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Sorry to seem like a whinge bag, but, there seems to be some misunderstanding regarding what I wrote previously about, the free gems issue.  I seem to have been lumped with ppl who are missing gems for various quests, adding members, etc etc.  What I am on about are the 500 gems that members are supposed to get monthly.   I have  been a member for nearly 2 months, and I have now had one egg turn up which I should be grateful for I guess but there is no sign of the gems that it states on the list of benefits, that you are entitled to on a monthly basis. 


This is why I am angry as it states clearly that members are entitled to them, and consequently, it is not right that for whatever reason I have not had them.  So, can you please sort this out as the person I wrote to seems to be offline.  You will read in my message why I am so stressed over this, I really don't want to spread my personal business for everyone to read again, so I hope this can be dealt with asap.  I have spent a considerable amount of my money on here, and feel that its wrong that I or anyone else for that matter, do not get an entitlement, which according to the list is something you are entitled to, not something you have to earn when you are a member.


I also went to sign on today and it had a message when I signed on that my account may be compromised.  Well, I am not sure why you have come to that conclusion, I have two email addresses that I use, one for games etc, and the other for business matters.  So, perhaps before things like this are put on anyones account you could email the person first. I use on here, and is my work one.  I will explain whatever you wish on a private email to the first address.  However I can assure you that nothing is compromised about anything I do or work with online.  I would not be working for the company that I will go back to once my PTSD allows me to work in an office and not do voluntary work online using the second email address if anything was dodgy about my accounts or whatever you seem to think is not right.


Just one more thing I have changed my player name, to my birth name.  And you will find in my clan, my brother Larrs, who plays as a second on my account, but he only plays on here and does not have any idea of passwords etc.  So the player name in future is Freyja Magnusson,  as you will see we are from Viking blood.  It has been checked by DNA, mind you that is pretty irrelevant to anything, except perhaps my rants, or that is more likely due to my PTSD.


So I hope that this may sort things out, but please contact me on my outlook a/c if you wish to get me to explain anything as I have nothing to hide, you even have my photograph on our monthly cosplay for Vikings in my birth Village.  So I hope to hear from you if you need me, and also explain about the gems. 




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