Stable Quests Bug

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Computer: PC and Smartphone, the same issue.

Operating System: Windows 10/Android One.

Web Browser: Google Chrome

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: Stable Quests

When did the error happen?: Since the last week, I can't acces the quest Slip Sliding Away, the third quest, the one in the right up corner. I clicked/touched it but nothing happens. I uninstalled the game and installed it again, and it's the same.


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Many players, including

Many players, including myself are struggling with this issue. Nicely, there is a way to fix it, that works at least for some people.

Close the game.

Come back and use the menu to go right to stables, not through an location (like School)

Open the stable quests, and the first one on which you have to click is Slip Sliding Away - If you click another one, your going to start over



Hope It’s clear enough and that It’ll work for you.


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Joined: 08/14/2014
It's still not working, but

It's still not working, but thanks for trying to help.