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I'm sorry, forum posters, SoD players, and Admins, about reposting this topic several times. I was panicking because I am so close to the Dreadstrider (14500 candies) and I figured if I posted a main thread in the favorite suggestion thread and posted other threads on the other forum sections, more people would see the topic and more people would comment to support, thus making it more likely that the admins might extend the event. I don't really handle time crunches all that well. I didn't realize it was technically spam. Does anyone know how I can take down the extra double post threads?

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No, I you can't take down posts unfortunately. I appreciate the apology! I understand about the dragons :/  That's so frustrating that you were so close!




Hey there! I'm Knight Fury, (in-game my username is TheMandilorian). 

I've been playing SoD since Oct 2013,so I guess I'm considered a veteran gamer. I have an insanely big collection of dragons that I'm very fond of and love to ride around. Currently I have around 13,500 trophies from racing.

My clan right now is The Heart and Soul of Dragons. I hop around from clan to clan every few months because I don't like to stay put long. ''Pfft, no loyalty. At all. Especially during CoC.'' I also have my own clan, The Knight Furies. Sometimes I 'go rogue' for a month or so when I don't feel like dealing with clans, so I leave.

Here are some facts about me!

Fav books:-How to Train Your Dragon (All of the books)-Warriors-Wings of Fire-Narnia-Hunger Games-Knights of Arrethtrae-The Dragonkeeper Series (Donita K. Paul)

Fav food: Almost anything my mom makes. Japanese food is REALLY good though

Fav color: Black, dark green, violet

Fav animals: mammal-Cats  birds-Barn Owl  Sea-Orcas

Country: The USA

Fav movie character: Rey (Star Wars) Toothless (HtTYD)






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Ahh, no problem. You posted this thread in the wrong forum, though ;)

I'm afraid you cannot delete your own posts.


I think it's best if people learn basic netiquette/forum etiquette before using a forum to avoid situations like these. 


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