Spirit of the Dragon

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Spirit of the Dragon

 They are puzzling us people for centuries. But what really are they?

Are they the huge ,ferocious winged creatures which with their fiery breath destroy, bring deaths and kidnap people? Do they really want to eliminate the human kind?

When I saw the dragon, I was left stunned and forgot whatever I heard about the dragons. 

It's glance wasn't the glance of a beast which wanted to devour me. I looked at its beautiful eyes and understood its inteligence. 

It's behaviour was more like a loving cat's and a loyal dog's than a beast ready to kill you without a mercy.

Through my experience I understood what a dragon really is. It a friend who will take you to the skies. A friend who will keep you warm, when you are feeling cold. A friend who will never leave you when you are in need. A friend who will be loyal to the end. A friend who will go to the limits for you.  

This dragon showed me things that, I would never imagine that existed. If I didn't help that amazing creature, then I would lose something that I would never retrieve again. Back then I had the power to kill, but I chose to love.

This is how I befriended my now best friend, the Night Fury named Toothless. 

                          ---Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III---



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