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Heyo guys, and I'm here with one of my newest OC's, Fabion! I'll be putting all his current information here, in this thread. I sure hope y'all enjoy reading about him ;D He was so much fun to make!

Thank you Stormstriker217, FloofQueen, Greenfire, Peymae, and Arrowalker for design and personality help! You all are amazing!




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Fabion Eittoh

Official Character Bio




Fabion Eittoh






Artifact Dealer (Swindler), Businessman


By the amazing Arrowalker!!!



Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Skin Color:


Physical Build:

Fabion is tall and lanky, with long legs and slightly narrow shoulders. He is well-toned and physically capable of a great many things, though he’s less bulkier than some, giving him maneuverability in a fight, able to be fast and light on his feet. He has large but delicate hands that are nimble and capable of doing most anything with ease. His whole body is built for grace, athleticism, and elegance.

Other Features:

Has a scar on his left palm from mishandling of a throwing star. He also has sharp canines that make for a very handsome, if not frightening, smile.

Weapon of Choice:

A set of deadly throwing stars, of which he uses masterfully. He also carries a small knife when he needs to use it.


Fabion wears a white canvas shirt with a dark brown vest, and a lighter reddish-brown undershirt. He has simple leather bracers and dark baggy pants, with leather boots stopping at his knees and tall brown spats overtop. He often wears a long, flowing dark cape elegantly decorated with fine filigree. A sash-like holster is slung across his shoulder for holding his weapons, and he also has a pouch clipped to the side of his belt if he needs a more inconspicuous place to hide them.


Fabion is the epitome and very description of the word “charm”. Dashing, witty, and charismatic, his irresistible personality draws all sorts of people to him. He has quite the ego, and tends to be rather vain. Some may set his narcissism aside and instead focus on his vivacious personality, but it would be rather untruthful to say that Fabion isn’t rather self-absorbed at times. He is usually unconcerned with the wellbeing of others (and in many cases, his customers) and instead focuses on the bigger prize. Of course, Fabion isn’t heartless, he simply just...doesn’t really find the time to care all that much.

But don’t let his alluring personality and heart-melting smile fool you. He is cunning and intelligent, able to use the powers of persuasion and a conniving, guiding hand to get what he wants out of many situations. His job as a swindler takes a silver tongue, and he might as well have a golden one. Fabion is able to talk his way out of the tightest spots, using his wit and keenness to his advantage. Most of his clients will soon find them talked out of their money by the smile of an angel and the quick words of only an expert bargainer.

Character Origin:

Fabion was created for a RP between myself and a group of friends, the RP being called “Fabulously Doomed to Fail”. (The first part being a witty reference to his nickname, “Fab”.) He was very much a group project between Stormstriker217, Arrowalker, FloofQueen, Greenfire, Peymae, and myself. He is also a very mild reference to a cartoon character who will remain unnamed.

Name Origin:

I was browsing names, and “Fabio” caught my eye. I was intrigued by the name and found a variation of it, “Fabion”, which I was amused could be shortened to “Fab”, as in fabulous. The name also had a reference to someone with great hair, so by that time I was sold on it.



Lives At:

The Far North, in the his Estate

Born At:



-Bea (FloofQueen’s OC): Bea is possibly the only human being that Fabion might actually consider giving up something for. They unironically met when Fabion took Bea and her friends prisoner, after discovering they were in possession of a valuable artifact. He was infatuated by her endlessly cheerful personality and optimistic demeanor, and somehow treated her far better than any of his other prisoners, even going so far to throw her a feast. And that is the story of how Bea, a beautiful and pure soul, befriended the main-but-not-main antagonist. They also fell in love.

-Stormy Jorgenson (my OC): Stormy is really quite jealous of Fabion, as Bea became smitten with him and thus leaving her relationship with Bea (the almighty bromance) only second-tier. She thinks he’s most likely a scumbag who will hurt Bea when the opportunity arises.

-Fabion’s parents are unknown.

Theme Song:

Heist- Lindsey Stirling (Instrumental)
Non-instrumental theme coming soon!


Fabion has a passion for artifacts (or, in other words, money). He likes collecting bits of artifacts, and if they’re not for a customer, he keeps them for his own amusement. He’s building quite the collection. He also enjoys the illustrious trade business, using his excellent bargaining skills. He may also be a good gambler, but that remains unknown.


-Eloquence: Fabion’s primary strength lies within his charm. He is extremely persuasive and a master of words, able to coax any situation into something he wants.

-Cunning: Fabion is quick and a champion of improv. He’s good at thinking on his feet and can use the powers of persuasion and intelligence to work his way out of things.

-Athleticism: Fabion is active and energetic, and very nimble, able to maneuver with ease and use his strength and light-footedness to not only escape a messy situation but also take control of it physically as well as mentally.

-Bartering: Fabion is a master haggler and has a tried and true sense of price, and how to get just what he wants for just the right price. Most people don’t know what hit them.

-Artifact Knowledge: He also has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of popular Northern and Viking artifacts, as well as a passion for them.

-Sleight of Hand: Fabion has spent years mastering this particular art, and by now he may very well be a magician. His hands are adept and skillful, able to move so quickly and elegantly many don’t see them. This greatly assists his skill with throwing stars, as well.


-Overconfidence: Fabion is highly overconfident and doesn’t really believe he can do much wrong. He is ignorant of his own personal flaws on occasion, putting him in jeopardy.

-Greedy: Fabion has a love of money and tends to be rapacious, able to use people for his own goals and get what he wants out of that. He doesn’t care or know about the effect this might have.

-Dramatic: While it’s mostly comedic, Fabion is highly dramatic and often humorously so. He overreacts to things, whether it be for the sake of theater or just his exuberant personality. In any case, it usually doesn’t do him any favors.

-Manipulative: Fabion tends to use people for his own advantage, not holding high regard for people lower than him.

-Swindler: While Fabion’s business in swindling fake artifacts may be profitable, it is also dangerous, and he has been threatened with fatal results more than once in the course of this job, which makes him somewhat of a danger magnet.

-Reckless: Fabion somewhat believes he’s impervious to bad results, considering his constant streaks of good luck. His self-preservation is somewhat low, making him often foolhardy, especially when it comes to his line of work. He is willing to push limits.

Greatest Fear:

Dying believing he has accomplished nothing.


Work in progress!


None yet, other than Arrow’s ref!




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Okay! Feel free to track, if you wish.

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le bloop

This crate empty YEET


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I love this man 


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Hehe smidget finners



i'm incrediblytired

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wow squid! This is an amazing charecter and development! I love the idea of a han solo-esque chareceter, now your making me wish that this guy would be canon!  But we do have Viggo... lol

This story sounds really cool! Is there anyway I could read the story that you co-wrote? Man I wish i had an oc this great to call my own! I hope to see more of him in the future :)!!!



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About me: 

My main fandoms are How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars. (Don't ask me which one I like more, I'm undecided. They're both so amazing!) I also like Stranger Things, Studio C, POTC, Harry Potter, The Emporer's New Groove, Napoleon Dynamite, and LoTR, but this list goes on and on forever. My favorite TV show is Race to the Edge (obvioulsy) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fandoms aside, I love reading, hiking, playing with my dog, writing stories and fanfics, and HICCSTRID! (More on that farther down) As far as sports, I run Cross Country and Track/Field for my school. That's pretty much it, I'm not that interesting! 

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A drawing of my main battle/racing dragon, Tranchant Rouge, drawn by the FABULOUS Scalefeatherz!

A screen edit of Tranchant Rouge (sorry, I love this dragon) made by the super talented Blackwolfen!

About my Viking: 

Name: EllietheSavage

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance: She has medium-length sandy blonde hair, which she always keeps up in a messy bun. Tan-ish skin, with sea green eyes and a scar on her left. Though she is short, she doesn't let that stop her even when it means she can't reach that one thing on the top shelf. 

Personality: EllietheSavage is a very ambitious, stubborn, adventerous, brave, and intelligent viking. Most days she prefers to act first and think later, which can sometimes land her in trouble. She will never hesitate to stand up for anyone, and watch out, because she can roast you faster than a Stoker class dragon. Despite this, she is kind and social, and loves people almost as much as her dragons. 

Likes/Disklikes: She likes FF, TRR, talking to friends on the sea stacks in the Training Grounds, inventing stunts with her dragons, and shooting at Trader/Traitor Johann even though it never actually does anything. EllietheSavage does not like the Lab (sorry Heather), hackers, Johaan, and the thought of dragons leaving in HTTYD 3.   Ellie prefers to fight with a Bow and Arrows, but she is also very skilled at sword fighting. 


1 Gold Star

Adventurer Level: 35

Fishing Level: 26 (RIP the time I actually went fishing) 

Farming Level: 27

Trophies: 425 (I know, I suck at TRR, and I never see people to verse in FF)

My Dragons: 

Firehorn: Level 30 Rumbelhorn, rescued from Drago's Army (Male)

Firethorn: Level 30 M. Nightmare, hatched from the Hatchery (Female)

Dawnfire: Level 30 Groncicle, trained on Icestorm Island (Female)

OiOiOi: Level 30 M. Nightmare, prize box in Loki's Mirage (Male)

ChickenandMacey: Level 30 H. Zippleback, bought from Johann's trading post (Female)

SquittheLit: Level 17 Gronckle, prize box at the school (Male)

Snake Spine: Level 11 W. Death, rescued from the tunnels under Berk (Male)

Valkyrie: Level 11 Deadly Nadder, prize box on Icestorm Island (Female)

Tranchant Rouge (French name meaning Sharp Red): Level 4 Razorwhip, rescued from the Ship Graveyard (Female)

XxStickyVickyxX: Level 10 Death Song, trained on Melody Island (also thank you to typhoomarangmaster338 for this name, it made me laugh!) (Female)

Pictures of Dragons: 

Firehorn, who is gruff on the outside but soft on the inside

Firethorn, a motherly and headstrong dragon who excells at Fireball Frenzy


Dawnfire, who is cautious and caring. Loves racing around Icestorm Island

(insert picture)

OiOiOi, the most stubborn and competitive of all the dragons

Chicken and Macey, who, like most zipplebacks, do not know the meaning of responsibility or well behaved




Snake Spine





Tranchant Rouge, fiercely loyal and protective, also my main battle and racing dragon



I am a proud elder in the clan Hiccstrid Forever! We are an invite only clan, but anyone who ships this pairing is welcome, as long as you have a decent amount of trophies! (We've been recently getting alot of submissions with 0 trophies, and its really bringing down our rank, but if you really like Hiccstrid and just can't get any trophies, you're still welcome!)

(Picture to come once I figure out how to add it in)

We are a clan dedicated to the greatest OTP (and winner of 2017's best couple in fandom) ever, and "We fight together no matter what!" Our wonderful clan leader is Fasterid, and we have several amazing elders! If you ship it, and are looking for a clan, send in your submission; we'd love to add you!

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Hiccstrid!!! (If that wasn't obvious :))


When I first watched HTTYD, I thought that they were a cute couple, and I lked the moments that they had together. Two years later, when I got into the fandom, I watched Blindsided with my sister, who thought it was disgusting but I thought it was adorable. I don't know just when, but I guess a week or so later I realized they were my new OTP!

I write fan fiction for them,(never fan art, I cannot draw to save my life) but I never publish it anywhere; I'm to shy. Most of it is on the side of school worksheets, but I always write it down on the computer later. I rotate every day between watching the Hiccstrid moments on YouTube. I think I'm past the point of no return, but they're so cute!!! For sure my OTP, not just for HTTYD but for fandom in general.

I really hope that they get married either in HTTYD 3 or in a wedding short. I was kind of dissapointed we didn't get to see Hiccup propose, but maybe Viking society just works that way. Either way, I'm glad we got to see more in Season 5. Of course I would never say that enough was enough; that's just me. 

If I had to choose a favorite Hiccstrid moment,I would say when he tells her that "there will always be a Hiccup and Astrid", and then tried to kiss her. I think that this was such show of support and bravery to confess his feelings like that! Second would definatley be either the end of Sandbusted or Blindsided. Ok, I'll stop with the rant. But they're so cute!

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Sorry for the long and unesscary rant!
Other ships I like from HTTYD are
StoickxValka (Stakla)
HeatherxFishlegs (Heathlegs)
SnotloutxHis"S"... lol
From other fandoms, my OTP's are: 


Star Wars-










Stranger Things-


Steve HarringtonxHis Nail-Bat thing ;)


My Star Wars Section: 

(Because I have to have something)

I can't even begin to talk about Star Wars without making this annoying, so I'll keep it short. When I was 12, I was finally allowed to watch all the movies out at that time (Star Wars 1-6) In ten minutes, I had forgotten even my own name because I was so engrossed in the movie. The lightsaber fights, the story, the skywalkers, the weapons, the lore, the fandom, the romance, the plot twists, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!! Okay, I need to calm down now. But man, Star Wars. Is. My. Life. I know EVERYTHING about it, including all the obscure charecters and blaster names. 

Favorite Movie (of Star Wars): Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite Charecters: Han Solo, Jyn Erso, Padme Amidala, Princess Leia, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Captian Rex, Poe Dameron

Favorite Part: I love you, I know or No, I am your father scene

Also, I am the co-preisdent of the I.R.H.K.R. club (I Really Hate Kylo Ren), founded 12/18/15. We are dedicated to hating Kylo Ren for killing Han Solo and being an overall dissapointment. 



Other things I like: 

#viggoprotectionsquad-he is amazing!

Save Shattermaster!

Thinking of painful ways to end Johann and Drago

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Le bloop

I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it. Please, do not discredit a character that has a obvious lengthy amount of time into it by comparing it to Character X. The phrase, “Your Character looks/sounds/is like Character X!” is synonymous with disrespect in both the writing and the art community. This phrase, while meaning well, is actually an offensive term. It takes uniqueness away from the Character, because a person forgets that there are other things in a character. Squiid and I talk a lot, and we agreed the only Han Solo like thing is probably his appearance. He has a different personality and aspect going for him, so calling him Han Solo is more insult than comment or thumbs up. Please be mindful next time.

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Okay... well I think you may have interpreted this the wrong way. I meant no offense whatsoever by comparing Fabion to Han Solo. In the short time I have known Squid on the forums she has been extremeley nice and I would never try to insult her by saying that she copied Han Solo or something. I knew that she liked SW:TOR and that she would know who Han Solo was, so by saying that I meant it only as a compliment. If I were to write a charecter and then have someone compare it to another well written and developed charecter, I would think "wow that means a lot they must love my charecter, not oh wow they thing i copied him exactly. There are obviously many differences, the only similarity being their cockiness. I never saw it as an offesive term, being a writer myself I know how precious writing can be. I think both me and Flying Fury comparing him to charecters that we loved was only a way to express how much we loved this OC, and not in the way that you interpreted it, though I could see how you could look at it that way. When many critics will call something "The next whatever", it is not their way of sayings it alike in writing, but only in its alike in greatness, which was what I meant by saying this. You can probably tell from the rest of my comment that I was not hating on Fabion in anyway, I think he's just that, fabulous! 

Like i said before, I would never try to offend a charecter or take away the uniqueness who I thought was genuinley well written, I'm sorry if you took it that way. 


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And also... >,> Loki much? I see a shred of my bae in there and am now automatically biased to like Fabion more. :)

Because I have no life lmao.


'Ello, it's FlyingFury here! My dragons and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in our humble Signature. 



About Me:


I am a girl

I am a Libra

I am sleepy

My favorite color is blue

My favorite animals are dragons (big surprise)

I enjoy singing, listening to music, writing, drawing, and reading

I listen to classical/soundtrack music, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Disney, and much more

I like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, Star Wars, Transformers, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, some anime, and more

I love flying, going fast, and rollercoasters

My Current (but often changing) Obsession Is: Skyrim! ;)

I have a wonderful mutt named Bailey, and I love her to death :3

I play(ed) other games as well, such as Skyrim, Drakan, and a couple of Wii games. Feel free to hit me up in my message box if you play any of these games, I'd love to talk about them! :D



About My Viking:


My Viking's Name is Chaoze.

Chaoze has mid-back length obnoxious brown hair usually in some sort of braid, dark brown eyes, and typically wears white war paint on her face. She can and will fight with anything she can get her hands on (mostly because she isn't good at fighting in the first place), but prefers to use swords above anything else.

My main dragon is my white and blue Sand Wraith named Opal.

[Character Backstories Currently Under Work]

I have many other dragons that I'm too lazy to list. :P

I am a member of Dark Fury Night Racers.

I currently have 2 Platinum Stars.



Some Art And Stuff:


^Opal, drawn by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you!^


“A rustle of trees

A flock of birds rising

The beat of large wings

A dragon is flying

On her back is a rider

Brown hair streaming out behind her

Golden light seeps through the trees

The sky in the west is burning

The strength of the day is wavering

Taking to the sky

Upwards they fly

They burst through the clouds

Gone are all sounds

Their speed slowing

The feel of floating

Amber light on silver-blue wings

Here gliding, the heart seems to sing

The fiery sky pulses it's last light

The sky now a blanket of stillness




A swirl of shining beads scattered in the sky

Dragon and rider to home now fly

Depending from the starry night

Upon a towns’ sleepy blinking light

Dragon and rider now asleep in their beds

And so it seems our story ends

But this is wrong

For their hearts for adventure still long

For dragon and rider adventure has only begun

Dragon and rider together

As one”

^A lovely poem by my mysterious 2018 Secret Santa. You know who you are - thank you!^

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Le bloop

Like I stated to JediawhoRideDragons, please don’t compare Fabion to any sort of character in media. It discredits the time and effort Squiid put into this character by basically calling him a Loki Clone. Not all devious or mischievous like characters are like Loki, not even close. Squiid doesn’t even know a whole lot about Loki, so please, don’t discredit her or Fabion. Fabion is a unique fan character with a lot of hours and ideas put into him and doesn’t deserved to be called a Loki Clone. He’s nothing like the god of mischief. I’m sure you meant well, but comparing characters, whether they be fan created or original, is offensive and disrespectful.

Have a nice day. 

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Oh, I'm sorry!

Sorry, I guess I didn't see that post. That is not at all what I meant, though I can see why you could interpret it that way. I didn't at all mean to discredit the character, though similarities between characters are inevitable when so many exist. It won't happen again.

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Tis me,


ace, female, and definetely not a bee



Latest News Regarding Me:

Almost literally screaming about Adventure Zone. I N E E D T O V E N T. Forcing self to stop at 57 until my friends catch up, but if anyone, i mean anyone, wants to let me scream at them, please.




Art Requests

Currently Closed! PM me with the details of the drawing you want done. I'm best with dragons, getting pretty good with human skills, and can create digitally, a symmetrical 3D model, or on paper with graphite, pen, and/or watercolour.

ALSO: it may help to send me reminders every few weeks since i am not very reliable and will forget things quickly.

>> Gallery <<




The Alpha Trilogy

Reign of the Deep Queen | Refuge of the Blue King | Age of the Midnight Prince


(haha see i can edit)(sort of)

We know that Vikings settled in the Archipelago a little over 500 years ago, but what stopped them before that? In the Dragon Nest, a stolen child must try to overthrow a tyrant. Her descendant, a volitile soul, runs from revenge until he cannot go any further. His son, a strong-willed leader, takes on a new name and builds his own empire until the past catches up with even him.

(Progress on this will be slowing down since I've become comfortable with my writing skills and styles and I am moving into original works and more ambitious projects. AotMP will be finished in the same style it is currently in, but RotDQ and RotBK may be shorter and lower priority, if I decide to do them)






the super-duper rough draft


Ebony (v3) and Flies With Storms (v2)

(is this a self-insert-babies-first-oc type character?)
(absolutely, what do you think i am???? quality content creator?? u fool....)


by me(left), and Chameishida (right)

Dramatic and petty with no impulse control to speak of, some would say her intelligence is wasted on revenges over small things, always done in very unique and specific ways. That’s not to say she’s a bad person, or easily angered; but with an oddly selective memory, she can sometimes have a (unintended) threatening presence. Storms, on the other hand, has a far more calm demeanour and often acts *begrudgingly* as a vent for Ebony, be it random ideas or long-winded complaints.

- Working on detailed design of Ragus (her sword)





Pallus- the liberated Roman

- has a terrible memory (especially with dragon species names)

- generally avoids conflict

- chills with ebony on her adventures



Yzar and Lochiel


- hey who wants some immortal quakens?

- thats right, these lovely ladies have surpassed time to be together

- only got art for Yzar so far, but Lochiel will be gettin some tasty eye-treats soon

- i love them so much.