*SPOILERS* I think the unique Hobgobbler seen in the expansion might have albinism

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Curse of the Hobgobbler!


After finally completing the Expansion, I'm adding the stats of the Smitten Hobgobbler to the wiki (while asking help to a friend of mine to upload the pictures to the Wiki because I keep getting errors when uploading them), I noticed how the Smitten Hobgobbler has lower Combat stats than the Hobgobbler and given his physical appearance, I think the Smitten Hobgobbler seen in the Curse of the Hobgobbler expansion might have a case of albinism.


An animal with albinism has a white/soft pale yellow skin and unlike leucism (which involves a partial lost of pigmentation and not a full lost), an albino animal has reddish/pinkish eyes due to lack of pigmentation in the iris. Because of the lack of pigmentation, albino animals have a less chance of defending themselves (problems in defending/camouflaging themselves from predators, less protection against UV, ect) and therefore, less chance of survival. Now, here's what the Smitten Hobgobbler looks like in the expansion:



And the normal Hobgobbler:



The Smitten Hobgobbler has a white/soft pale yellow scales and skin with pinkish eyes, and comparing the Dragon Tactics stats between the two, the Hobgobbler has a higher Crit. Chance than the Smitten (150 and 50 respectively) and the Smitten has no Defense whatsoever. Throughout the expansion, the Smitten would keep follow you because of imprinting, they could also be following you as means of protection given how the Smitten would be highly vulnerable to the wild.


The only problem with this theory/thought is the Smitten is visibly different than the normal Hobgobbler which could imply they're a variation of the Hobgobbler, but because the expansion didn't bothered to get into detail about them, we are left to wonder if he's truly a dragon with a case of albinism or if that's how the variation is supposed to be.


Any thoughts on this?


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Oh that Hobgobbler is totally

Oh that Hobgobbler is totally an albino. Not officially comfirmed I take it? (It’s going to be a long time before I make it through the gliding part). If not, poo poo on SOD for not taking advantage of a STEM learning moment about albinism, mutations, animal survival, and all that! It’s supposed to be an educational game after all, and I love that about the game.


Since the Smitten Hobgobbler appears as such a classic albino even down to the washed out gray markings, I do wonder if maybe they did have plans for including something about albinism but scrapped it for some reason? I mean they could have made it red or have special markings or something else to set it apart from ‘regular’ Hobgobblers. Do you get to color customize it after the expansion? If it’s white because of that, then they didn’t have to make the eyes pink. They could have been some other color.


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Nope, they never touch the fact the Smitten Hobgobbler that imprinted on the player is just total white with pink eyes, which I find it really disappointing because at the least Wrath of Stormheart talked a bit about how the Elder Sentinel is essentially the "Alpha" of the Sentinels, like how the Alpha Speed Stinger is to the Speed Stingers. Here, they never, never talk about how the Smitten Hobgobbler is physically different than the normal Hobgobbler and how he's fully white/pale yellow with pinkish eyes, it's like the player is supposed to find it normal when it would be much more interesting if they talked about Albinism and the difference between Albinism, Leucism and Melanism - there isn't that much talk about these conditions and it would be interesting to talk about them in an Expansion.


You do get to customize it but here's the "fun" part: He always has a white overlay no matter what color you pick. For example, this is the default colors:

The Skin color (full body) is grey but due to the white overlay, it has a white appearance. This is Bobah Gobah, you look at him and you think his colors are lighter:

Until you see his colors:

And now comparison to the Wild Hobgobbler you get to ride (and is customizable if you access your Customize Screen when riding him):

Even darkening Bobah Gobah's colors wasn't enough to come close to how I wanted to color him (in the wild Hobgobbler).

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Hmm, interesting. I feel like

Hmm, interesting. I feel like there may be some development/backstory to this that we can’t see from the finished expansion product. Wish we had better communication with and from staff :(


Is there even much ‘sciencing’ ? The science I’ve come across so far seems so half-hearted and incidental. I DO like the expansion, great they showed Mud hide(despite him getting called Mudraker) again, and they went all out with putting the Hobgobblers everywhere! But overall the original purpose of the game as a vehicle for education has been lax, IMO.


I guess this means I need to buy a Hobgobbler egg from the store also to complete my ‘one of everything’ collection, since there’s the white overlay difference and eye color difference!

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The only sciencing we get is how bigger animals reproduce less and smaller animals reproduce more, the geology of the Hidden World, and what is imprinting even though I thought imprinting only works with baby animals because a baby animal is still learning about the enviornment and what their species can do, an adult imprinting is implying the dragon never had any parents and such doesn't really know about what their species can do but you find him with the other Hobgobblers so that question is off the hook. Maybe they wanted to do something similiar to Toothless where even when he's an adult with some of his abilities known, he imprinted on Hiccup or something, but Toothless didn't really imprinted on Hiccup, they bonded and grew a friendship, not imprint.


They focused so much on the whole premise of "Hey, Gobber's worse nightmare is invading New Berk", they forgot about the (honestly and argubly) best part of the Expansion: the educational themes. I love how they add all these geology to the Hidden World and give a much better explanation about it, it puts those ~5 minutes of screentime of the Hidden World from the HTTYD 3 movie to a corner (I didn't liked the 3rd movie fight me). It felt like The Secret of Leviathan but with an unbalance between platforming and plot.


I have to buy the Hobgobbler for Wiki sake, but nearly all my Gems went for the expansion, and worse: I also need to buy the Dragon Armors from the Store - why do y'all cost 1,500 gems each u g h

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I mean, I thought the use of

I mean, I thought the use of Gobber’s paranoia and working off of established Franchise elements and all that was great, but why can’t we have both good Franchise execution AND great science? I thought they had an educational consultant or something?


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Y'all right I think

I think you're both right about it being Albino. Makes perfect sense



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Good Thread, tracking. One point to make

Good Thread, tracking.


One point to make on the color of my new Hobgobbler. Since I just finished the end of the maze, I noted one odd thing about the color of my smitten Hobgobbler. All the Hobgobblers were returning to there nest, but there was one that did not return. The smitten one that had attached to me. I was directed to clicked on my new (grey, yes he was grey) dragon beside me in the cave, and after clicking, I was astonished that he suddenly changed colors to a pretty combination of blues. That surprised me, but I sure liked that combinations of colors; all I could think was, Oh yes, I want him to be those colors. But then the customization program went in to effect, and he was back to grey, white, albino colors? I named him and tried to change his colors. . . no can do!!!


Well, I was then directed to the cave exit, so I exited, to find Whisper, my Gronckle awaiting for me to finish my quest. My new Hobgobbler was no where to be seen. I followed the quest instructions and return to New Berk


I found dragon, and he was the grey dragon with my original minor touches of pale colors I had added. He is the original grey dragon I saw much earlier in the quest.  There is NOT a spot of blue anywhere to be seen, and when I again attempted to re-change his color with the customization program, . . . no can do! Yet, I could swear, the moment after I clicked on him, I had seen a little, delightful, blue, yes blue, dragon.  But now he back to the pale colored grey, white, albino dragon that they all seem to be.


All I can think is there a color glitch in the expansion and maze quest?


If not, they left out one the better parts of the quest parameters by dropping the educational aspects of most SOD quests.  However if they are not going to later include this educational aspect into the quest, I sure hope that a later update might fix the color parameters for these lovly little Hobgobbler 'smitten' dragons. I fell in love with that little blue dragon, I saw, even if he is now a pale grey, white, albino dragon. Time to go back and give him some love XD

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A wild outcast has appeared!

It might have been a lighting glitch, locations to do with Hidden World often have lighting glitches, and the Nest was in a darker spot, so the Hobgobbler might've also darkned to fit with the lighting tone of the location.


True, they could've talked about conditions such as albinism, leucism, melanism and much more, it isn't talked about that much and it would be an interesting theme.

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IF I ever get that far and IF

IF I ever get that far and IF it happens for me and IF I’m fast enough (pfft) I’ll try to get a pic. The blue sounds really pretty!

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Coalbright! I finally got

Coalbright! I finally got through the whole thing and got some screenshots of the Smitten Hobgobbler at the end (not uploaded yet anywhere). Yes, it was a very lovely shade of blue. And I also could not emulate it. Mores the pity.

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A wild outcast has appeared!

Could you PM me with the picture, if possible?

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I can, but I need to crop the

I can, but I need to crop the images and such, and I was going to upload to the HTTYD wiki anyway. However, I probably won’t get to that until at the earliest tonight, worst case a few days. Work and all :/

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Here's the best one, but I a

Here's the best one, but I a few others on my HTTYD Wiki userpage. You can look and use whichever ones you want!


(link if image doesn't work here: https://howtotrainyourdragon.fandom.com/wiki/File:SOD-CurseOfTheHobgobbler-SmittenHobgobbler6.JPG )


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A wild outcast has appeared!

Ah, then that's the same thing I got from when I played on my second Viking on pc: that's due to the lighting, the lighting of the cave made it seem like he has a blue tint on his skin then in reality it's just how the shadow effects applied to the models within the cave works, it applies on the player as well if I recall correctly.


The moment he's out of the cave, the shadow effect is gone and he's "back" to the original colors.

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I didn't think he might have albinoism I just thought that when you carried the hobgobbler around all the rest followed was because he was the alpha hobgobbler and he looks different kinda like the lead speed stinger?


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I’ve been hearing the smitten

I’ve been hearing the smitten Hobgobbler takes a leadership role (not getting there for a long time). Perhaps they were thinking of something like Smidvarg is to the regular Night Terrors?

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A wild outcast has appeared!

After you exit the cave and start the next quest, the Smitten with once again teleport behind you, if he was a leader to the Hobgobblers, he'd probably stay with the others and if he left the cavem the others would follow him(?).

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An albino doesn't necessarily need to have red eyes. Blue is also an option, but it isn't as common.


The shade of pink on the eye doesn't scream albino to me, though. It looks like actual pink rather than a light red. I think the pink eyes are a play on the whole 'smitten' part. Sorta like heart eyes.

I personally think it's just a variant of the hobgobbler.


If it's an albino though, shame on our vikings for taking it out of a cave and into the sun like that.


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Yeah, you’re right about the

Yeah, you’re right about the blue eyes, at least in people - I didn’t investigate farther. Here’s an interesting sight for human albinism that even dives some into genetics: 


However for basic learning, white/red eyes seems to me to at least be a starting point. Hey, they could’ve talked about albinism, and mentioned that there are different types! Wasted opportunity.


Good point about taking it out of the cave without some sunscreen (hey, another learning point Heather could have concocted for us!). Though I’ve read we have some other ‘mistreatments of Hobgobblers: Riding the small things that we can carry, and shoving them around across the floor, and ‘stuffing’ them into holes as Tuff put it.


Pink eyes for the ‘smitten’ part, yeah that crossed my mind too, but they could have just colored the whole dragon pink or red, or heck made heart designs on it or something. It still would have stood out from the others (which are way too dark purple btw, IMO).




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Ya mean kinda like how the LF

Ya mean kinda like how the LF is an albino version of the NF? Could be. I mean, that’s probs why they’re unique








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No..not quite

Light Fury is a subspecies, but not an albino of the Night Fury. Subspecies usually means it's like geographically isolated (e.g the Sumatran tiger which lives on an island seperate from other tiger species). They can share similar traits, but can look totally different. Look at the Dark-eyed Junko. There's 14 known subspecies in this group. There are 5 groups thought to be seperate species, but in certain areas they interbreed exclusively. This means they can produce hybrids (e.g a wolf and dog, or the night and light fury). If you want to get another idea, look at the shape of the pupils with Toothless and Light Fury. Notice how one has more square pupils, and the other has round pupils? That's a trait not found with albinism. That could be an adaptation to their different places that they live in (the wild).




In reptiles, you don't see blue as an albino eye color (like you'd see in humans, cats, dogs, or horses for an example), but you'll instead see yellow, pink/red, or even black (depending on the amount of pigment they have or haven't got). Truth is, many reptiles who are considered albino are actually amelanistic, because they will usually have 2 pigments at least.

Now is the Smitten Hobbgobbler albino? Possibly. It doesn't fully follow the "rules" in albinism with reptiles, but then, it's a dragon. Dragons proably follow a slightly different "rule", but it's certainly more likely to be an albino, compared to the Light Fury.


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Monsterous NightmareRivu (Starter)- female Titan(50) ll Nasail- male Titan(50) ll Fioled- female Adult(32) ll Fellous- male Adult(22) ll Roukera- female Adult(14)

ScauldronDeniz- male Titan(50)

Whispering DeathHalvard- male Titan(50) ll Terra- female Adult(41) ll Azibo- male Adult(22) ll Rosey- female Adult(22) ll Snappy- male Adult(14)

GroncicleGlacia- female Adult(48) ll Icelee- male Adult(43) ll Frostbite- female Adult(26) ll Iceland- male Adult(20) ll Tundra- female Adult(13)

Deadly NadderHagedorn- male Titan(50) ll Tuija- female Adult(26) ll Eiche- male Adult(20) ll Buckthorn- female Adult(17)

Hideous ZipplebackRain and Cloud- female Titan(50) ll Thump and Wallop- male Adult(26) ll Twist and Turn- female Adult(21) ll Snare and Trap- male Adult(22) ll Ash and Snow- female Adult(14)

GronckleSolveig- male Titan(47) ll Avanti- female Adult(23) ll Anaru- male Adult(17) ll Drusilla - female Adult(18)

Toothless (3-month skin) (50)

SingetailHestia- female Adult(36)

TyphoomerangCorentine- female Adult(34)

EruptodonVolkan- male Adult(31) ll Houri- female Adult(16)

Tide GliderNereus- male Adult(50) ll Tethys- female Adult(46) ll Dionysus- male Baby (1)

ArmorwingAlgar- male Adult(19)

DeathsongSigrdrifa- female Titan(50) ll Nidhogg- male Teen(9)

RazorwhipLagi- male Titan(41)

SkrillFlugurite- female Titan(43)

Thunderdrum-Taima- female Adult(36) ll Donar- male Adult(17) ll Esen- female Adult(14) ll Boran- male Adult(14)

BoneknapperMorana- female Titan(47) ll Undertaker- male Adult(17)

FlightmareHoshi- female Adult(34) ll Toshi- male Adult(19) ll Akemi- female Adult(12)

Flame WhipperDatura- female Adult(30)

ChangwingYamanu- male Adult(25) ll Abuto- female Adult(11)

ShockjawElysia- female Adult(30)

HobblegruntOseye- male Adult(32)

Fireworm QueenSana- female Adult(17)
Sweet DeathBeowulf- male Adult(18)
Smothering SmokebreathGavina- female Adult(16) ll Mack- male Adult(12) ll Edge- female Adult(10)

Sand WraithHorus- male Adult(26) ll Bast- female Adult(17)
ScuttleclawElfriede- female Adult(15) ll Ernust- male Adult(13)

Triple StrykeVilhelm- male Adult(16) ll Alfdis- female Adult(13)

Elder SentinelGerda- female Adult(16)

RaincutterCahal- male Adult(13) ll Yanyu- female Adult(13)
Light Fury (20)

DeathgripperThanatos- male Adult(18)

SnafflefangCattibrie- female Adult(13)

Rumblehorn- Alois- male Adult(11) ll Alvilda- female Adult(11) ll Beet- male Teen(7) ll Basil- female Baby(3)

Smitten Hobgobbler- Winifred- female Adult(11)

Stormcutter-Gale- male Adult(12)

Moldruffle- ???- female Egg

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Just sayin

Just saying a lightfury is a subspecies not a albino

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ladybrasa, thank you for posting

ladybrasa, thank you for posting that great pic of the smitten Hobgobbler. :)  Great Pic.


I have come to the conclusion, that the amount of light or low light does affect the smitten Hobgobbler's colorizaiton. I colored, MightyBit with the deepest color blues I could manage. In daylight its very pale, but in nighttime or shady areas the blue color deepens. Although it not nearly blue as the original image. 


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The white makes it easy to get other colors blend in which is what it lead to believe he had a blue tint when it's how the shadow effect works when the dragon is inside that cave. :'D

And trying to coloring him is a bit annoying because of that white overlay, you can color him with the darkest of colors and yet in The School, it will look really pale as if you never darkened the colors until you get in darker areas and the white overlay does its job by letting it blend it easily with the chosen colors.