Spam is back, how do we fix it?

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Ok incase you haven't noticed, the spam is back. Now captcha was supposed to fix this, but as we can see it has not. So how can this be fixed? We need to put our brains together and think of a solution, as there is no obvious one at the moment

So what do we know about the spam?
1. It only happens on weekends when the admins aren't online
2. It's usally filled with links to advertise, scam, or something of the sort
3. The captcha isnt working and is only hindering forum members

Now how can we stop spam while hindering members the least?
My first thought is slowing forum posts only on the weekend or limiting your max posts for the weekend for instance you can only start 3-5 topics per day, of course only for the weekend, while this would limit the spam a tad more accounts could easily be used, I'm still leaving ideas that wont work just incase it gives others ideas. Now a last resort could be not allowing topic creation at all on the weekend while still allowing comments and such, but that would be very annoying so like I said last resort. Maybe detecting certain keywords? but considering the ingame filter feature I would say hard no. So maybe sticking with a post creation slower? But then again that can still be bypassed with multiple accounts... well I'm washed up on ideas, what do you guys got?



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3-5 threads per day sounds like a lot. I don't even think people make so many threads in a single day. This would also mean that the spambot just has to create a bigger arsenal of accounts to use.


I think that all this forum needs is some kind of duplicate checker that'll return an error if you try to post the same stuff more than  once. 


That, or actually add a captcha to account creation, and not that broken google recaptcha nonsense. Cycling questions most forums use to combat spam account creation nowadays. It's usually questions where the answer is hidden or something.


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