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Hello guys, Squiid here! So I'm working on my signature, and I want my things to be more organized (even though like...being organized isn't even really in my vocabulary). So I thought to myself: why not make a thread so all their stuff is in one place! Great idea, right? Considering it takes me a millennium to think of something like that, I sure think so! Without further ado, here I present my two proper School of Dragons HTTYD OCs...


~Stormy & Hurricane~


All their character information will be posted here! Get ready to hear me jabber on about my favorite Berserker and her grumpy Skrill companion. 



Please DNR yet! I'll be putting up two WIPs, and then you are free to track if you like! :P







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Stormy Jorgenson

Official Character Bio





Stormy Jorgenson




20 (post-HTTYD 2)

Occupation: Weapon Master, weaponry and tribe history teacher at the School of Dragons



(in-game appearance- NOT ACCURATE!)

Stormy has brown hair commonly in a braid and reaches about the middle of her back when let down. She has deep green eyes and possesses purple warpaint under her left eye (only on occasion), symbolizing her dedication to her allies and strength in battle. Her skin is light, but tanned after years of being in the sun.



Eye Color:


Physical Build:

Medium height, very well toned, powerful broad shoulders, muscular arms

Other Features:

Purple warpaint under left eye as seen in the above images (only on occasion, not permanent)

Weapon of Choice:

Harbinger the battleaxe. This strong iron weapon is decorated with a Skrill symbol (the symbol found on Stormy’s basket for unknown reasons as a child, later discovered to be the crest of Oswald the Agreeable, and later Dagur the Deranged), the blade itself constantly polished. The handle is wrapped with purple Skrill scales, belonging to Hurricane, which he shedded and Stormy transformed into a handle, for prime grip and maximum comfort.


(not in game)

Stormy wears a silver Valkyrie helmet (only on occassion). She has a dark brown leather jerkin with a leather straps, a single belt, and spiked black leather shoulder pads. Her pants are also dark brown and are made to have not only armor but comfort as well. She wears simple leather boots with a buckle. She has plain leather bracers on her wrists.


Stormy is reckless, daring, bold, and completely off the hook in more ways than one. A full-blooded Berserker, Stormy is wild, crazy, and loves danger, adversity, or really anything that means she can fight. A true optimist, Stormy is a ray of sunshine in the worst predicaments, convinced that good weapons and friendship can bring her through anything. However, because of her hyperactive and ADHD personality, Stormy also has many weaknesses.

Unable to focus, Stormy isn't exactly stupid, but she tends to get overexcited and miss important details that some people might otherwise take note of. Her hyperactive-ness tends to throw her into a tizzy, and occasionally if she experiences strong emotion, she'll go into a full-out Berserker rage, which takes a calm hand to draw her out of this red haze. Stormy doesn't like going into this unstoppable rage, since she prefers people don't see that dangerous Berserker side of her personality. She prefers to be the one to make people laugh and smile, and have confidence in themselves, rather than view her as a terrifying, bloodthirsty Berserker warrior.

Stormy has the heart of a warrior and the ferocity of a lion, but she's far from a gentle sort. Raised by the Jorgenson Clan, she is stubborn, headstrong, and will never, ever back down from a battle. Cowardice is a crime to her, and Stormy will make sure the battle is won or she dies trying. But on the flipside (and her good side, too), she's really just a jokester who likes making people smile.

Stormy is a trusted and dependable student, which was why the Riders decided to make her a teacher after she graduated from the School of Dragons. When the older Riders started getting more busy with their adult lives, they entrusted history and weaponry classes to Stormy, a senior rider, who was more than happy to take on the role. After years of handling her mischievous and stubborn brothers, Stormy quickly learned how to take on the mantle of teacher, and the idea of having a Berserker teacher became not so foreign as her years in the School wore on. She had many adventures there, particularly with Eret, son of Eret, of whom she eventually developed a romantic attraction to in her later adult years. But for now, Stormy just remains the cheerful, bubbly, reckless Berserker warrior who likes keeping students in line and playing with dragons.

Character Origin:

Stormy was originally a self-insert Berserker character for the School of Dragons, created a few years after the game was released, after I lost interest in my original character who had been created the very same day SoD was released. But however, Stormy quickly drifted away from the self-insert type of character and developed a mind and personality of her own.

Name Origin:

Stormy was named for the storm that washed her ashore Berk.


Berserkers, adopted by the Jorgensons

Lives At:

School of Dragons

Born At:

Berserker Island


Dagur the Deranged (cousin), Heather (cousin), Oswald the Agreeable (uncle), Harald Forkbeard (enemy; former romantic interest), Eret son of Eret (romantic interest), Snotlout (adopted brother-figure), Spitelout (adopted father-figure), (various other Jorgenson members), Unnamed brother of Oswald (father)

Main Riding Dragon:

Hurricane the Titan Skrill

Theme Song:

Work, Jars of Clay


Axe-throwing, fishing, teaching, dragon rehabilitation


Axework, master fighter, battle skills, dragon flying and training, optimism, cheerfulness, Berserker rage, tenacity, doesn’t give up easily


Distracted easily, can’t focus, doesn’t notice details well, cannot control Berserker rage, never sits still, easy temper, easy to rile up, recklessness

Greatest Fear:

Losing control of her Berserker rage and hurting someone she loves.


One dark, windy night, a hurricane stirred up by Berk and people fled to their homes to take shelter against the storm. Unbeknownst to them, on Berserker Island, the brother of Oswald the Agreeable, the chieftain, was forced to part with his only daughter. After the death of his wife, and the rising feud with an opposing island, he knew his child would never be safe and would only grow up surrounded by war and despair. So he tucked her into a fishing basket and set her adrift, praying to all the gods he knew that she would be safe. His hope turned to despair after the basket drifted out of sight, vanishing beyond the waves. And where the child had gone, a mighty storm was brewing. Magmar, as his name was, gave up all hope and returned to his village, somehow wondering if there was any way his daughter could’ve survived.

That night, only the Jorgenson clan could’ve possibly been out during the storm. But there they were, on the beach, roasting wild boar over a mighty bonfire, singing and laughing as the storm beyond the cleft blew furiously, but not interrupting their party. It was to their surprise when a fishing basket washed by their campfire, containing a small, innocent child inside. They refused to leave her and took her in, and the entirety of the clan of Vikings raised Stormy. She was always aware of her mysterious origins, but it never really mattered to her.

Because she was with the Jorgensons, Stormy was taught to hold an axe and sword before she could even walk properly. She was raised alongside rowdy adopted brothers, one of of which was actually Snotlout Jorgenson, so she didn’t exactly ever learn the feminine side of Viking culture- Stormy can’t cook, she can’t sew, and she can’t grow anything to save her life. Instead her place was on the battlefield alongside her brothers as a teenager, and her life took a huge turn when Berk made peace with the dragons.

But one battle changed everything. One time, when Stormy was about 15, she and a few of her siblings had traveled across waters to fight a growing Berserker skirmish. Stormy had always been a little over-the-top while in battle, but something happened when one of her fellow Jorgensons was threatened by a towering Berserker warrior. As the warrior raised his axe to strike the final blow, Stormy went into a blind rage. Drawing her sword, she charged straight at the man with a chilling war cry and knocked him down with one powerful blow, unaware of what she was doing. Before she knew what had happened, the man was flat on the ground, thanks to a powerful swing with the blunt of her sword. Terrified, Stormy dropped her sword and backed away, suddenly realizing she had gone just as insane as the warriors she was fighting.

But to her utter shock, the warrior staggered to his feet, turning to face the horrified Jorgenson. He stared at her, eyes wide. And then he stepped forward, and two green eyes met. And in a flash, some ancient memory resurfaced to the front of Stormy’s hazy mind.


He knew, too. In his disbelief, Stormy’s father handed his daughter the axe he had possessed. He seemed unable to say anything, even introduce himself as her father, but when he could finally manage words, he said, “This is Harbinger. May it serve you and your tribe well.”

Stormy always wondered why her father didn’t ask her back into the tribe, or even explain things. Instead he recalled his warriors and called off the attack, and they vanished into the evening mist. Stormy stared, in blank disbelief, after the retreating steps of her father and his company. Her brothers took her back to Berk, where she explained everything that had happened, and that she had recognized the man who she had fought to be her father. The axe held the crest of Oswald the Agreeable, and she and her brothers made the connection: the unnamed brother of the Berserker chieftain, her father. Which made her full Berserker, and the niece of the chief.

Her siblings kept the secret well, but Stormy’s new discovery also awakened some stronger Berserker tendencies. Though they had always been present, Stormy’s newfound connections and ties strengthened that forgotten bond with her tribe, and her hyperactive-ness and natural recklessness became even stronger, to the point where some of the children on Berk her age even feared her, though Stormy hated that fact. It took much strength to work through these revelations, but eventually she managed to accept it as part of her being. She simply continued her battle-loving life, and nothing changed until Berk made peace with the dragons.

Stormy loved the idea, unlike some of her tribe members. Though Stormy loved a good throwdown as much as the next Jorgenson, killing dragons just seemed like an unfair cruelty, and she avoided outright murder when possible, though that wasn’t to say she hadn’t ever killed any- Stormy was just as loyal as any of her tribe brothers and sisters. She much rather preferred to have a good fistfight with a human rather than an animal, as dangerous as said animal could have been.

When the School of Dragons opened, Stormy was one of the first to enroll. And as she and the other students sailed for the School, she eagerly dreamed about her future dragon- maybe a Monstrous Nightmare, with all their firepower, or a Deadly Nadder, with their exotic beauty and unmatched deadliness.

What she actually got was a surprise indeed. Hiccup brought to her a purple egg, electric to the touch. He seemed desperate, and guilty. He told Stormy that he and the Riders had found a Skrill egg abandoned, and they needed someone energetic to take care of it. Though he was clearly unhappy with the idea of pairing a new Rider with such a potentially dangerous dragon, he told her he had no choice, and would fully understand if she chose to decline.

But cowardice was a weakness in Stormy’s book. She took the egg without hesitation, and studied the art of dragon training every night until she dropped before the egg’s hatching. Even Stoick was surprised with the girl’s seemingly unending determination, and when the egg hatched, Stormy was the happiest Viking in existence. The young black-and-purple Skrill was possibly the cutest thing she had ever seen.

Stormy quickly learned that Hurricane, as she had dubbed him, wasn’t all just cuteness. He was a huge handful, and tended to electrocute her more than once, but Stormy never gave up. She had many adventures at the School with him, and by the time Hurricane reached his shortwing stage, the unpredictable Skrill had already formed a shaky bond with the overexcitable young Viking. But that was when things started to get rough.

After one too many lightning incidents, students in the School started not to trust Stormy or her dragon. They knew Stormy’s reputation for unpredictability and hyperactive-ness, and so many steered clear of her. This discouraged Stormy, and she later took to training by herself instead of with other students, and trying to dampen her exuberance, though that hardly ever worked.
But one night changed all that. While Stormy and Hurricane trained on the outskirts of the Caldera on a night when the moon was barely a sliver and the sky was dark, they stopped when they heard a faint cry for help. Following the source, Stormy and Hurricane discovered four students trapped by an unruly titan Monstrous Nightmare. Desperate, the students tried to drive off the massive beast with their dragons, but being only in the shortwing stage was a distinct disadvantage. Stormy and Hurricane rushed over to help, and with the Riders and dragon’s combined intelligence and skill, they managed to drive the titan out of the Caldera.

Things for the young Berserker got brighter from there on out. The students Stormy had rescued shared the story of her bravery, and the idea that a Berserker in the school soon became not such a bad thing. By the time Stormy was soaring the skies on the back of her broadwing Hurricane with her fellow students, she had become fully accepted and even to a point, respected.

She had many adventures in the School, both perilous and enjoyable, deeply falling in love with the dangers of being a Dragon Rider. She and Hurricane’s bond grew every day, and though Stormy always jokes that he wants to eat her, the two have grown inseparable in their adult years. Stormy doesn’t want her life to slow down, and it definitely doesn’t...after all, someone has to go out and bash Dragon Hunters while Hiccup’s busy doing chief things.



(Quick note: Stormy's appearance in the following art pieces are more accurate to the character than the in game appearance!)

Stormy, done by the super-mega-incredible Varku!! Thank you again!!! 


Stormy by Arrow!! Thank you so much! <3



Stormy, done by the amazing TohiLosi!! Thank you!!!

(This version would be a younger Stormy, possibly 13-15.)


Stormy by Boombox!! Thank you! <333



Hi, skeptics! (A bonus section)


What are you guys up to? Wait, why are you on my thread? Oh, right, it's probably because I have an OC that's related to a canon character which, you know, KIIIIIINDA sounds Mary Sue. 

But boy, do I have some good news for you! Or, uh, actually for me, you know, because I've poured quite a bit of effort into this character and, you know. Fun times.

In canon, it has been stated that Dagur and Heather have a cousin named "Helen". Of course, this character has no role other than the throwaway line she is a part of, but it does quite assist my "Stormy is the niece of Oswald" thing. Because it means that either Oswald or Dagur and Heather's unnamed mother has had a sibling, and by the time you start factoring in cousins, the family tree gets pretty wide. With all that said, it is fully and canonically possible for her to be related to them, which is why I have it in there at all!

Thanks for reading, skeptics! And uh, any other random human being who dropped by for some reason to read my character bios.




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Hurricane the Skrill

Official Character Bio


Same as before, please do not reference character design, personality, etc. Character theft is evil, kids. Don't do it, or it'll come back to bite you.









Titan (around 20 in human years)




Hurricane is blunt, gruff, and very grumpy. As unpredictable as Skrills can be, Hurricane received much prejudice as Skrills weren’t exactly very trustworthy dragons. He acts like a grumpy old man, when in reality, he actually does have a heart...underneath a lot of scales, spikes, and lightning.

Hurricane “feigns” loyalty to Stormy, and though he doesn’t like to admit it, he does quite like her. It took many years of befriending, as Hurricane is a naturally unruly and disrespectful dragon, and he doesn’t take well to following orders, as simplistic and trivial as even some can be. Over years, however, he learned to respect Stormy, as she earned his trust and he earned hers. Though he acts indifferent about her safety most of the time, Hurricane tends to be overprotective, and is held under a bit of a disgruntled view by Eret, whom the Skrill attempted to eat when the former trapper began courting Stormy. Of course, this is merely something Hurricane takes joy from. Stormy, however, isn’t quite so amused.

Character Origin:

Hurricane was chosen from an egg at the School. I wanted a dragon to match Stormy’s already planned-to-be-crazy personality, even before I had ever known she would be a Berserker. I chose Skrill as the logical choice and thus Hurricane was born.

Lives At:

Wherever Stormy happens to be


Stormy Jorgenson

Theme Song:

Friction- Imagine Dragons


Terrorizing younger students, flying through storms (with or without a rider), nicking sheep

Strengths: As a Skrill, Hurricane can channel and store lightning within his body, and can withstand high wind speeds and basically fly through a full-on storm with zero trouble. He is also a Titan, and packs a lot of bulk, able to smash into things and through things with relative ease. He also has natural Skrill hardiness, and can withstand many things, like freezing temperatures. He also has had many years of flying practice and has natural Strike Class speed.

Weaknesses: Due to his Titan size, Hurricane isn’t as maneuverable or swift as many smaller dragons, and occasionally not make turns on time. When submerged in water, Hurricane is unable to channel lightning, and he also does not like water in general. Due to his wildness and natural stubbornness, Hurricane tends to refusal, no matter what it is. Sometimes, Hurricane would just rather not, no matter what the task happens to be.

Greatest Fear: Drowning, failing someone he trusts


Hurricane by Skuttlefish!



Hurricane and that dratted cloud, by Procompy!



Hurricane by Sprix!


Hurricane by Arrowwwwwalker!


Hurricane by Fox!


Spoopy Scary Hurriskeleton, by Arrowwwwwwalker!

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Profile pic was done by the fantastic Katarile! TYSM!!!



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About me:

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Here’s my QnA for anything else(I get bored often ask me anything)!

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About my Characters:

I have a few actually…

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