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There are now way more stable quests that I skip since the gem chests got replaced with coin rewards. Simply bcs its not worth to send my dragons out for this. You get 2400 coins (or was it 2800?) for sending out your best titans for 4 days. We could get this amount of coins in a few hours in DT. So I want to suggest to maybe reduce the time or replace the coins with more interesting things like egg chests or titan runes and maybe something else. How about chests like the ones we get in battles? With eggs, gems, stables, skins and more.
Whatever the admins choose to do, it would be just nice if they would overwork those stable quests which are now left with a big amount of time for a small reward.









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I'm up for seeing a change in stable quest rewards, but I wouldn't want more egg chests or runes. Farming exists for coins and is likely the most effective way to get them, so I never even look at how many coins a stable quest can give me. With over 700k coins, a huge amount of duplicate dragon eggs and over 100 runes, I feel like the stable quests are no longer useful and the rewards kind of accumulate in my bags, never to be used.


I'd love to see new rewards, maybe even see gems return, albeit rarely? 


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I'd love to see some of the gem stable quests we used to have brought back(change Loki's Maze, Construction Zone, Lab Assistant, ect back to gems instead of them rewarding coins). If they didn't want to give us back every gem stable quest that we used to have I'd settle for at least a few of them being brought back. A few of them would be better than nothing in my opinion.


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I just replace the quests

I just replace the quests until I get gems or runes. I have only ever seen an egg one once (Nest Mess) and it requires Titans which I don't have. Getting a gem quest to pop up in the Fury quest usually only takes a couple tries.


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Yeah thats right but Im talking about the quests, which used to have gem rewards. Long Night Flight was only one of them. We had Long Patrol, Lokis Maze, Construction Zone, Lab Assistent, The Lions Den, The Spiders Parlor, Slice and Dice, Deadly Drought (just to name a few)...they where all gem quests. Now they only have coin rewards but some of them still take 4 days to finish. Thats why I suggest a change.