special species-specific abilities. ( not for combat or racing )

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what i mean is that some dragons have special abilities, like camoflauge or mimicing shots. i think, to make our dragons have more film-accurate abilities, that we should give them their species-excusive actions.


here is a list of abilities, all for the sake of detail.


sentinel: wing clap


dramillion: plasma blast / nadder fire / lava blast / zippleback gas (optional, though gas would be nice ^^)


zippleback: gas. it breathes gas for a few seconds, then stops. when you press the fire button near the gas, it explodes. explosion does not do any damage, exept maybe on battle ships.


speed stinger: feet webbing. the stinger enables it feet webbing, making it able to run on water.


toothless: tracking. toothless uses his tracking roar, which can locate quest objective items.


light fury, changewing, night terror, fire terror: camoflauge. this also goes for all dragons with the "camofaluge" role.


all tracker class dragons: scent-tracking. similar to toothless's tracking roar, it locates all quest objective items.


deadly nadder: spine shot.


monstrous nightmare: flame jacket. the nightmare flames itself up.


razorwhip: tail spines.


whispering d.eath, screaming d.eath: burrow. the d.eath burrows and tunnels through terrain. this may be overcomplicated, so this will have a very low chance of coming.


titan dramillion: camoflauge. only the titan dramillion can do this.


flightmare, dreadstrider: glow. it glows like it consumed algae.


skrill, skrillknapper, shockjaw: electric jacket: a cosmetic ability, doesnt do anything, but it looks cool.


note: if you have suggestions, i will be willing to acknowledge them. i hope we see this come. it would make roleplaying way cooler tbh.




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sounds cool?

i hope so.



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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

The skrill already kind of has the electric jacket when on full happyness.



I'd love to see the flightmare just glow as its thing though. It's weird that it doesn't when it's always seen glowing in the show.



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-insert cool subject here-

That sounds like a good idea in theory, but I can imagine the nightmare in the coding. Especially the dramilion choosing a specific shot before it fires, scrolling through all 70+ dragons in the game. It was actually a suggestion posted dozens of times, believe me.

However, it would like it if the speed stinger would be able to run on water and the Fireworm Queen would scale walls. That seems simple enough to where it's not a stretch. Nonetheless, most of these abilities you mentioned can already be achieved through Dragon Tactics. There would have to be a whole new algorithm when including these abilities in the main game.

Also, Flightmares and Dreadstriders can already glow when they eat glowing algae. That's what the glow potions are for... Well... they're also for making your other dragons glow too. They haven't really been working lately for me, but that's a discussion for another time.



Also, Toothless' echolocation ("tracking roar") detects vibrations received from surrounding surfaces. It's a good navigational tool like flying through thick forests and caves, but not for finding specific items.

Speaking of specific quest items, you can already track these items by following the quest arrow. I'm not sure if maybe a tracker class dragon may find the item if a glitch occurs that causes an issue or if a quest arrow points to something that's not there. Now I'm curious about this outcome.



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" Especially the dramilion choosing a specific shot before it fires, scrolling through all 70+ dragons in the game."

Hate to be that guy again but that's not how it works. The dragons aren't coded like a slot machine :þ




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I want to see Gronckles shoot their rocky bumps off of themselves like the little dragon grenades that they are. A certain how to train your dragon little special book thing mentions this ability in it. Even though it's probably very likely not canon at all... I want to see it.


It'd also be amazing if Quakens could curl up into a ball. I'd be happy even if that were just its sleeping animation.


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There have been suggestions for special abilities before. I think it'd be pretty fun. The only real effort this'd cost would be all the separate new particles and stuff that have to be made. I was going to say 'new animations' as well, but we all know that'd be a lie since they'd just use the firing animation to shoot things anyway.


Stuff like burrowing, however, I won't see happening, like you said. Seems way to complicated to add in as the game isn't built with underground/burrowing in mind.

Oh, and the Toothless roar, would not be very useful since we already have the quest arrow pointing us to locations (albeit awfully).


Then there's a balancing issue- not that it matters entirely as the game isn't balanced to begin with. Some dragons would get a powerful attack, others would just change colour, which may be a bit unfair if the damage-causing moves give players an advantage over others. Either make all the abilities non-aggressive and for show, or make them all useful in gameplay somehow. 


It'd be fun if dragons could do more than walk, fly, and shoot. Makes choosing a dragon more fun imo. Now I just hatch whatever because I know what they can do. The same as all the others.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Given the comments of a few others maybe the dramilion should just have a cycling fire that goes through a couple different kinds of shots then repeats. No choice and it wouldn't copy every single other dragon just a few as a little nod to its ability and it would just be a visual difference.

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When a Skrill is happy enough he'll have sort of an electric jacket? And can you imagine being on a M Nightmare and you're literally just sitting calmly on fire? XD I'd use that ability every chance I got, reminds me of HTTYD 3 when Snotlout forgets to fireproof his butt and it catches fire. 

And why only a Titan Dramillion for camouflage when the regular one played a camouflage role? 

Also I have two more dragons to add: Stormcutter (can twirl through the air) and Timberjack (slice through trees).


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I would absolutely love to have Timberjacks be able to slice through trees (Especially the ones in the wilderness and icestorm island). Though what to do with all the logs you get though ;w;


I get really air-sick whenever I spin my stormcutter rapidly in the air. To make it twirl in the air...

Yeah let's have that one too, that sounds pretty fun and worth making yourself dizzy in the process hehe.

Though, I do remember there's an animation glitch for stormcutters that makes them freeze when you spin + fly downward, so I hope SOD fixes that first. (;u; )


Also, large, heavy, and hard-hided dragons just basically mowing down or being able to destroy breakable objects easily when riding through them. Just like in flight club. 


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