with my friend and during that Luke/Kylo scene in front of the base, my friend was like, "Don't pull an Obi Wan." When Luke turned off his lightsaber in front of Kylo Ren, showing that he won't fight, I was like, NOOO. DONT DO THIS! DONT PULL AN OBI WAN!!!" 


The movie's pattern was basically, you think that something is going to happen, and that there's no going back, but then it's not at all what you thought.


  • Fin dying, Rose saved him
  • Kylo turning to the light side, he changed his mind?
  • Luke fighting Kylo, he was a living force ghost.
  • General Hux being a traitor, she wasn't at all.
  • Leia dying, she used the force.

I don't like how Kylo never turned good. It shows that there's good in him, but his turn to the good side was so well staged, he kills his master, fights by Rey's side, even asks her to join him, but then she decides to keep fighting for the resistance and he just turns bad again? What? What just happened? I feel like the writers couldn't make up their minds whether or not they wanted him good or bad.


Luke's death. I have come to a point where I am still not liking it, but accepting it. I was SO ANGRY when he died though. My heart was aching for a lightsaber battle between Luke and Snoke or Luke and Kylo. Oh well, the trilogies ARE supposed to rhyme, as stated by George Lucas, so I guess he'll be an Obi-Wan.


Snoke's death, he should have been in the story more, and they should've told us his story, which we never saw. The modern-day force lightning special effects are INSANELY cool!


Rey's parents being nobodies? WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!!!!!!!!!! YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT SHE IS VERY STRONG WITH THE FORCE, CAN FLY A SHIP SUSPICIOUSLY WELL, LIKE HAN SOLO, AND EVERYONE WAS CURIOUS ABOUT HER ORIGINS IN THE FORCE AWAKENS AND SHE'S JUST NOBODY?! Luke said it himself at the beginning of the movie, "No on'es from nowhere." With the exception of Jakku, but you get my point! 

My theory is that Kylo Ren is lying to us. Let's go back to the whole "star wars movies rhyme" thing. In The Empire Strikes Back, we find out that Luke's father is, (SPOILERS) Darth Vader. However, Luke thought that he was lying and asked Yoda if it was true, which it was.

I think that they're playing with us. Kylo is lying, trying to get her to join him by saying that she's no one and her parents aren't out there. However, instead of us thinking that he's lying and it's true, we think it's true but he's actually lying. Make sense? I am just hoping that Rey's parents are someone else. Remember, rebellions are built on hope.


So that stable boy at the end was to show that there are others who support the resistance, then why does he have the force, and why does the camera angle make it look like he's holding a lightsaber instead of a broom? If he turns out to be a Jedi, I feel that he is kinda randomly thrown in. I understand that he supports the resistance, but a jedi?


Anyway, any one agree with any of my points?




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Black Widow: These guys come from legend. They're basically gods.

Captain America: There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.






I know you all LOVE Jar Jar Binks, but did you know that he was

originally supposed to be a sith lord?! Don't believe me? Watch these

vids, you will be convinced! PM me if you agree or disagree.



                                                            Eek and his dragon, Ballista




Eek the Firetamer

Eek is an adventurous viking who has trained many dragons. He has had many adventures and encountered many dragons accross the Archipelago. He is a strategist (because he has needed to rescue friends or dragons numerous times). He has a sense of humor, and is very social. He likes spending his free time at the Training Grounds. He is a skilled fighter, and his weapon of choice is his ice axe. He can take on several Hunters at a time by himself, but on the back of his Triple Stryke, that's another story. 


Tribe: Hairy Hooligan

Clan: Hofferson

School Clan: Alpha Dragon Masters (Leader)(Please Join!)

Height: 5'8"

Age: 18

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dragons: Spineshot (Nadder), Fearless (Flightmare), Puddle (Raincutter), Windstorm (Thunderdrum), Bandit (Sand Wraith), Sandshadow (Sand Wraith), Hookflame (Nightmare), Mudfang (Moldruffle), Mudpuddle (Mudraker), Windscreech (Silver Phantom), Ingneous (Gronckle), Frostbite (Groncicle), Melodeadly (Death Song), Razerwind (Razorwhip), Slashtail (Razorwhip), Bandito (Armorwing), Furieflame (Singetail), Magmadon (Eruptodon), Arrow (Flame Whipper), Stormtail (Triple Stryke), Ballista (Triple Stryke), Cloudbreaker (Stormcutter), Boulderburst (Snafflefang)

Main Dragon: Ballista


Main Weapon: Ice Axe

Archenemies: Nikora Stormheart, Harald Forkbeard




Ballista edit by DuckinaDragon

Ballista is a male Triple Stryke, and is about 3 months old. He has been with Eek ever since he was born. His mother was enslaved by a war cheiftain from accross the sea. Ballista's personality is very similar to that of Sleuther, but more rebellious. He (like his rider) has a sense of humor, and he is very intelligent. He will protect Eek at all costs, and will not hesitate to fight. He is no stranger to combat, as he was once captured and held in dragon fights. This was only briefly, as Eek was captured too, and helped to rescue him. Eek could not ask for a better dragon. If you don't see Eek around Berk or the School, he's probably above the clouds on Ballista's back.


Race: Dragon

Species: Triple Stryke

Gender: Male

Length: 30' 2"

Color: Light Copper with cream stripes and a golden belly.

Favorite Food: Eggs

Age: 3 months

Stage: Broadwing



Other interests: Star Wars, MARVEL, DC.



My creation: The Rocket Ripper (if it was in the movie franchise)


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Sorry, not general Hux, it

Sorry, not general Hux, it was vice admiral Holdo, sorry. :)

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My thoughts on the film.

Spoilers Ahead


      Here is my super detailed and professional review of the film.

 So were literally just jumping into this not even a day has passed since the last one.

First Order Dreadnought? Okay film what's that O MY Thor That Thing is Awsome!

Rest in peace  D'qar you will be missed.

Yep Poe Dameron is now officially a bad*** pilot if his stunt at the Starkiller base did not all ready prove that.

And the resistance bomber is now the most gloriously op thing I have seen and I love it.

It feels so nice to see Hux put in his place and Snoke does not wait for you to face him He makes you face him.

Luke is back and now has become comicly grouchy hermit jedi who lives with the pain of the poor decisions he made. In other words Obi wan would be so proud.

Porg cute.

People say they don't like Kylo because he's too emotional but I love that about him and it honestly makes him more terrifying.

Ok so the Resistance is now on the run from the First Order and Leia shows why she's the best general and By Freyja's unmentionables the First Order is here with a humungus star destroyer!

The Tie Silencer is cool and I want one and Oh no the bridge has just been blown out into space along with Leia and more importanly Admiral Ackbar! May you live on in the memes my friend.

Oh never mind someone at Lucus Films remembered  that Leia has the force

Rey and Kylo are conected by the force what? Cool and scary.

Chewy and porg nuff said!

Finns back and just as adorible as ever. Though new comer Rose is trying to steal that title.

So the plan's to find a master hacker sneak on the star destroyer and interupt there tracker so they can slip away from them in hyperspace sounds good Maz but I want to know can I get a snack first?

Any time Rey and Luke are in the same sceans together our the highlight of this film other than Chewy eating a porg while porgs watch him.

The force is trippy as S*** man.

So is Ben evil? Is Luke evil? Nope everyone just can be tempted by the dark side sometimes.

So Finn Rose and BB-8 have to travel to a gambaling joint on a planet that sells wepons to both the First Order and Resistance then they get put in a prison them get broken out by the guy they were looking for while BB-8 takes outg the guards with coins and then they escape into a stable filled with cute fathiers and then they ride them out of the city and escape the planet in a stolen space ship. Yes I'm talking about the same movie!

Rey gets to meet Supreme Leader Snoke up and close and  personal and Ben gets to show Snoke whats what. Strike down your true enemy indeed.

So Finn and Rose get duped by there new hacker "friend" and get to be exacuted by captain phasma! Yes it is so nice to see you please do somthing this time.

So with there plan failed the Resistance is forced to evacuate there ship and flee to Krate and get absolutely slaughtered.

So it looks like this is the end for Finn and Rose but never fear BB-8 is here piloting a ATST! Yeah!

So in order to buy the Resistance some time miss purple hair redeems herself by jumping the Resistance ship into the First Order's fleet and showing us why you don't do that.

Finn and Rose are saved right nope they sill have to get past Phasma who finnaly shows us why she gets the chrome dome! And then dies Darn!

The Resistance is out of danger right? Nope they our forced to barricade them selfs in a old mine on Krate while the First Order is hot on the tails. So the only hope they have our old rusty speeders so there doomed right. Nope Rey Chewy and Porg to the rescue in the Falcon but it's that enuff? Nope.

What next well how about Luke showing up and challenging the First Orders army and Kylo shows he is the smart smartest villain by fireing literally every the have at him. Yes Hux I think they got him.

But Nope they don't got him as he was just using the force to project himself there so the Resistance can slip away to fight another day.

So all in all 10 out a 10 would see once more I recomend it.


brought to you by 


    Well hello all who happened to stumble across my sig. Allow me to allow me to introduce myself I am the great RHPenguin but you probably knew that already.


    I'd like to call myself a creator. I love createing stuff weather it's through drawing or writing. I also love to make people laugh and feel good so when your around me expect bad jokes to come too.


    You can find me here, the SoD discord or on my devant art page link here if you want to check me out.    

Down below are some of my httyd related OC's


  Main Viking OC: Raina Hakan Petra or just RHP

  This dude is a bit of a loon if I'm honest but what he may lack in sanity he makes up for with his heart. As the captain of the slightly  sunken ship the Blu Eel he travels from island in search of wealth and fame. He also has an obsession with mask.


  Main Dragon OC: Apple the grapple grounder

  Apple has a is a bit of a narcissist and can be a jerk sometimes. He does have a soft side however for his late family and is desperate to find more of his kind.

Done by me.

Done by Arrowalker

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Hey, I'm so excited to see that there's this many star wars fans on the forum!!! :) 

If anyone ever wants to talk about Star Wars on the forums, just let me know! I LOOOOVVEEE STAR WARS and I think that the rest of us can agree to that too ;)

and also, reylo? will it/should it be canon or not?


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Me, my mom and sister just saw it today. It was so amazing! I loved it so much, but Luke dying? What the heck? I love Luke so much. How could they kill him off? I know he sacrificed himself for the Resistance but still, it was so sad. The story he told Rey about how he almost killed Kylo Ren was sad too. Luke never changed in the fact that he was always so rash and rushed into things. I really felt for him, how he was so ashamed of himself for doing that, how the past had shaped his view of the Jedi.


I'm confused on how everyone got the idea that Finn and Rose were going to be a couple. And that "major kiss" that was supposed to happen between them? Where did everyone get that from? She pecked him on the lips, that's it, and he looked majorly confused by it too. He didn't even kiss her back. It was obvious that she liked him but I don't think he liked her that way. To me, the movie implied that he likes Rey. The first question he asked after Poe said he must have so many questions was: Where's Rey? He took the beacon and was going to run away just so Rey could be safe. And the hug him and Rey gave each other when they first saw each other again? That was definitely a romantic hug to me, their faces said it all.


I can see how people might get the idea that they're trying to make Kylo Ren and Rey like each other but I don't think they did. Rey was constantly wanting to check up on Finn and to me she looked jealous at the end when Finn was checking on Rose. I think the whole reason she went to Kylo Ren was the same reason that Luke went to Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Luke believed that there was good in Darth Vader and that he could change no matter what anyone else thought. Rey's the same way. She feels that there's good in Kylo Ren and wants to redeem him, not because she likes him romantically but because she's a good person.


I'm pretty sure Kylo Ren lied about Rey's parents. I still think she's related somehow. I think they're brother and sister. I know a little about the old Star Wars expanded universe and I'm pretty sure that Kylo Ren is a reworked Jaicen Solo. I'm thinking Rey might be a reworked Jaina Solo. Also Luke and Leia have a strong Force connection and they're brother and sister so the same thing could be true of Rey and Kylo Ren.


I saw that you said that even Yoda saw the Jedi as bad but the reason he destroyed the cave with the Jedi texts was to teach Luke a lesson. Luke thought that destroying the Jedi texts would mean no one could ever learn about the Jedi and bring back the Jedi Order again. Yoda told Luke that the Jedi knowledge isn't confined to those books.  Even though those books were gone, people could still learn about the Jedi. Yoda encouraged Luke to teach Rey, he obviously didn't think the Jedi should end.  


I wish the dvd was out now so I could watch it again. Lol. May the Force be with all my fellow Star Wars fans! :D


Edit: Sorry for such a long post but I thought of something else I'd liked to add.

I liked that the situation with Admiral Holdo taught a valuable lesson: Someone's actions may look questionable but you still shouldn't judge them. You never know if you have the whole story. Their actions may have a very honorable reason behind them.


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​Am I the only one who thinks George Lucas shouldn't have sold it?

George did it so well. And now he has to sit back and watch them ruin his dream.



Меня зовут вала. Я пришел из страны полуночного солнца. Моя миссия-стать актрисой. Я всегда любил животных и хочу подружиться много. У меня очень грустное и удручающее время. Надеясь, что это изменится. Я также хочу распространить Евангелие Иисуса Христа всем и всем людям!!


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My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


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I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




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​0.The Avengers!--DUH! They are amazing!!

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I don't get why so many people think that Disney is ruining it. To me, they're doing an amazing job. Plus I read in an official magazine that he told the person who took over Lucasfilm about his vision for the franchise. I'm assuming they're doing exactly what he wanted with it.

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​It's not that they are ruining it, if you want to go that way. The films are very well done. I'm not saying that they are not well done. It's just people are always selling their dreams to big corporations.

This is not how George Lucus wanted the films to go. He said so in an interveiw.


Oh watch this bad lip read of Empire Strikes Back. So funny.



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I've watched all the Star Wars bad lip readings. You're right, they're super funny.

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Did anyone else notice that close to the end Rey or Fin or somebody opened a drawer that contained the Jedi texts 


I read that 

Cause Rey must have grabbed em before yoda goes it up which explains why yoda was laughing so hard 

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 Now that you mention it, I did notice that the books in that drawer looked like the Jedi texts. Rey could've grabbed them before she left the island and Luke didn't know.

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I'm sorry. I didn't like it. No one hurt meh xD





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My gronckle sat on my subject

I literally JUST watched it a couple of hours ago and it was amazinggggg! Can’t wait until the next one comes out in 2019 :) I hear that this will be the last Star Wars movie, what do u think? I mean, they said that they wouldn’t create another trilogy before and look where that got them >~<



Heyo! And welcome to my siggy! 

Good luck ;)


First off, my drawings! 

I love to draw and do it for fun most of the time. I also draw for special events :) 

below are some examples of my art. Enjoy! 






These are just a few examples :) I've made many more and will draw more also. 


Alright so....ELLO HOOMANS! Here's some info on my OC :3 

 Name: Francine


Apperence: long red hair with bright green eyes. She wear loose, winter clothing with a large, light blue hood. Her boots are covered in snow (since that was where She grew up) and have no memory of her family. 

Weapon: Two twin swords


titan gronckle: Nightel

Titan screaming death: Entity

Titan razor whip: Rainstorm

Titan deathsong: whiplash

Adult Groncicle: illuminum

Adult Singetail: Windsnap

Adult Eruptodon: Smoke Rock

Adult Amorwing: Amber Gravity

Titan Skrill: Bristle tail

Titan Stormcutter: Mystery 

Titan Typhoomerang: Winter 

 Titan Hobblegrunt: River Song

Adult Wooly Howl: Pilot

Adult Changewing: Ghost

Age: 17

Distinctive features: small Scar over mouth

Personality: Loyal, Brave, wary 

Weaknesses: Family and her Dragons

pm me if u wanna RP!



Anyways, so wanna get to know me? here's some fun facts! 


1. I'm a girl (obviously)

2. My favorite hobbies are listening to music and reading books

3. My birthday is June 1st

4. I have a 40 gallon salt water fish tank

5. I'm a Christian

6. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons (well and a lot others >~<)

7. Favorite movies are HTTYD, HTTYD 2, and if the hunger games, Supernatural, Merlin and many others

8. I love Cats!

9. I'm a rower (not  canoeing -_-)

10. I like food :3

And finally, 11. Nope, I don't support LGBTQ, but I don't hate the person, I hate the thing that they're doing 

Brace yourself....



Meraculous Ladybug


Gravity Falls




 How To Train Your Dragon 


Art from Others,


Thanks Frozt Wolf! Looks amazing :)


Amazing Skrill drawing by Lululu 6161


My Woolly Howl by AlicornBrodie. Tysm!


By the AMAZING ToshiLoshi! On a scale from 1-10 I'd give this a 100! TYSM!


Tiberius made by Dragonist Hellen. So cute! 



My Viking and Winter, the typhoomerang



And last, but not least, Mystery (my Stormcutter) by the very talented Arrowwalker

Alright! So far so good right? I'll be adding more later! 



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Not sure

Not sure,but yes, I think I read that daisy Ridley is done after this trilogy

She isn't sure tho 

But rian Johnson was given another trilogy that will have nothing to do with the Skywalker says

And there will be the ha n solo movie this may

And there is supposed to be a boba  fett movie


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I thought the Boba Fett movie was just a rumor. I could be wrong but I thought that at one time there was a rumor going around that there was supposed to be an Obi-Wan movie and a Boba Fett movie and so far I haven't seen anything stating those are going to be actual movies.

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its been a heavy rumor that

its been a heavy rumor that both, the obi-wan standalone movie has been more talked about because Ewan McGregor said he would love to return to the role and Temura Morrsion (who I assume would have to play Boba Fett) has said nothing. But officially there has been no confirmation about either being official. 

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Oh, ok. That's sort of what I figured; that both were just rumors right now.

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Red Wind123
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le bloop

oh, its official 

Image result for han solo movie

and Disney is setting up to fail, just like Kathleen set up TLJ to be an insult. 


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I knew the Han Solo movie was official, I was questioning whether the Boba Fett movie and the Obi-Wan movie was official which for right now turned out to just be a rumor. I'm going to give the Han Solo movie a chance but I don't think I'll like it as well as when Harrison Ford plays Han.


I really liked The Last Jedi but everyone's entitled to their own opinion.