Something Interesting on Glacier Island. . .

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So lil' ol' me decided to head to my favorite island in the game at the moment: Glacier Island. I was hoping other things would change regarding Dreadfall decorations in other areas (maybe not Glacier Island but Dragon's Edge and whatnot should have some). . .nothing's changed, other than the ones that've already been put into play. However, while flying on my right wing Stormcutter, I noticed this on the island.



Not only was the water missing from the island but Stormheart's army was there! And they didn't go to Glacier Island in Rise or Wrath of Stormheart. . .could this be a hint at an upcoming expansion? Either way, I found it interesting that out of all the islands they could've gone to, Stormheart's army picked Glacier Island to settle down. . .other than Auction Island and that other area you first see Stormheart in (I forgot what it's called) and I think the Dangerous Waters. I know they're there for the Wrath of Stormheart expansion but I don't think they linger around there afterwards. Kinda a bummer that my favorite island is now a pirate/dragon hunter infested area but it's really cool that they implemented this! I think the one who'd be the most angry about this is Papa. . .his first son was born here after all!


What do you guys think about Stormheart's army randomly showing up at Glacier Island?


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


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Cheesecake and Chill.

Well, if this thread gets deleted than I think we will know for sure if this is for an upcoming expansion.

We will just have to wait and see. :)


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Yeah. Also I remember

Yeah. Also I remember something like that had happened in the game some months or maybe a year ago. There were flying Dragon Hunter and Stormheart ships in the training grounds.


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It is probably a mistake. It

It is probably a mistake. It totally shows that they are working on an expansion but it is not ready yet. It was probably added in the game by mistake along with the today's update. It will most likely be gone soon until it is ready. From what I can see there are small, outcast like, boats, catapults, huts that look like johann's store, a lot of Stormheart's soldiers, smaller huts and dragon hunter cages and weapons. Unluckily I can't enter the game right now. Have you taken more pictures and are they still there?

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Cheesecake and Chill.

I went to the island and took a look around.

This place is wonderful!

It actually looks like a proper fort.

They even have some out-houses!! XD


Oh and a rat. Xb

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Ugh not THIS rat!

Ugh not THIS rat!

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Cheesecake and Chill.

I wonder if there is a Bewilderbeast hidden under Glacier Island and Stormheart wants to capture it. :/

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I just had a fly around, and

I just had a fly around, and it's still there and it looks wicked :D Not the least of which because, ahem, snow & winter lover here and wondering what kind of video I could come up with using this :P  Oh, and the mini viking rowing boats are adorable (well, minus the dragon skulls)!


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Yes, I checked it out myself,

Yes, I checked it out myself, and found out if you get too close to the hunters, you respawn outside the fort. I really hope this means a new expansion is coming out soon!


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THIS is definitely new stuff.. I can say it clearly what this wasn't in all other expansions we have so far..

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( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

I checked that on mobile app and looks like water is gone :o

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I was going to make my own post after finding this from going there with some friends, but I decided not to. I will share all the pictures I took there from all I found c:.



First thing obviously being the no water around the area. At first I thought they possibly changed the layout until I realized the no water. It's like we're on a floating island lol, and while that sounds cool and stuff, I do hope this is fixed c;.


The base camp itself has a good size and looks like they grew some trees for it lol. Overall, I think there is nice details around the place and a nice set up with plenty of men, even some guarding up above it.


They got some sheep. Cute.


These of course are obviously Stormheart's, so I wonder what she possibly has planned there. Also those tents might be a bit too small for those guys lol.


There are two little buildings that glow yellow when my mouse hovered over it like usual when something is interactive, I wonder what they could be for.


Harlod is behind one of them.


I shot at him XD


You can land on the ships both desktop and mobile c: 


I also did explore a little more and found one of the caves that was glitched and had no walls, now does which is nice :D


Also ended up finding a little floating camp a little far off from the Stormheart camp. Interesting.


After this encounter, i did go out and explore all the other different islands, mostly the expansion ones to see if there was anything else, but I could not find anything. So looks like Glacier island had a little special treatment of showing us something possibly a little early, intentional or not, we know now SoD, and I don't see why it wouldn't be more the next expansion.

Speaking of the next expansion changes, I do hope the next one, or someday Vanaheim can basically be "fixed".

The characters that went with you are still around, as well as the poor Sentinels are still hurt. I personally want to explore Vanaheim more, but each time I go there I just feel bad for the Sentinels still seeing their scars and hearing their hurt sounds c':. So hopefully they get fixed up someday.


Otherwise, I can't wait to see what all this turns out to be!





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I need to check this out for myself later... Glacier Island is one of my favorites too. My Woolly Howls are gonna have something to say about this for sure. Siku, my Titan Snow Wraith, won't be too happy either I can guarantee you that.


I just hope they fix that glitch my game has at Auction Island where everything is back to how it was before Stormheart settled in... I fear that that will impede my ability to progress in the next expansion and it wasn't fixed with this latest update. I've already spoken to Brynjolf about it and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and he said he would tell the team about it so fingers crossed it's fixed before the expansion drops cuz if not I'm gonna be up a certain dirty creek without a paddle...


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Glacier Island my second favorite

island in the game, Whoa!  It has changed! Sure looks like a new Expansion site, to me . . . and Glacier Island is much closer to Dragon's Edge. . .


Went by for a quiet fishing trip and found the island hanging in the open skies; no ocean visible. I love all the posted images; Thanks to everyone for posting them. Good job finding Harald Forkbeard in the midst of those Dragon Hunters. 


There is a large cave beneath the Black Mountain, which is where they are encamped. A side entry to the cave is near the camp . . . on the side where the Dragon Hunter ships are located. There is also a back entry/exit to the cave behind the mountain. The back entrance of the cave is located to the left of where you land when flying you're dragon to the Island. There are three trails of Speed Stinker tracks on that side. I remember one trail on my previous trips to Glacier, not three trails!?!


Glacier Island will make a great expansion site. . . but for now, I'm going to sadly miss my favorite fishing hole. Haha! The game must go on . . . . . . . . . .








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Maybe they will have caught

Maybe they will have caught the Speed Stingers and we will have to set them free. I hope that this time we will see them. Last time in Glacier Island we only saw the trails.

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So some of the soldiers are wearing Stormheart's insignia, you know, the swirly thing? So we know this is her camp, plus Harold's there. But why aren't the ships flying her flags? They bear the dragon hunter symbol of a dragon with a sword through it. So is this a new alliance? Or have they sworn loyalty to her when she took Auction Island? Lots of questions.

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They're Gone?

Looks like our dragons' destructive efforts have paid off, fellow Vikings! I headed back to Glacier Island today to see if anything's changed and not only did the water come back, but Stormheart's fleet is gone as well! All that remains is this:



And other debris. Good job Vikings and dragons! Needless to say, Papa looked very happy. . .and smug the entire time we flew around the island. I wonder how much he set on fire this time around. . .


So what do you guys think this means now? I personally think that an expansion pack won't be coming as soon as I had initially thought, though the idea isn't scrapped out completely. I mean, the hunters and pirates are gone but the fact that there's traces of them having been there at some point indicates something's gonna happen to Glacier Island at some point. Which is awesome, considering A: it's still my favorite island and B: nothing's happened to it since the Battle for the Edge expansion pack; I believe all the other islands introduced in that expansion had their time to shine in Rise and/or Wrath of Stormheart! It'll be interesting to see what'll happen to this quiet island.

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Well I'm glad to know it'll be safe to fly around glacier island when I feel like it again.



It really does look just like remins, not like there are only few parts showing up and the rest is invisible or something. Wonder what they were doing here and if having them here was just a little hint set up for us of what's coming.



One thing to note is that the little floaty camp is still there.


Also little other details I noticed is that the two caves got icy walls



Also the snow is thankfully fixed, before there was big glitchy like splotches around it.


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Thanks for catching us up on

Thanks for catching us up on what's happened on Glacier Island. Nice to have seen a peek at what may occur in a new expansion. The cave is now walled-up with ice . . . hmmm. Yes, will we see Speed Stingers again? Long time since Icestorm island quest.