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Does a "wrong" stable affect your dragon? I've got my basic stable and a Boulder class UDT stable for my dragons, from which 4 are Mystery/Sharp class dragons. My other 3 dragons are Boulder class, so they're in their "right" stable. 


I'm about to buy a new stable, since I've got 7 dragons. So now I want to know if it's better to buy a Mystery class stable for my non-Boulder dragons or if it doesn't matter which one I buy and put them in. Designs of the stables don't matter to me.


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I've been wondering the same thing. I don't think the type of stable has any effect on a dragon, though.


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Stables are storage areas for your dragons pretty much. Thats all. They come in different looks though so you can better organize them.


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Okay, thought so. Thank you!

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It does not have any bad impact on your dragon/s. If the dragon is in the rigth stable, it is just more organized. I don't do it tho. :P



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   hey if when you first get

   hey if when you first get an account  DON"T get your 2nd dragon, you can get a free bolder stable. hatch one of yourOWN eggs BEFORE geting your free one, this really works (somone else told me about this, I just forgot where and who) also, I wondered the same thing, but there's really no diffrence exept that the dream stable has 5 stots for dragons instead of 4




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