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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyya everybody, and welcome to my first (and maybe last) Theory Thread! Where I scream at you! About theories! If you're a RTTE fan and want to hear a bunch of ramblings from me, you've certainly come to the right place. (Or wrong place, depending on what your outlook is on me screaming about a Netflix show through a computer screen.)

So, all of you (or some of you. Or at least a few of you, I hope) are probably PRETTY excited for RTTE Season 6. (Like I am. How'd you know?) And Season 5 left us with a majority of questions, and though we hope all of them will be answered in the shortly upcoming final season (*LOUD UGLY SOBBING*) of Race to the Edge, we still have a few weeks left for some speculation on how things are gonna go down!! (Actually, it's approximately 3.24 weeks away. We'd better get cracking.)

And I'm not the only one here rolling out the ideas. You guys are all welcome to share, discuss, and scream, too! After all, that's what this thread is for. I think. I hope...

So, here's how it's gonna work. 

I'm just going to leave this thread here, and anyone is welcome to track at any time. Sporadically, I'll be posting theories, depending on when I have them finished. You're welcome to post your own at any time. This thread literally has no rhyme or reason, so please, go crazy!

If you're like me, we ALL need something to do while we wait. Amirite?

So fire away!






L'oo eh edfn, brx vloob jrrvh.




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Trackinng ready to see the


ready to see the theories >:)))


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Eeee! I can't wait!

Tracking, of course! *Mentally prepares for excited screaming*



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Johann: Ties, Connections, and Motivations

so i finally managed to post it after like four hours of hating myself 

ahem so yes

I know it's all a stretch but hey we've been wondering


So, there has been some debate, mostly just me wondering, about how Johann came to be involved with the Hunters. Did he sell the Riders off to the Hunters early on, or during Race to the Edge? And if that’s the case, who really did he join; Drago, or Viggo?

My answer? Neither, and both.

We can take into consideration a lot of Johann’s actions not in Race to the Edge (even though there’s a lot of proof there, too), but in Riders and Defenders of Berk. Every episode Johann is in points to him having some sort of shady business going on. For example, an older but well-known episode: Dragon Flower (Riders of Berk, Season 1 Episode 9). Johann lets Mildew plant the Blue Oleander in the middle of Berk, fully knowing what he was selling. We can’t be sure if he actually knew the effects of the Blue Oleander, but he’s already proven to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the things he sells. The chances that Johann didn’t know about what the Blue Oleander could do to dragons are slim.

Example number 2 is Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Defenders of Berk, Season 2 Episode 17). We know that Johann buys a pile of scrap metal from Dagur the Deranged, and in turn sells it to Berk. When it turns out to be a nest of Smothering Smokebreaths, Stoick and Hiccup naturally interrogate Johann on the matter; who recovers swiftly...or lies? While we can’t be sure, it’s definitely odd.

And why would Johann’s alliances change so quickly, if both did end up being him working against the Riders? If he were working with Mildew, that would later equate to a relationship with the Outcasts. And if he were working with Dagur, that would equate to an alliance with the Berserkers. So, why does Johann keep switching sides? When it comes to villainy, who is Johann, really?

My guess? Exactly what he seems: a trader. (Insert funny traitor pun here.) But with a much darker intent than we realized.

Traders sell things, and we already know Johann is quite profit-inclined. After all, he has a huge hidden stash of wealth! So, what I’m trying to say is, Johann has been using the Riders for profit and acting as their friend. He profited both off of Mildew and Dagur, both by selling things. After all, it would explain his motives. And let's consider something else: who, during the early seasons of RTTE (think 2-3), would have the need and the funds to bribe a trader, who has earned the trust of the Riders, to assist them in gathering inside information?

The Dragon Hunters. Viggo, in particular.

They, of course, are our first option. Johann couldn’t have been working with the Hunters before Race to the Edge; Viggo and Ryker didn’t even know about the Riders then, and while it’s possible Johann might have known them due to his extensive traveling, there’s no way anyone would have made the connection, since the Hunters weren’t aware of the Riders’ existence until later on in Race to the Edge.

This connects very closely to an IMPORTANT line Johann says in Sins of the Past, the episode and scene where the whole fandom lost their crap: My infiltration into the Berkian world, years of building trust, behaving as if I were some buffoonish fop, kissing the boots of Stoick the Vast and his scrawny heir to the throne...” This line, right here, gives us bounds of important information. He states that he has been infiltrating into the Berkians for years. The amount of time that Johann could have spent with the Hunters without breaking canon does not equate to years- rather, a few months or half a year at the least. He also states “years of building trust” as if his goal was never to get along with them, or even to scam a little, but to build their trust for years. Now, why on earth would he do that, if he was only working for the Hunters for the few months that were canonically possible?

There are two explanations, the first being rather straightforward and the second much more complex.

Option A: Johann used the Riders for his own profit, and built their trust so he could sell them out at such a time as this; and for a lot of money, too. This is slightly far-fetched, considering I’m not sure how Johann could have such foresight on someone coming along and needing a mole. Alternatively, Johann must have noticed how easily the Riders make enemies.

Option B: Someone came even before his alliance with the Hunters. The only other option: Drago Bludvist. We know Drago was around and active in the Archipelago when Stoick was younger, and that many were aware of his existence, though maybe not by name. Stoick, of course, was the only survivor of the only known encounter and interaction with Drago and the Viking tribe, though it’s entirely possible Drago was known elsewhere, if not too popular, in the Archipelago. There is another important thing to note: Johann was not new to the Archipelago. In the Dragon Flower episode, it may be the first time the Riders meet Johann, but the rest of the Berkians know him and greet him like an old friend. And judging Johann’s design, we can estimate he is of similar age or possibly older than Stoick. This means it is entirely likely for Johann to have met Drago, or someone in league with him. (Side note: Krogan was also present for Drago’s meeting with the Viking chieftains, as Stoick’s RTTE flashback reveals. This means it is also possible Krogan and Johann met at some point, if he is, or was, truly involved with Drago.)

And who out there would need some assistance in the Viking world?

Drago, of course.

But this wasn’t when there was any riding going on. Drago wanted something much more than that, and I’m theorizing Johann may have temporarily joined forces with him. This may have been when he started building trust with the Berkians, expecting to use it to assist Drago and learn more about them, and likely being paid to do so. So, this would explain why Johann has spent so many years building up trust, and why he references it in Sins of the Past. But for how long did Johann really help Drago? Did something change when the vikings of Berk started to ride dragons? Most likely.

We can assume after that large development that Johann rather went silent on Drago’s end. Because things took a huge turn, and we know that Drago isn’t necessarily a dragon hunter, but a builder of a dragon army. So the knowledge that the Berkians were no longer fighting them, or needing protection from them (as Drago had promised them in Stoick’s flashback), would be delicate indeed for Johann to handle. And we can’t really delve into why Johann may have cut ties with Drago after that development, because then it would sound too much like a headcanon and not enough like a theory. So I’ll leave that for you guys to determine: why did Johann cut ties with Drago after the Berkians began to train and ride dragons? Profit? Something else? Maybe we’ll never know.

With all of that out of the way, we can return to the episode Sins of the Past, and in particular a very interesting screenshot I found a few weeks ago.

When Johann reveals himself to the audience.

Here we have the reactions of our two antagonists; Viggo and Krogan, upon seeing Johann enter quite dramatically through the tent door. And their reactions are both highly important and will supply to this theory.

Viggo looks calm, not even the slightest bit perturbed. He has a very solemn expression, maybe even with a touch of sadness. He doesn’t seem surprised at Johann’s entrance in the least, which supplies to my assumption that Viggo is (or was) currently the one who had been paying Johann to give him inside information; but we can address that and how Johann may be affected by the change of leadership (post-volcano incident for Viggo) later.

Because of how calm Viggo is, I was quite baffled as to why Krogan looks so shocked.

He doesn’t usually look like this. Even though it’s subtle, he’s clearly widening his eyes, giving Johann a look of shock or even mild confusion or even some fear. However, he’s not looking at him like one might look at a total stranger; you might say Krogan recognizes him; why would Krogan have reason to look at Johann like that if he were just a total stranger? Or even someone he previously knew?

My estimate is that Viggo told Krogan about having a person on the inside, but Krogan was not aware it was Johann, and recognizes him from when Drago hired him.

Far-fetched, isn’t it?

After all, Krogan would have no reason to meet Johann face-to-face, even after taking leadership of the Hunters from Viggo. And we know Johann was quite busy with the Riders around that time; he makes rapid occurrences in the beginning of Season 5, as well as throughout the rest of the season. At any rate, Krogan’s reaction to Johann is quite odd, especially in comparison to Viggo’s relaxed demeanor.

Johann’s ties with Drago are entirely assumptions and only there to explain why he was building trust among the Riders for years. Option A works just as well (in fact, I have a fanfiction short based around Option A; Johann meeting Krogan before Sins of the Past). Really, it’s up to you to believe whatever you’d like to. I may be way off on both, anyway!

Before going to bed (it’s currently 12:23 AM at this time of writing), I have one final thing to address. If Viggo hired Johann, how did the leadership shift (from Viggo to Krogan) affect their business?

With his funds gone (the remainder now controlled by Krogan), Viggo likely can’t pay for Johann’s services any longer, if I’m right about Johann’s motivations being money. So, I assume that Viggo gave Krogan the information about his man on the inside, telling him about him and making sure Krogan knew the details, and making sure he also paid Johann, while continuing to do it through Viggo since the two knew each other. Johann, naturally, brought them a step closer to the “King of Dragons”, which seems to be a common goal they have with Johann.

But alas...the King of Dragons theory is a theory for another day. I’m exhausted, and this is all I have for now. Be sure to give me your feedback!


i wrote that super late at night


fun times and a lack of sleep

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Good theories :-)

These are good theories, especially with what we have to work with.


Since everything else is beginning to point to the second movie it's very likey he is affiliated with Drago. Although in the second movie it's suggested that Drago didn't know who Stoick was, didn't know he had survived, and didn't even recognize him when he saw him. (...not 100% sure on the last one I haven't watched that movie for years now)

So if he doesn't know Stoick is still around, would Johann's job just be to report the most dangerous of those who they will soon be at war with? and that's why they're focused on Berk and the dragon riders? Or is it because they are searching for Valka? and in turn her Bewilderbeast that they DO know about?

I'm sure they don't know who Valka is, but only she, the riders, and drago's army who have now merged withthe hunters are portrayed as able to fly dragons. So maybe the original plan was find the rider, find the Bewilderbeast. 


I actually think it would make sense if Johann works for no one. He is simply a trader, as you say above. And he is so greedy for gain that the one thing in all his travels that he hasn't come across, the one thing he can't say that he's bought, sold, or captured, is the Dragon King. So now he's stuck on that and can't be happy until he's got it. In this situation it would make sense that he uses the riders to his own benefit. He definately uses the hunters, the outcasts, and the Berserkers to his own gain as well. If someone wants to buy info, he's selling. I could see him in that light.




But the truth is...


I sort of feel like the writers just sat down and said, 'hey we need another villian no one would have suspected" sometime at the begging of the creation of season 5 of RTTE. There are huge problems with him being an infiltrator. I.E. episode where Berks gold is stolen by Viggo. Viggo may have been 'pretending' to be suspicious of Johann when he smashed a hole in the cargo hold, but the dragon riders were not discovered until Ruff and Tuff were found clinging to the cage of a dragon about to be sold at auction. And then Viggo acted surprised. If Johann really was a traitor this moment would have been the one he was waiting for his whole life. All the dragons are in cages, all the riders are below deck, now he just needs to wait to find Heather- who trusts him whole heartedly and has given him every chance to take the dragon eye lense. 

Also in the episode where Johann claims to have been attacked by dragon hunters but instead was dealing with wild dragons- first of all they(Ryker) do mention him (Johann) by name but I understood that as an implication that they drove him toward the wild dragons. Also when all the riders took off to check out the island, they left Johann at the edge unguarded. If he was working for Viggo why wouldn't he take they eye then and there? Say that some hunters came and overpowered him and took it? It really doesn't make any sense to me.


Viggo and Krogan both seemed a little stunned at Johanns' speach- Viggo too because if he knew Johannn was a turncoat he would have enjoyed Krogan's shock with a firm brow and a slight smirk. In my opinion anyway. To me he looks like he's analizing whether or not Johann is serious... or is he spying on them?


I sort of hope that Johann made up this story because his greed has dug him into a pit he can't get back out of, and his real problem is he's actually just really tired of being treated like a nobody, and wants to find respect... in the wrong places though. Then things go wrong and he repents.



Sorry for going on. It just bugs me when something in a movie or show isn't thoroughly thought out. It's not finished yet, though, so who knows? Maybe they'll be able to pull it off.

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Just to be clear-

I hope that last post didn't seem harsh. I think your theories are really good and very well thought out, if I seem irritated it's only at the writers for not being thorough. They've shown they have really good skill and I don't want them to stop now. I've really enjoyed this show! :-D

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*screams into the void*

You've made very good points! The only thing I really have to say is, yes, Stoick and Drago did recognize each other in HTTYD 2. The way they interact definitely doesn't indicate total strangers :P
I appreciate the feedback, and you didn't come off as harsh at all! While I think it's always possible for Johann to be not fully evil, or even acting, I personally hold a fair bit of doubt for this. My reason may be shallow, though; the thing that shocked me so badly and entirely convinced me of his...evilness, so to speak, was his clear conviction. We have never seen Johann so passionate. (Well, maybe about his stories.) But I can tell you now, Johann was dead serious during that final scene, whether it was for greed, or an alliance, or whatever it may be. He was usually portrayed as a very gentle figure, and though he was talkative, he was never violent and even avoided a fight when he could, unless something majorly annoyed him. (Hi Snotlout.) However, in this scene, he's aggressive, his language (while still elaborate and wordy as always) is clearly pointed and quite vicious ("buffoonish fop" "kissing the boots" "scrawny heir to the throne") and showing contempt for Stoick as well as Hiccup. He even knocks a drink off a table during this. (STOP RUINING VIGGO'S TEA, JOHANN. HE NEEDS IT.) 
However, your idea that he may be motivated by simple greed an alliance to no one in particular, and using everyone to his own advantage, I totally agree with!! I wouldn't be surprised at all were this the case.

Jumping quickly back to what you mentioned about Viggo (and possibly Krogan) not being aware of Johann being a turncoat seems just a smidge unlikely to me. Mostly because Viggo looks quite calm, and he already knows that Johann was "allied" with the Riders, so if Johann just waltzed in and declared himself a traitor, Viggo wouldn't look content with that at all. (I doubt Johann would have even made it to the encampment were that the case.) And besides, the plan to get Heather's lens was clearly thought out and clearly Johann-central. However, you're right; Viggo was totally sizing Johann up. But then again, he does that to everyone. So this could indicate Viggo not fully trusting Johann's motives. Krogan's shock, however, was a little odd, and was really the only reason I started rambling about Johann's supposed ties to Drago anyway. But whatever.

Thank you so much for the interest, and the compliment on my theories! It means a lot to me, coming from you. <3

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Aww <3

Thank you! This is a great thread! I am a big time tv and movie buff and I love annalizying the possibilities XD


Okay, that sounds about right. Was Drago surprised to see Stoick though? I so can't remember and I don't have the movie available to watch. 


It's really more of wishful thinking that Johann is not totally bad- I do think you're right that they're going for the 'he's been bad the whole time' thing. Some of it makes sense; he never did like dragons and dragons don't much like him and he did always lead them into trouble.


But an episode that suggests Johann met up with Viggo is also actually where I got the idea that this whole thing could have been triggered by everyone's (prominentaly Snotlouts) careless attitude towards Johann.

Ep 5.7 Dawn of destruction. 


This is the Episode Johann sends Hiccup away to find ingredients for his project- when the singetail riders attack the Edge.


Johann is trying to tell them about the mysterious and intriguing person he met in the northern markets- the reason he couldn't collect the oil Hiccup asked him to get. But Hiccup and Astrid are too busy with each other and what Hiccups trying to create to listen... after all, Johann acts excited about everything. He then tries to get Snotlout's attention (who would be next in command after Astrid) who quickly blows him off. Actually Snotlout comes in insulting him by pretending to be interested. It's hard to see because Fishlegs walks right past Johann after that (not even saying hi :P) But Johann's expression changes to almost anger.


The riders don't know that Viggo is alive yet, and up until the end of the previous episode he was residing in the northern markets. It looks like up to this point Johann might have been trying to warn them that one of their enemies was back from the dead. But they wouldn't listen, as usual. He aslo said that the person in the northern markets was the reason he hadn't been able to get the oil- maybe he was about to tell them Krogan and Viggo's plan to lure Hiccup away and take the Edge?


Anyway, a big message in this particular episode is to not ignore your friends- and perhaps with a twist of irony the person giving the message was Snotlout who totally brushed Johann off.



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*wheeze* DISCO GIRL

:0 Your Dawn of Destruction theory is super cool! I did find it a bit odd how the Riders totally brushed Johann off, but then of course my brain totally went past that and onto "DID JOHANN INTENTIONALLY LURE THEM AWAY? also Snotlout being a responsible leader and Hiccstrid" because my brain is hyperactive and a goopy mess 99% of the time. (I'm also character development and ship trash.) But what you said makes so much sense! I can see how that would definitely spark something. And I do totally understand some of Johann's contempt towards Snotlout that may already be there. (I mean...Snotlout did leave him on a remote island once.)

Even so I find it odd, because the one person he specifically mentions in his speech to Viggo and Krogan (actually, the person he mentions first) was the person who actually showed kindness towards him, which of course, was Stoick. He actually doesn't use any names other than Stoick's. So if Stoick has been one to show kindness toward Johann (save a few moments where Stoick was just being...Stoick), why would Johann mention Stoick's name first; in fact, his full name? Though I totally think Johann being a traitor could be definitely based around some of the attitudes he's been shown by the Riders, I just find it odd Johann would specifically call out Stoick by name, as well as Hiccup (though not using Hiccup's name), who was the other person who showed Johann kindness. However, he is Hiccup, and there are moments where even a blind man could see Hiccup's exasperation with Johann, especially in Riders and Defenders of Berk. 

I got so distracted I forgot about your original question. Honestly, it's been a while since I've seen the movie myself (NEED TO REWATCH AAA), but yes, I can say Drago was surprised to see Stoick alive and well. Even though he recognized him, Drago had thought Stoick had died in the fire.

HOOOOOBOY, I accidentally ranted there. Whoopsie. Also, I'm glad you're enjoying it, and me too, haha! I could go on about this particular show for days. (help me.)

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no need to apologize, that's what this whole forum is for ^^ 


...so I guess if they follow that story line to the letter then Drago did not send Johann- or Johann has not told Drago that he was spying on Stoick the Vast... which leaves us with the search for Valka and her Bewilderbeast if we're still running the Drago -Johann conspiracy?



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A wild post appeared!!!

*Awkwardly appariates into conversation*

How did the Sentinels come to Vanaheim and why is it that not all dragons are attracted to Vanaheim? Just a certain groups of Deadly Nadders, Grinckles, Monsterous Nightmares and Hideous Zipplebacks? And one Eurptodon. Why is the body of that Bewilderbeast so large compared to the ones seen in HTTYD 2?



I rhink, I might know the answer.


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hey the more the merrier ^^

Sorry, no ideas how the Sentenels came to protect Vanaheim. Or where the sentenels came from. Or why they're blind. :P :)


First theory about the dragon species: 

to keep the episode simple, and remain true to the second httyd where Valka introduces certain dragon species for the first time, I suspect the writers purposefully chose not to mention other dragon graves on Vanaheim. Hiccup said the sentenels knew every dragon's manauvers; this could have been in context to the only dragons they were riding or all the dragons that they had come across.


It would be destracting in this episode which introduces so much to add dragons that the gang had not yet discovered- or even the many others that they had. It would take away from the storyline and be a lot of extra work.



Second theory... or second part of theory-


These dragons could be decendents of the ones that had been under this particular wilderbeasts' protection. There parents passed down their heratage, and then those to their young, so for generations the dragons have been retiring to this safe haven in their final days. I suspect there are other graves in Vanaheim somewhere (after all the Grim Gnashers knew about Vanaheim and they weren't discovered on the island) the riders just aren't going to explore it and find out. i.e: They didn't find the Eruptodons' grave and it did exist.

The four main dragons on Berk are the most common dragons in all the archipelago (add the terrible terror), so naturally, they're graves would be the biggest or the most in number on the island, making them the most likely to be accidentally discovered.



On a side note; can we all appreciate Tuffnut's map of the island?





He even crossed out a star under the Sentenel like he said he would! hahaha, Tuffnut is the best



Bewilderbeast size:


Is he really that much bigger than the others? I actually never noticed :P


reptiles grow as long as they live; that's where the idea of titan dragons came from. They're just older. (with real reptiles they don't usually change color or grow extra spines or anything) Since this bewilderbeast died a long time ago it stands to reason the only threat to his life was another bewilderbeast since vikings would have been scarce in the Archipelago. He lived out a full life which was probably very long


Another theory is that the animators, who needed to make him this big to turn him into an island, hoped we wouldn't notice his size differnce compared to the other two. XD

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*screams into the void*

Indeed, yes. I feel like Drago might know someone's out there looking for the Bewilderbeast, but I doubt he knows Stoick is involved, as he wasn't aware Stoick had survived.

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A wild post appeared!!!

But I have some inquiries.


Pretty sure the 'King of Dragons' was referring to the Bewilderbeast. Doesn't take a genuis. Not to mention the fact that Valka quite literally calls him 'the king of dragons' in HTTYD 2

 "Every next has its queen but this, this is the king of all dragons."

 there has been many references to bewilderbeasts within the series, the most notable of which is the fact that Vanahiem is the skeleton of a MASSIVE bewilderbeast. That bewilderbeast is nearly 100 times the size of the one shown in the  movies. 

Can I request that you cover that? Why do only certain dragons go to vanahiem when they hideand why is that bewilderbeast so much larger than the ones we've seen in the movies? 

Sadly, I do not think the riders will ever find out what was in Heather's Dragon Eye, Hiccup did not recognize Valka's bewilderbeast in HTTYD 2. That will remain a mystery. Speaking of mystery, what's the problem with Berserker Island?

They NEVER mention the reason why dragons are afraid to land in the village again. Just that one time. And even then, Dagur doesn't offer any explanation. Can someone tell me why this is? It's been bothering me so much! At first i thought it was because generations remembered being killed there, like how they remembered being killed in the arena when the riders took them there in DOB. But, that doesnt explain why Sluether is also too afraid to go down there. He's never been there before and you can't really chalk it up to a general hatred of humans because he was fine with the riders. Maybe it has something to do with another Bewilderbeast as that seems to be a reoccurring theme in the season. Still, that doesn't make since either. I get the feeling that the dragons refusal to land on the island was a more recent occurance because Dagur himself said it was weird. It wouldn't of been weird if it were always that way. Remember, the Berserkers used to fight dragons to. They wouldn't of needed to kill dragons if the dragons never landed in their island in the first place. So... I am baffled.

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*screams into the void*

I'll definitely be covering all of that, especially because you asked!! The King of Dragons is, indeed, most likely a Bewilderbeast. We have a lot of proof pointing to that, as well! It's honestly very interesting, and I definitely understand what you're saying. I may work on that tonight, though I have a huge chemistry exam coming up that's been stressing me out. But I'll DEFINITELY be working on the King of Dragons theory soon!!

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Dear Oswald and a Bewilderbeast

If you re-watch the beserker Island episode when Snotlout and Gustav wander down through the caves they see massive pillars of ice. The caves were made by Oswald, and Snotlout points down to the stuff and says to Gustave "I wonder what dragon made all this" - paraphrased I don't remember exactly.


Heather was givien the Bewilderbeast eye by her father


Oswald journeyed to Vanaheim and drew the bewilderbeast skeleton in his diary



My two theories is that they are searching (in RTTE) for Oswalds own bewilderbeast, most likely the offspring of the Vannaheim one, and that one becoes Drago's bewliderbeast, leaving the dragon riders in the dark even at the end of season six.




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A wild post appeared!!!

My mind just got blown. Although, it still doesnt explain why dragons would refuse to land there, unless the Bewilderbeast was still in residents to the island

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Not sure...


My best guess is that they smelled or recognized signs of his previous presense. I doubt he was still there, but maybe. 

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The ice was the first thing I noticed..

That's exactly what I screamed in my brothers ear: "The Ice! The dragons going crazy! The king of all the dragons! Vanaheim! The.. Bewilderbeast! These are all clues, my brother!" *violent screaming*





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hahaha yes XD

Ikr? I love it when a good story comes together muahhahaha

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*heavy breathing*


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*screams into the void*

I'm so glad you're all this interested in my crazy 1 AM theories, haha! Because of that, here's a list on the ones I hope to do soon:

The King of Dragons

The Dragon Flyers: Who Are They Exactly?

Why Krogan is Totally Gonna D.ie in the Finale (We Hope)


Why We Might Have a Viggo vs. Krogan in the Finale


However, there is a catch. My life is currently PRETTY busy, as I'm involved in the stagebuilding and production of a huge theatrical drama and exams are trying to suffocate me. So, the thing is: If February 16th rolls around and I don't have all of these done, I won't do them.

why? because we'll have all our questions answered that day!

(We hope.)

So, I HOPE to have all of these done before the newest and final season, but if not, you'll just have to come scream with me on my upcoming Discussion Hub! (Yes, I'm making another. It's my new job. Even though we...only have...one more season... THIS IS A DARK MENTAL ROAD)

Toodles for now~