Song of Hunger and Broken Bonds- fic

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This is just a warmup mini-fic for me that is also a crossover of HtTYD and The Adventure Zone: Balance; so if you’re currently listening to that podcast, *spoilers*, even though it takes place after Balance and is mainly personal headcannons about stuff from that. If you're not and have never even heard of TAZ, don't worry bout it.

Enjoy this unedited mess!



(no proper intros we like men)

They had heard the rumours. Echoes of a distant song played by thousands, but worlds away. Something great and terrible had been destroyed, but just like any force of mass destruction, pieces remained and splintered into other places, tiny fragments of a once terrible power persisting and escaping, trying to regrow.

One such fragment had seeped into the Archipelago. Quickly it was found by a clan of Dragon Hunters, who didn’t know what to make of it, and hesitantly turned to the only dragon experts who wouldn’t try to do something terrible with it; the Riders of Berk.

“Are you sure it isn’t some kind of ploy?” Astrid argued. “A cursed Death Song is quite a bold claim to make”

“And that’s exactly why we’re going. Why make up such a wild story if it isn’t true? Why take such a risk?” Hiccup objected, strangely excited to go see this dragon.

Fishlegs, still intently examining the rough sketches that came with the letter, piped up. “It could just be a new subspecies, or a rare gene morph which happens to be more aggressive. And hunters do tend to cling onto superstitions which combined with a little imagination could convince themselves it… ‘radiates a furious and miserable aura’. Sounds quite similar to the old offspring of lightning and death that dear old Toothless embodies” he said, while glancing over to the Night Fury who was trying to catch a reflection off a metal windchime.

Hiccup sighed in frustration. “Look, even if it is a trap, then it won’t be the first and a clan this small wouldn’t be too hard to beat. At the very least we can lie and trick them into giving us the poor thing and let it go”


Once on the Hunter’s island, things were uneasy, to say the least. But they weren’t nervous about the temporary truce between them and Riders, if anything they seemed to welcome their presence. Rather, a small group wordlessly led the three Riders further into the base where every cage they had looked like they had been dismantled and rebuilt into one single indestructible containment facility around this one Death Song which was now barely visible through the crisscrossing bars.

Astrid, with a hand on the hilt of her axe, turned to one and asked “Now how exactly do you expect us to examine this thing if it’s locked behind twenty steel doors?”

None of them answered. “Can we get the doors open, maybe?”

A collection of murmurs and shaking heads. Fishlegs was getting anxious as well, clenching a fist. “And why not?”

“Under orders”


“That would be mine!” a new voice said from the other side of the cage.

A man like no one they had ever seen before came carefully towards them, wary of the caged dragon. He was tall, with rich dark skin, a cloak of black feathers and braided black hair decorated in golden beads and hoops. Striking red eyes gleamed with an almost unnatural light and if all that wasn’t unsettling and unusual enough, he held a massive ornate scythe in one hand with a razor sharp blade made of a dark metal. “Sorry for the delay, folks, just checking up on my colleagues who should be here soon. Oh! Introductions of course, the name’s Kravitz, and I assume you three are the dragon riders this lot told me about” he chatted in a strangely cheery tone.

They blinked at the newcomer, unsure what to make of him. “Um” Hiccup stammered, “ And who exactly are you? Are you this clans leader?”

“Oh, no not at all, I’m… an advisor on the current situation. See, what you have here is a fragment of the Hunger, do you know what that is? Did it come through this world at all?”

“The Hunger? No, that’s- this is a dragon, and it might be sick and we need to help it. So, tell these men to open up this cage and we can fix whatever is going on here” Hiccup protested.

Kravitz the ‘advisor’ grimaced and shook his head. “So that’s a no then, alright. Well, extremely long story short, the Hunger was basically a multi-universe devouring apocalypse that got torn apart a few years back and naturally, some little pieces of it survived and now me and my folks are helping to track down those bits to try and stop it from regrowing”

“A multi-what apocalypse?” Astrid interrupted.

“Whatever that creature was before this fragment latched onto it, is now gone. Destroyed. Dissolved, obliterated, consumed, however you want to paint it. There is nothing to save in there. Luckily for us it seems to be in some kind of resting state for now, but chances are that the moment my backup arrives, this thing is going to go berserk. Without my help it will destroy everything here, but at the same time I need you lot here because of your knowledge on what creature the fragment took hold of. Questions?”

There was a moment of baffled silence. Even the dragons didn’t know what to do in the situation, and before anyone could gather themselves to take up Kravitz’ offer, a deep and unnerving growl came from the cage. "Oh of course, why not" Kravitz muttered bitterly.

The dragon had woken up. And then several very weird, very frightening things happened all at the same time.

Kravitz whipped out a small stone on a necklace and started yelling into it, which was drowned out by the frantic yelling and barking of orders from the Hunters all around them. A pillar of black fire shot up from the cage and all colour drained from around it, the structure of the bars and panels buckling under the strain and heat from this dragon. A screeching but melodic cry sounded from it, characteristic of a Death Song’s call, but warped and indeed dripping with this horrible sense of empty rage which was growing stronger by the minute, almost unbearable.

The cage fell apart and the flames died down, as a moment of calm allowed the Riders to finally see the dragon properly, and understand just how truly terrible things were.

The shape was unmistakably a Death Song, but that was it; just a shape. This black silhouette fractured by brilliant streaks of colour, flashes of blue and gold and green and red, which would be beautiful if not for the multitude of burning white eyes across its wings and fins, glowing with a seething hateful rage; staring foward and inward at the head as if watching to make sure it obeys. It screams, and the Hungered Song lunges foward.

-pt 2 soon-


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I really like this. I wanna know what happens now XD

That picture at the end is great :D


Edit: I just noticed in your siggy that you do proofreading. I'm going to write a backstory for my Vikings sometime (idk when, not soon, that's for if XD) Soooo, do ya think you could proofread that if I ever write it? It'll probably be after I've finished the I Am Dragonblood fics (I'm on the second one... There are two more after that... Gonna take awhile)



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yeah boi send it to me when

yeah boi send it to me when you can

(might i humbly recomend a google doc)

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,( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),

Okey dokey. Ty :D

(Might I humbly ask what a Google doc is?)

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(basically an online host of

(basically an online host of word that can be shared through link and directly edited or commented on depending on share settings)

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alexa play wonderland round three

Toothless is the first to make contact with the Song. Tackling it into the wall and spitting out a point-blank plasma blast into its chest, the much larger dragon tries to push him off but is met with an iron grip of a bite to its neck. Screeching in pain, the shrill noise breaks the Night Furies concentration and the Song manages to shake him off.

Then Kravitz yells “Now!” and every ballista around the arena fires on the dragon, five bolts impacting collectively with an unnatural crackling energy that stuns it. “Alright, new plan lads!” he announces, “Keep that thing distracted with everything you’ve got until backup arrives- do not let it leave this island!”

Fishlegs and Astrid look at Hiccup. As much as he hated it, and didn’t trust a single soul here beyond his fellow Riders, Hiccup nods and draws Inferno as per the ‘advisors’ suggestion. Astrid jumps into the fray, launching an axe at its head which it just manages to dodge, save for a trim off its left frill and horn. Meatlug attacks next with a glob of molten stone, pinning a foot to the ground and catching its attention.

The Song returns fire with a shot of black amber which hits the Gronckle square in the stomach, grounding her under a jagged crystalline trap in a small explosion of deadly shards. It pulls itself free from the lava puddle and spins in a wide sweeping attack with its tail, once again cloaking itself in black fire with a furious scream. Hiccup saw his opening; the wings were exposed, outside of the fire and fully spread after its fearsome display, and if their goal was to keep it on the ground, that was his target.

Rushing in from its blind spot and igniting the blade of Inferno, he made an arcing slash over his head and connected with the wings outer edge, sliding to a stop and spinning on knee. The eyes on the wing stared back, enraged, and Hiccup watched as to his horror the wound he just made close over, with little more than a small green fissure left behind.

Just as the Hungered Song turned its attention to him, a dark shimmering blur passed over head and made a deep slash in its side, and a hand grabbed Hiccup by the collar and pulled him out of the way of an amber shot. “Normal weapons won’t do anything to it!” Kravitz explained while parrying its open jaws. “You can’t just hit the apocalypse incarnate with some fire and a metal stick and expect it to keel over!”

Whacking it with the but of the scythe and pushing it back, he managed to get both himself and the Rider out of immediate harms way. Stormfly diving in from above sank her claws into its back, weighing it down and distracting it.

“What kind of advisor are you exactly?” Hiccup panted.

“Really? You’re asking this now, and maybe not in five minutes when we don’t have a piece of the Hunger trying to k.ill us?”

“That’s still a dragon there to me, and I don’t exactly trust you right now so yeah! I am gonna ask that right now! Who are you really?”

He takes a beat, looks at the still fighting dragons, at Hiccup, then back at the battle, and says “Alright, fine. I’m a bounty hunter for the goddess of death, a reaper, and my current bounty is that thing because it breaks all laws of reality, including the laws of life and death, which is a big no-no in my business. Does that clear things up?”

And returns to the fight before a stunned Hiccup can respond to that bombshell of an explanation. But with their strongest ally distracted, the Hungered Song had gained the upper hand (claw?) and its’ draining aura was growing. Everything around it was devoid of colour, watching a usually vibrant Nadder fend off both physical attacks as well as its developing thrall. Everyone was getting angrier, taking more risks, getting disoriented and exhausted. Several Hunters had fallen, black flames engulfing the bodies and turning them the same featureless shadows as the Song.

Its’ amber shots were also changing, becoming more tar-like than a solidifying crystal, bubbling with energy and forming these grasping hands that clawed at anything that came close enough. Kravitz, making another slice into its form, seemed the only one unaffected by this, still confident in his attacks and alert to its retaliations. But one undead reaper still isn’t enough to go one-on-one with a fragment of the Hunger, and takes one small misstep from the onslaught of the Song and takes a hit from its tail.

Astrid had retreated with a significant slash, most of the Hunters were fallen or had fled, Meatlug was still trapped under amber, Stormfly had exhausted herself from aerial attacks, Fishlegs had been too preoccupied with getting his dragon up to fight, and Toothless-

Hiccups heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t seen the Night Fury since the very start of the fight. Usually the black dragon stood out in the middle of the day like this, but amidst the black Song with its black flames and the black amber, darkening and draining the area, he couldn’t tell what was his Toothless and what was cursed apocalypse stuff.

Finally, he spotted him; in the far corner of the arena, pinned by his tail under bubbling tar-amber with clawing hands dragging the Fury further into the trap. He legged it, reigniting his sword and bringing down on the hands with all his strength, just skimming Toothless’s tail. The dragon yelped in a mix of panic and joy, and as Hiccup worked away at the rest of the amber, pulled free.

But he was still in bad shape from the claws, his prosthetic fin tattered and his remaining scratched raw; fortunately, nothing too severe, but he was still grounded for the time being. “Alright, bud” Hiccup said, “you’ve done plenty. Get out of here, I’ll be fine.”

A shadow fell over them. Toothless fired over Hiccup’s head, but the Hungered Song was unfazed, and with a flick of its’ tail, knocked Hiccup away. It had left Toothless trapped for a reason, it seems, and did not like that he was loose. The Song lashes out with its teeth and claws, and Toothless the same, latching onto each other, and the eyes across the Songs body narrow.

The flames intensify, and once more shoot up into a pillar, the roaring from the fire, the Song, and Toothless drowning out Hiccup’s yell of despair.

The fallen Hunters, all of which completely overtaken by the Hunger, start to stand up. Indistinguishable humanoid shadows with blank white eyes, armour dissipated, and weapons seemingly fused to their hands. The fires down, revealing a larger, more imposing and twisted Song, and a now enthralled Toothless marked with similar colouored fractures, and burning white eyes.

-pt 3 soon this is longer than I thought it would be-

-but i guess thats what happens when i write without planning bless this mess amiright haha-