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             What if our dragons had special abilities? Groncles could be able to break through walls, zipple backs should be able to make things explode, nadders should be able to shoot their tail spines, and monstrous nightmares should be able to light themselves on fire! These abilities could be used in thunder run racing, fire ball frenzy, during special missions, or when just walking around!


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Great idea!

Maybe Thunderdrums should be able to go under water, and with the huge clunky feet on the Nadder, along with them looking like deformed archeoptrixes they should be able to swim on the ocean like ducks. The Zippleback should be able to shoot two fireballs at once, and the Whispering Death should be able to tunnel underground. (only in the farm) And maybe Gronckles could expand like pufferfish, and they could have the same abilities you mentioned. Then it would make even more difference what dragon you have, if they had multiple abilities.


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U know u all are beating a

U know u all are beating a long dead dragon, see what i did there. The hard thing is it makes your choise of dragons very inportant.



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And why should the whispering

And why should the whispering death tunnel underground only in the farm? That would be unfair personally for me and dragons can't move in the farm.


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