The Sonic Dover.

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So earlier today I posted that I had an idea for a new dragon. On this thread


Ok, so this dragon, should be able to be millions of colors, and depending on what it's color is, the fire-Lightning-or acid blasts will be the color of this dragon! The dragon could have fire water or acid blasts depending on its color. They also live in areas that match their colors!


so this dragon should be named based off its related colors. So I'll make a list of what dragon has what blasts depending on their colors. Fire dragons of this species live in extreme heated and red areas, lightning live in storms or by water, and acid lives in forests or green areas.


fire: red, orange, pink, yellow, peach.

lightning: blue, white, grey, black

acid: green, brown, tan.


so I have made a quick sketch of it. The Sonic Dover. (I wish my tablet wasn't broken so I could actually draw it XD)



this dragon is said to almost keep up with a nightfury, due to its sharp wings that help it dive and glide at extreme speeds. It uses the wind to keep afloat in the air. It is able to soar up and down within seconds as well, although it is very diffcult for them to turn, so they tend to stay away from areas with many obstacles. Depending on its color it can have acid, lightning, or fire breath. It also lives in areas that reflect its color as well. They are very hostile towards humans, but can be tamed if your even able to keep up with it.


Class: Strike

Attack: 13

Speed: 18

Armor: 5

Firepower: 13

Shot limit: 7

Venom: 20

Jawstrength: 3

Stealth: 10



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