Soooooooo, for some reason the game ain't working very well for me

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This might be because I'm playing on a different computer then I usually.

1st up: I can't find the quest i was working on, i'm not sure if its because I don't have the Leviathan expantion pack yet I had just picked up the quest from the headmaster long ago.

2nd: I just bought the StormHeart pack cause it was on sale and now the headmaster won't give me the quest. He has no ! above his head and when I click on him he just says somthing random like "I'm so glad to be aiding your adventures" or something.


Then again I'm not sure if its because im on a different computer.

I really want to play StormHeart and I hope I didn't lose it.

Also I checked the store and it shows that I have already bought it, i'm just not sure why headmaster isn't giving it to me.




It would be nice if we could sell items we don't want, and free our dragons that are level 10 and under.





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The Headmasters quest was free for all. Check if someone else gives you a quest (in this case: Dagur, Astrid, Gobber, Heather, Johann and Harald). If you cant find someone try to land on StormHeart ship. You can find the quest details in the wiki here:




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Thanks, I've seen him give


I've seen him give the quest before its just it disapeared and my previous quest i was working on is gone as well. I hope its only because im useing a different computer, I still really want to do StormHeart!

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Ok, everythings fixed now.

Ok, everythings fixed now.