Spending UTD Points

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As Swift Silver discovered, 200,000 is the maximum number of UTD points. If you ask me, there really isn't nothing much we can do after this. What purpose those this serve if the points have a limit?


I thought we could spend them in the store.

There would be Exclusive items (some could be limited) that could only be bought with UTD points. if you buy an item your UTD points will decrese by the price of the item.

There would be an exclusive set of clothes (like the dragon rider clothes) they wold increse dragon stats. You could also buy farm decorations, that couldn't be bougth with coin/gems.


Here are some examples:

UTD/Master saddle (7% speed and 3& turning increse) - 150, 000 points 

Flame (or any other kind) Skin - 50, 000 points

Midnight Skin - 80, 000 points

Deadly Nadder totem - 20, 000 points

UTD shirt - 65, 000 points



This way we could spend our UTD points and still keep earning them. Maybe we could buy HTTYD  character clothes with them :D



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This is probably the best idea I've heard all week!





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may be as an alternative to

may be as an alternative to gems?




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I could make do with this :D

I love it, Ell!


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Amazing idea Ellie ^^.


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Great idea

I was wondering all you do is keep collecting UDT points it

will be useful if you could spend them.Some thing like if

and banded saddle is 250 gems, you can make it an

optional to pick between gems or UTD points.



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Thank you :D

Thank you for all the support everyone! :D

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^ I think that says it all. ^


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I love it! 

I love it!



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