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Heather Hofferson I
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Spirit of Valhall is looking for very active and competitive Vikings. You must be extremely loyal. We only have a minimum of 3k of trophies to apply. We are interested in nice, good hearted people who will fit into our family.


Click on the link below to fill out the application:




Welcomtmy Signature



Queen Heather IIX

Clan: The Pheonix Knights (Elder)

Trophies: 5,540

Active Dragon: Toothless

Membership: 6 Month 

Friend Code: You need to ask me (so I know you're not a hacker...)

MOST LOYAL FRIEND: xXxGuardianGalaxyxXx (Kinglilian)




Trophies: 37,464

Active Dragon: Toothless (Alpha)

Membership: 12 Months (1 Year)

Friend Code: PM me and ask me (so I know you're not a hacker)

Most Loyal Friend(s): XxXGuardianGalaxyXxXHalokingRazor NightShatter Wind, ItherTight Wing, Vaniheim

Friends: xXxGuardianGalaxyxXx, Haloking, Kuasa, Tight Wing, Vaniheim, Ither, Shatter Wind, ClayCanyon, Glitchex, icebeela, RyanXLAU, ROCKQUELLE


Toothless: Adult Night Fury (Alpha)

Soaring Sidekick: Leader Timberjack

Timber: Adult Timberjack

Jackyy: Adult Timberjack

Wild Timberjack: Adult Timberjack

Wild Timberjack: Adult Timberjack

Songwing:  Adult DeathSong

 XxXMelodyXxX: Baby Deathsong

Windshear: Titan Razorwhip

Spines: Titan Deadly Nadder 

Stormfly:  Titan Deadly Nadder

Barf and Belch: Titan Hideous Zippleback

Meatlug: Titan Gronckle

Snappy Trap: Adult Snaptrapper

Poison Quills: Titan Scuttleclaw

Sunny: Titan Sand Wraith

Whisper: Titan Whispering Death

XxDeathEaterxX: Titan Screaming Death

XxAcid ShooterxX: Adult Changewing

Acid: Baby Changewing

Solar Flare: Adult Fireworm Queen

Thunder: Adult Thunderdrum

Torch: Adult Typhoomerang

Ocean Tide: Adult Tide Glider

Scauldy: Adult Scauldron

Metal Robber: Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Grumpy: Hotburple

Fang: Adult Snafflefang:

Rainstorm: Raincutter

Lightning: Titan Skrill

SkullCrusher: Adult Rumblehorn

Sugar: Adult Sweet Death

Solar Eclipse: Titan Flightmare

Shivery Hallow: Adult Shivertooth

BoneKnapper: Titan Boneknapper

Hobby: Adult Hobblegrunt

Electric: Adult Shockjaw

Frozen: Adult Speed Stinger

Icicle: Adult Groncicle

Moldy: Adult Moldruffle

XxXBloody MurderXxX: Adult Mudraker

Grounded: Grapple Grounder 

XxXPrickXxX: Adult Prickleboggle

HeII: Adult Devilish Dervish 

Earthquake: Adult Quaken

Silversong: Adult Slithersong

Bones: Adult Armor wing

Armor: Adult Armorwing

Armorwing: Adult Armorwing

Blizzard: Titan Snow Wraith

Hell Raider: Adult Silver Phantom

Sharpshot: Adult Terrible Terror

Terror: Titan Terrible Terror

XxDeathly HallowsxX: Adult Buffalord

Scorpion: Adult Triple Stryke 

Sleuther: Adult Triple Stryke

Smidvarg: Adult Night Terror

Singe: Adult Singetail

Firestarter: Adult Singetail

Hurricane: Adult Windwalker



Timberjack Fan

Night Fury Fan 

Deathsong Fan

Razorwhip Fan

Stormcutter Fan

Whispering Death Fan

Skrill Fan

Thunderdrum Fan

Scauldron Fan

Wool​ly Howl Fan

Sand Wraith Fan!

Silver Phantom Fan

Flightmare Fan



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Hey! Newbie here! What's this about? :3 Is it a clan?



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Hey myli! Yes, this is about a clan. If you have at least 3K trophies and are interested in joining Spirit of Valhall then check out the link above, looking forward to hearing from you!