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Heyo guys! Squiid is back with another thread, and this time, it's theories! As most of you know, I'm a bit of a rabid RTTE fan. And seeing as we have five days left (OH. MY. THOR), I thought some of you might have some good ideas on what we can expect for this new season, which apparently has "more revelations than you can shake an ax at". This is lookin' GOOD, mates!

I'll kick us off with a few of my theories. 


1. The Dragon Eye survived

This one is just a theory based around a shot from the trailer. After breaking down and analyzing the trailer very carefully, I was fortunate to catch a split-second shot of a very, very interesting image. This was shared by me on another thread, but just in case you didn't see it:


Upon first glance, this is just a weird blur shot of Krogan, our new villain, and something dark circled in red near the bottom. Well, turn up your brightness and look closer!

That, my friends, is the top of the head of the Dragon Eye, apparently being held by Viggo, as is covered in the theory below. How did the Dragon Eye survive its fated end? Share your thoughts!


2. Viggo survived

Again, this theory is based around yet another shot from the trailer, therefore not so much of a theory. But here, in the same split-second scene as is seen above, we see this very interesting shot:

Yes, that figure behind Krogan is indeed Viggo! There's another frame of him standing next to Krogan, with perhaps a slightly adjusted outfit. In this image, upon closer examination, the visible ear of Viggo is clearly burned. If you thought the Dragon Eye surviving the lava was unlikely, let's think about this!


3. Singetails and reformed Dragon Hunters

Ah, yes, the ever mysterious Singetails. In the trailer (and the shot above, stolen sneakily from Alicornbro hide;P) we see Hunters controlling these traditionally unpredictable and clearly untrainable dragons with the use of bits. This means we must take Krogan's new methods into consideration- whereas Viggo and Ryker's ultimate goal was not the enslavement of dragons but the capture and skinning of them for money. Which begs the question- how and why are these "Hunters" riding Singetails, when the Dragon Hunters would have just sold the dragons for profit, or at least while under the command of Viggo, they would have.

Which brings us to: now that Krogan has taken over leadership, did he change things?

My guess is yes. Krogan is some sort of unofficial-official tie to Drago's army, given away by the symbol on his cloak:

Image result for httyd drago's symbol

As is seen here, on Drago's mothership:

Image result for httyd drago's fleet

Though we know Drago won't make any official appearances in the show, due to interference with canon and writer confirmation he will make no appearances, this doesn't mean the show writers haven't referenced him at all. In fact, they've done plenty of gleeful referencing to Drago. It's up to us how to take this.

My personal take?

Read on!


4. A shaky Hunter/Drago alliance?

They've certainly referenced such an alliance, and with this new trailer, it brings all of this into a new light. Krogan taking over, all of these references soon having meaning, especially Viggo's famed line: "I have no desire to rule the world, unlike...some people." (Defenders of the Wing Part 1, S3 E13). Clearly, they know of someone like Drago, who does, in fact, want to rule the world. The Dragon Hunters might have been a stepping stool in this leap we see in HTTYD 2. 

Will Krogan confirm ties to Drago and the Hunters? We shall just have to see!


I might be posting more theories, but for now, I want to hear your theories for the upcoming season! What do you think will happen? Any moments you caught in the trailers or the to-be-released clips? Here's your place to tell us everything!






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Wow, looks like Squiid left one last code in her signature. You have two clues...


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I was hoping that YOU would make this kind of thread!





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So cool! Pity about Virgo

So cool! Pity about Virgo though. No offence but I wanted him gone.


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Upcoming theory about the all-new dragon the Sandbuster, many thanks to FloofQueen for helping with this!


For now...


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