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I Have been playing SoD for about a year now and I have to say it's a great game with wonderful dragons like my personal favorite the Speed Stinger, but I have also found a few flaws too like the FBF cage glitch. So I decided that Speed Stingers, and in my opinion what would make them better would be a great topic to start with for my first forum. So the first thing I noticed is that they still can't walk on water as shown in the TV show. They are a magnificent kind but we are still basically just taking away from the species and not giving anything back. Also Speed Stingers sting, they don't shoot poison balls. So maybe


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Oops, accidentally posted. Ummm... so what I was saying that maybe we could change their attacks with a close ranged attack called sting. Also they only have one paint and no saddles, but the worst thing about it is that it's racing colours, and they can't even race from what I gathered (yes my actual SoD account doesn't have a Speed Stinger but that doesn't mean I won't get one)!!! Also if the Speed Stinger can't race, fly, and has bad attack damage then why is the egg price so high? At least lower the price to the 200s

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Please Reply

I'd love to hear comments! Please make sure to put in even if it's a little.

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Oh I love my Speed Stinger, but unfortunately I very much doubt anything will be done with them... they serve no purpose in SoD other than being a status symbol that you could afford to buy this nearly usless dragon.


If SoD implemented a race or mini game that could only be access by flightless dragons then it would incentivize people to consider purchasing a Speed Stinger... which in turn will incentivize the staff to add saddles and maybe even a titan form for this lovely, yet underused dragon.


As for changing there attack. It's a good idea but there's no way SoD will do it... they are rather lazy and there's no way they'd go out of there way to give a dragon as pointless as a Speed Stinger a special one of a kind attack.




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There is a chance it will get better...the speed stinger won at the Titan vote poll and should be the next Titan...mabie they’ll Change it a little and it will become better?






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I found her in a snoggletog day, she was playing in the snow and trying eatin a piece of cake from the floor.

I found out that she was a hatched egg that had been released in the wild because she hatched before time, and could not be given to a trainer, she than found a hiding place at the school and only got out at the christmas day, but she was starving and needet food.

Dark sky was too there when the licawig attacked me that time, she is intelligent and smart and so gelous about Spinel’s speed, they always challenge each other for the one that can get more sheeps ( and of course she always wins ).

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We could try

Maybe so but if they were so "useless" then couldn't we at least lower the price. Also I wouldn't say they were "lazy" they are more wild then lazy and don't forget they are the only dragons that can't be calmed by hiccup, and so I think we should actually make them really be worthwhile you know? It just doesn't sound right to have useless dragons. They're all special right?

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When I said "lazy" I was refering to SoD game devs. Not the Speed Stingers themselves.

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Who can say how long it will

Who can say how long it will take them, but I'm fairly confident a titan form is planned for all dragon species. Personally, I would absolutely love to see the webbed foot mutation that allows one ...flock? pack? ... of speed stingers to run on water in RTTE to be a feature of their Titan form in-game. How cool would that be? :D


As for special attacks, meh. I highly doubt they're going to be a thing any time soon and frankly I don't think they even should be. Nadder spine shot, nightmares lighting themselves on fire, quaken's rolling attack, etc. etc... there are just too many different ones and not really enough justification for them to be included unless another dragon vs. dragon sort of mini-game is in the cards. *shrug*


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Just imagine it

I know there is quite a bit but all those unique things is part of them and I'm not saying add it as soon as you can but maybe in a year or two. Just imagine it, don't you think special attacks would be cool? Then that way all of the dragons would be special.

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And don't forget there is the

And don't forget there is the battle events and the training mini game.

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No subject, sorry xD

I don't think admins will change or add something to speed stingers in near future. As Ren Roar pointed out, speed stingers are useless and so there is no reason to make them special (at least now...). Also I guess admins don't really work on dragons that are already in game (on their animations...ehmm monstrous nightmare...or their development) it seems they think so much about the new stuff that they forget there are other things in game that needs to be fixed or improved. Anyway I cant wait to change Paralysis into titan :D.

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Armor - Another Armorwing (idk how I just got two of them from expansion)
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Myst - The Smothering Smokebreath
Merciless - The Snaptrapper
Treat - The Sweet Death
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TinyBlizzard - This is my main dragon The Titan Woolly Howl
Windstrike - My favourite dragon (I swear it is the last one xD) The Tripple Stryke
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ShadowDust - The Rumblehorn
Focus - another Rumblehorn (glitch I guess)
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ShadowLight (please dont ask) - The Titan Deadly Nadder
Sonic Wave - The Mudraker
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Armor Star - The Titan Razorwhip
Amethyst - The Titan Scuttleclaw
Paralysis - The Speed Stinger
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Cloudbreaker - The Titan Stormcutter
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