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I have noticed a little bit of an issue that probably hasn't been mentioned (make that a couple).


Cogs and contraptions are sort of broken for me.  I have done at least ten of EACH, but it only says on my profile I have THREE stars obtained in each, when I have gotten full three stars MANY times on them.  I might be the only person this is happening to, but I hope I am not.


Also, Boxes are outdated.  they don't contain the new dragon eggs (eruptodon, Terrible Teror, singetail, windwalker, flame whipper, silver phantom, and buffalord), new dragon skins (all the racing paint skins), saddles (rider/master saddles), or ANY hideout items.  They need to be added so that it is easier to get these things.  


A third thing (though I think I know why it isn't there) Hobblegrunt eggs aren't purchasable in the market.  My theory about this is this: Yo are getting ready to rename the hobblegrunt stuff as being for the Threadtail since your current model for "hobblegrunt" is actually a Threadtail, and the egg isn't there because it is going to be relocated under the strike class.  when this happens, you might end up re-adding the true Hobblegrunt to add the hobblegrunt again.  if this is true, leave the "hobblegrunt" eggs out of the market for now.


the top two things ARE issues that need fixed, though.  They aren't actually "bugs", just things that need updated.  I don't know if anyone else has mentioned them yet, but I don't think so, so there you go.


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I've been thinking the same thing about battle boxes needing to be updated. There's a lot of new stuff that's been released that could be added to them.


Hobblegrunt eggs have always been limited time only. They get put in the store for a week or so and then get taken out again. As far as the Hobblegrunt/Threadtail stuff, there's a thread in the General Discussion section called: Clearing Up The Confusion of Threadtail Vs. Hobblegrunt and someone posted what an admin said about it on the SOD Discord. This is what they said:


As you can see from this, the SOD Hobblegrunt is apparently going to stay as is. 

(This screenshot was taken directly from that thread. Credit goes to the orignal poster.)


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well that's an oops on the part of dreamworks.  

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Lol. Yeah, that was a major oops. The Force was definitely not with them when they made that decision. XD