the "speed boost problem"

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Im not against speed boost! But it happened today again -.- I was racing with Phoenixfly, my Stormcutter, today. Our opponent was a sand wraith that was as fast as us. I got bumped by it and so i used a boost (i got it from a box but yeah i have some bought ones). When we got out the race the player called me Boost user. She used a boost, too but i got first. And so she had a fast start in the next one.

What i want to say is that(maybe that person reads it) stop complaining about boosts plz -.- Ik there are Clans who dont allow boosts and things and it can be unfair sometimes but its part of the game and sometimes people really need the trophies.










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To maybe clarify the

To maybe clarify the situation a bit more, all I said was : " Careful, boost user"

That's it. There are more people that race without boosts so I figured to give them a heads up.


I have no quarrel with using boosts, I use them too ( but NEVER as a first person, my boost is a response to someones boost, which in this case was a boost right before the finish line).

I tried explaining to You, why I got a boost at the beginning of the next race, but You disappeared from the lobby.


About the bumping. I'm wholeheartedly for removing or easing down the mechanic. I know how much rage it gives especially when you can't even see the person who bumps you most of the time or right when it matters most.


I'm sorry if You found that offensive enough to make a whole post about it, didn't know it will upset You so much.


Btw, You are a good flyer and I hope You get lots of trophies in the future.

Clear sky

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sry too

I shouldnt have reacted like that xD sorry.I only saw that "boost user". Im always a bit sensible (sry im german if this is a stpid word) with this. I met some rly mean ppl in race. I know the bump was not your fault. If i was rude im rly sorry :c. I shortly saw you in Training Grounds saying "whered you go?" I thought u meant me and i tried to das something in chat but u were away...

Thx youre great, too :) hope ull get some wins ^^

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I'm happy to see that we are

I'm happy to see that we are good ^^

I wish I had a better chance of explaining what was on my mind then, thank You for your understanding :)

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I think the whole REEEing about boosts is silly as well. Either use them or don't, but don't complain when someone else uses them, I'd say!



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Yikes, I’m against boosts.

Yikes, I’m against boosts. But if you get bumped to a complete stop, sometimes I wish for a boost just so I can get back in line. 


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I'd seen so many times

I'd seen so many times players practically jumping to other players neck just because they used a speed boost or trap box. I understand that it can be frustraiting and all, but come on! It's just a game, you won't gain anything from it in real life.



The other thing is when people keep shooting continously the ones ahead of them. It doesn't do anything and is just plain annoying. And afterwards they're surprised when I throw a trap box in their faces because I was fed up by them. -_-









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Lol, same.

I actually make a point to drop a trap and then boost ahead if someone is fire spamming me.

It literally does nothing to hinder my racing, but it does blow my eardrums out through my headphones. If you're gonna be a fire troll, I'm gonna gas ya & make you eat my proverbial dust.




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I agree with several other people who've replied. It's ridiculous for people to get so upset with people who use the racing powerups.  It's fine if they're against using them but to yell at others for using them or label them as "dirty racers" is just unfair. Powerups are part of the game and it's up to each individual whether they want to use them.


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Billy eat power shroom

In my experience as a Mario kart racer I don't see what the problem in using the power ups in this game are then again when ever I use the speed boost I tend to slam into a wall so I my self try not to use them but that's just cause I'm not good at turning.




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The way I see it OP, you're not doing anything wrong ^_^


Boosts are a perfectly acceptable attribute of racing. You're not cheating at all- you're using a legitimate tactic to leverage yourself. If people don't like it, they will either adapt to your racing style or avoid you. Besides- people should realize that you still get trophies if you come in 2nd {and even 3rd} place. Like, you're still gaining experience. It's not even a big enough deal to call someone out on. Dude, boost all you want. Trap until dawn. As long as you're doing it within the games rules, go for it! I personally love the thrill of a high-stakes boost and trap race. I'll happily race with you and Phoenixfly any time!

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It would be cool to race with you ^^ But i use my boost rly rarely. Only if i need the win or got trapped or bumped. Mostly i only respond to other boosts. I will use My Flightmare and/or Nightmare so i can level them. Btw its rly nice to see someone rly seeing it as "fair" c:

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My Opinion

Well, in my opinion, I don't really mind if someone using speed boost to win 1st place, BUT I really got annoyed by SOMEONE who deliberately using speed boost to stop me.


It was yesterday when I was racing at snow track (I forgot the name of the track but it's perfect track for speed booster), she using Toothless and 10% speed gear and she got last place which I don't know why and the other players using Skrill with 11% speed gear, Sand Wraith with 11% speed, and I using Woolly Howl with 11% speed gear.

I was in 1st place and she got 4th / last place and she using speed boost at first and after she got 1st place, she trying to slow me down using power ups even she trying using the spinning box right behind me! But good thing I notice first so I use shield to defend myself and pass her. After the last lap, she got last again and using speed boost again but she using shield at the same time and after she pass me, she suddenly brake infront of me and I got bumped, so she got 1st place and I got last place.



I was thinking "Oh my, that's the dirtiest player I've ever met! But that's okay." and after I go to lobby, she say "noob" to me because there's only me and her in that lobby and she disappear. I really frustrated to her and if I met her in racing again, I'll do as she do it to me so we know who's the real noob is!

(Sorry if I saying that word)


About her identity, I forgot her name and she had a clan and it's kinda similar to "United Legends" because her clan crest is same as that clan but I don't know the name of the clan because she's pretty far right at the starting line.

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