Soon In a SoD Update!

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I thought that the scauldron wasn't REALLY gonna be added in the new update, until I saw this!











HoI!!!1! aLso iTz nAt duN s0 dOn jUdG 2 hArd!!1!



I need a Temmie in mai life UwU



(sorry I have no idea where this comes from. Don't give me credit plz)

I might have a problem.

Colress drew this for me (thaaanks) ^^

Bad time ;-; (x)

I was watching the trailer for this game. THIS WAS ACTUALLY IN THERE AND JUST YASSSS (x)


...The dragons... actually there is a lot more than that -w-

Also, my child 0w0


And don't forget this guy, he's one of my favs!!





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thats cool! i dont tink i will get one though... im happy with my dragons :)



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“Dad go right to my house! I will explain later!” yelled Hiccup as he ran to Astrid’s old house. Stoick raised his eye brow, he shook his head and walked to Hiccup’s house.

“Even with one foot he is still that fastest person on the island.” Stoick chuckled.  Once he got there he knocked on the door. Astrid opened the door with a smile. 

“Hello Stoick, please… come in.” she said while opening the door wider.

“Hi Astrid, Do you know what’s up? Hiccup is awful…. Energetic this morning.” Astrid smiled

“When have you known him not to be energetic?” She laughed.


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I'm thinking that the Scauldron won't actually be an "owned" dragon. I'm thinking that he may replace the boat at the school/berk docks. Like how the Timberjack is a taxi.





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If you look very closing in the right coner there is a skrill




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i think its going to be like the taxi, but going underwater to the islands?


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I don't see Scauldrons being an owned dragon, as there probably isn't a good way to ride them correctly. (same with Typhoonmerangs)


However, I love the concept of utilizing one as an underwater taxi. Maybe we could use Scauldy's help! :D 


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New Dragons!

The Terrible Terror, Skrill, and possibly the Changewing are be added also! :D


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yeah they saying they will add new dragons and also they will fix the race problem

in the next update soon!



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Thank Thor I don't have to

Thank Thor I don't have to hear people that are a level 20 complain about the racing its almost every where plus when I go racing and it doesn't work some people are mad about this but hey, Skrills are coming in at least 6 days (at least)! I'm gonna get a Skrill named Virus, because my computer had a virus so I'm gonna get a laptop instead.

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when comes the new update ?

when comes the new update ?



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Why would I need a subject?

SIX DAYS! And they said that's the LATEST! So it could be LESS than six days! :D xD :) (: :'D


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Now in five days actually

Now in five days actually

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Scauldrons can be owned too

They already have a taxi, I see no point in making Scauldron's an underwater taxi. (since there is no point because there are no other land masses to visit.. And I don't see us getting any other lands for a long WE HAVE OUR OWN DRAGONS, why can't we own scauldrons too?!)) The taxi I think is more for the newbies who haven't trained their first dragon and can't fly yet. Or if there is a glitch and we can't get food for our dragons and we can't fly them. They are the best dragons ever (debatable I know) And for those who can't believe they can be ridden.

Well, Scauldrons are awkward to ride. And to bring them to FBF D: 

Well, I learned Skrills are super bad to bring to Fireball Frenzy. Their head spines block the shields.



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Everyone's talking about the dragons hiding in the background, but what about the flaming sword and battleaxe that the vikings in the middle are holding? Perhaps meant to be an imitation of Hiccup and Astrid, or maybe a sign of the imminent addition of weapons?


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Hmm Weapons?

I noticed that too. But, unless we have enemies to battle. I don't see the point of weapons. Plus, this is an elementary kids game (yes I know older kids play it too)..but of course..this site is no different than the series or movies.. It would be a nice addition to actually go out into another part of the wilderness and confront Berserkers, Trappers or Outcasts. Gives some more exp pts and UDT with our dragons.

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Hey guys I think weapons are coming for another update cause, after we've seen the commercial all we've saw in it has been releasing per update, like first dragon stable (thats what we've seen in the commercial) and nest Skrills are also what we saw, and next Scauldrons the latest update that has just come, so all the new features in the commercial comes one by one update released, so I think weapons are gonna be next


What do you think of this weird opinion? XD



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Weapons next update?

Yeah, I like that opinion lol I hope they give us a reason to have weapons instead of them just being something to hold

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when does it come out

i am zo excited !!!!!

anyone know when this huge update is coming( question mark)

I hope the weopons are for a good use not for just carrying around. Cant wait to kick dagur"s Butt lol and alvin"s

and their troops hah


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This place about to BLLOWW!!!!!!!!











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Hold on hold on!!!! now that i reAD what it says at the buttom I THINK WE ARE GONNA GROW OUR VIKINGS!!!!!WOOOOO!!!!!!!


it all makes sense..............


grown characters

cute hiccup lol