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Alright, I have a simple suggestion. One that we really, REALLY need: The ability to move an already created thread of yours to a different area. Like see how many users keep putting the wrong stuff under General Announcements? The good side of this is that we wouldn't have to ask mods or admins to move the forum threads for us. Seriously, let's get this done. The reason I'm suggesting this, rather then a flag button to ask for a mod or admin to move it for us is simply because it'd help ensure quicker organisation, rather then load it onto a handful of people to sort.

Alternatively, maybe don't have General Announcements as one of the first things to pick when putting a thread somewhere, or lock General Announcements from getting new threads (but not new posts) from regular users.

What do y'all think? Feel free to comment or add on as you wish.


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People should just post threads in the correct sections to begin with imo. It's not difficult to pick the correct subforum. Perhaps if there was a tiny bit of admin finger-wagging regarding those spam posts I think people would be less inclined to plop down a thread wherever they want.


An admin should really close the GA subforum for non-admins, I agree. Why do people even post all kinds of random stuff in GA anyway, instead of anywhere else? I'm kinda baffled, yet not surprised at how people tend to pick the worst subforums for their threads, hahaha.


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