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We are the Spirit of Valhalla. 

The word Spirit places focus on the Clan's Members, because it is the members that truly make a clan. It is the members of a clan that give it life, energy, character and direction. Valhalla is a place of honor, glory, and happiness where heroes meet. Not only is it a place where heroes go, for us, it also represents a tribute showing respect and admiration from where we came - Slain of Valhalla.


Question: How are we organized?

Answer: We are a family who respect, support and value each other.


Question: What are Co-Leaders in Spirit of Valhalla?

Answer: Co-Leaders are responsible for keeping track of Clan Members and contacting inactive Clan Members. An important part of the position is finding out why a member is inactive and securing support, motivation and help, while leading them to become active again.


Question: What do the Elders do?

Answer: Elders handle issues that happen in the game, and they vote for who is able to join the clan.


Question: What is being a member of Spirit of Valhalla like? 

Answer: About half of our family are retired members who through the years have earned their permanent place in the clan. Just because we have retired members doesn't mean we aren't always looking for active players. In fact, we are always looking for loyal, respectful Vikings, clean racers, anti-hackers (Meaning people who don’t use a cheating tool/Cheat Engine, or people who are against hacking). Once you join, you must have a really good reason for leaving. If you do leave, you must apply again and the Elders will vote to accept you back into the clan. Spirit of Valhalla is a great clan to join. If you are looking for a clean and respectful clan to join, Spirit of Valhalla is a great clan. 


Question: Does Spirit of Valhalla have any rules, or Rules of Conduct?

Answer: Yes, Spirit of Valhalla is EXTREMELY strict about who we let in, because once in, you are a member of our family. These are the main rules: 

1.) No Hacking (including color hacks AND Speed Hacking)

2.) No backward racing

3.) No Boosting, trapping, or shooting, unless done to you first (If caught, the situation will be reviewed by Elders and you may be removed from the clan). 

4.) You must be respectful to fellow clan members. 

5.) You must be respectful to other players in the game. Elders and Leaders handle controversial issues, NOT members. If an issue comes up, report the player and the name of their clan to Spirit of Valhalla Leadership.

6.) ABSOLUTELY no discussing clan business on the forum or in another public format (Such as Facebook/Messenger, Instagram, etc.) (This includes defending the clan in drama threads on the forum) 

The rules will be in the application form when you apply to SoV.


Question: What is the minimum trophy limit to join Spirit of Valhalla?

Answer: The minimum amount of trophies you need to have is 3,000 (Or 3K).

If you want to join Spirit of Valhalla, send in an application and the elders will vote.




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